Classic Kanon

Being a Kanon fan, I feel the urge to post this video of her… She is so cute here…

Here is the classic video of Kanon singing children songs..

I wish I had wached this show when I was a kid…

Help S/mileage to debut!10,000 smile picture Campaign

Tsunku announced that S/mileage needs 10,ooo smile pictures from you for them to debut~

Announced during today’s 2010 Haropro Egg Norimen Live Ni-gatsu concert, and on S/mileage’s official site is the challenge that Tsunku has given to S/mileage. Since a part of the S/mileage name stands for “smile”, he is asking for 10,000 smile pictures from people around the world. Tsunku wants to see what the S/mileage girls can do to accomplish this. In return, he will let S/mileage major debut in May. This campaign begins now and will end on March 25th midnight, Japan time. All the pictures collected in this campaign will be made into a mosaic board of size 2 meter by 4 meter big.

Here’s the official Video:

The link of the form:

*1 picture per person only*



Please Help S/mileage to debut!

Kara performs Lupin on Inkigayo

After comeback performances on M!NET, Music Bank, and Music Core. The 5 newly concept girls finally end their comeback tonight at Inkigayo. The girls performed their already popular and chart topping song “Lupin” as well as “Umbrella”

The girls are finally ready to battle SNSD for the crown next week in Music Bank. And they are potential winners for next week’s Mutizen in Inkigayo.

Hope the girls get a win next week.

Weekly Top 10 2/21-2/28

This week’s result of our Weekly Top 10 is here

kicking of this week’s countdown we have

5 songs tied for Rank 8-10

we have C-ute’s Shigatsu Sengen

Hey! Say! Jump’s newest single Hitomi no Screen


Arashi’s Troublemaker & Yurase Ima Wo

2AM’s I can’t let you go even if I Die

Occupying ranks 6 and 7 are

C-ute’s Shock

and debuting this week is SNSD – Show Show Show

at 5 we have the very addicting song from Berryz Kobo Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda

at 4 we have Buono! with Our Songs

at 3,2 and 1 we have

SNSD – Oh!

Morning Musume- Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai


Yes! Finally KARA gets to be one of the TOP 1 this Week! Hope they continue their reign next week.

Some few reminders:

All songs written on the OTHERS will be nominated for the following week. So last week we have Big Bang and a Buono! song nominated for this week along with S/mileage’s new song.

Monthly Chart will start tomorrow! It will be Morning Musume’s number 1 single from the 1st-41st single. Please vote!

Arashi makes Suicide!

Arashi’s full PV for their newest single “Troublemaker” is here. And it sure makes me want to sui-suicide.

The stop motion technique the director did in this PV is awesome. Though, I noticed that the guys don’t usually dance around in their PV anymore since “Everything”

SNSD starts encore concert a little bit early

SNSD Surprised fans today at Music Core with a glimpse of their concert stage,

The girls are going to hold their encore concert this weekend which explains the performance of the girls in a rather big stage.

It’s a sure bet that this concert is going to be a success

Kara leaves another Jaw Dropping performance

Yes! The 5 girls from Kara left yet another jaw dropping performance. After performances at M!NET and Music Bank, the girls are back, this time on Music Core.

The girls performed their Hit song “Lupin” alongside the cute and bubbly song from their new album “Umbrella”

SNSD wins 4th straight Music Bank win with Oh!

The 9 lovely ladies of SNSD wins their 4th straight Music Bank last night. Against common competitors CNBLUE and 2AM, the girls still managed to snag the K-Chart win with 20,549

Watch their performance


Congratulations to the 9 girls. Hope next week they can still get the K-Chart with Kara and T-ara making their comeback.

S/mileage’s Otona ni Narutte Muzukashi!! PV released

S/mileage’s last indie single PV was released today and we have the PV right here for you

The PV is cute and cool, it’s different from most H!P PV’s released in the past, and all I can say is that this is awesome. I’m wondering how the dance shot and close up versions will work with this one. I find their dresses and hair cute. And this is the first time S/mileage has released the PV before the single

Hope S/mileage gets a lot of promotion for this.

Kara’s back at Music Bank

Oh how I adore Kara. Dubbed as “emergency exit dance” the girls performed their hit song “Lupin” at Music Bank last night. Though it’s pre-recorded it’s still awesome. The girls performed in 2 settings which is awesome even if it’s pre-recorded. As much as I love their M!NET Performance, I love this one more. It has more energy. They also performed their cute and lovely song ”Umbrella”