Happy Birthday!

Today is the 7th of February and it is also the birthday of C-ute’s Yajima Maimi and Hagiwara Mai as well as former Morning Musume member Kago Ai






C-ute 15th single Kiss me Aishiteru MV

C-ute’s 15th single MV entitled Kiss me Aishiteru was released just recently on C-ute official youtube channel.

The single will be released on the 23rd of February.

Another cute C-ute MV I guess. C-ute is growing up I guess. Going with the sexy outfit than the cute ones make them older than we know. Chisa has been garnering a lot of attention lately and in this MV you could clearly see how Up-Front and H!P rewarded Chisa with it. A lot of lines for lovely Chisato. It seems like she’s in the level of Airi and Maimi now. Not singing “backup” anymore. Hope to see H!P pushing Chisato more in the future

C-ute – Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ Live on West Wind!

OMG! I’m dead! This made my boring day alive! OMG! First live performance of Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~. And the single hasn’t been released yet! And the camera is like right in front of the girls! Something we don’t see in their concert DVD’s! But one thing sucked. They cut Airi’s “Suki Suki Suki” part.

Anyway, here’s the live performance of Campus Life! Enjoy!

New C-ute Profile and Group Pics

The outfits are for C-ute’s new single “Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~”.

I personally think the outfits are like Berryz’s Otakebi Boy Wao. With a little bit S/mileage touch

Legs are win \m/

Arashi Troublemaker and C-ute Shocking 5 album/single review

Arashi Troublemaker Download

Let’s start things of with Arashi’s newest single Troublemaker. Released last March 3, this is Arashi’s 29th single (Hmm.. they started around the same time as Morning Musume but this is only they’re 29th??). The album has 3 tracks, the single Troublemaker which was used as Sho Sakurai latest drama Tokujo Kabachi. Yurase, Ima Wo which was used as Japan’s official theme for the 2010 Winter Olympics and Mou Ippo. The album as of the moment is number 1 on the Oricon charts and sold about 542,000 copied on it’s first week making Arashi the first group to reach 500,000 copies for two consecutive years since B’z.

They already performed their song twice on Music Station but the first one was without Sho because of him covering the Winter Olympics.

Okay so enough introductions, for my review of the songs I’ll start it of with Troublemaker.

Troublemaker is that old Arashi song. It’s pop, it’s catchy, it’s ARASHIC. I have to be honest, this is one of my favorite singles from them. It just leave a mark in your head. But it also lacks something, something new. Arashi has been like this for the past years, the same pop song over and over again. Well the sales went down when they released Hadashi no Mirai which sounds like a song by Earth Wind and Fire. Now to the PV. I actually love how the PV was made, combining stop motion in it. I don’t like their outfits it looks old on them especially on Ohno who’s actually in his 30’s now (old I know).

Next is Yurase, Ima Wo. The song actually reminds me of Oh Yeah! The chorus is like catchy! I wished they made this like a double A-Side instead like Crazy Moon and Ashita no Kioku.

Mou Ippo now reminds me of Sakura Sake because of it’s rock feel to it. I don’t think it’s really rock but you know what I mean. Mou Ippo is also a great single. Yeah all of the songs in this album can be a single if you know what I mean.

Overall I’ll rate this album 4.8/5 (yeah outfits sucks in my opinion)


I know I Know. A lot of you hate this album because well it’s mainly AIRI (I beg to differ). Even though there’s like 3 Suzuki Airi solos (Aa Koi, Zansho Omimai, and of couse Shock) there are still a lot of good song in the album. There are actually two songs that made me love this album. The Party and Kimi no Senpou. I love The Party because it’s that ballad song that I’ve been looking for in C-ute. Like that of Yakusoku Wa from 3rd Love Escalation, this song has that feel to it. Ballad and Melancholic. Yeah I prefer to call this song melancholic. It has that sad yet happy feeling on it.

Kimi no Senpou is a song by Saki, Chisa, and Mai. I love how they added ad lib to the song. It’s like listening to a radio cast. Vocals were awesome, I mean Chisa has a powerful voice but why not give her a decent line in the singles! Why can’t H!P and UFA See her talent! She has the voice. Saki err… well she’s kinda using that cute voice in it again. Mai is improving, she’s not that little girly voice that we know from before. Well mainly this song caught my listening because of Chisa’s vocals. Done!

Shigatsu Sengen isn’t actually like that song. I mean I like the chorus but the verse no way! I mean it feels like the girls are in no mood of singing at all.

The Shochouu Omimai Moushiagemasu remix is actually pointless. They like added a video game sound on it I mean what’s the point?? I prefer the original one better.

So my rating for this album would be 3/5!

Massara Blue Jeans C-ute Cutie Circuit 2009 ~Five~

C-ute’s Cutie Circuit 2009 ~Five~ release is only 6 days away, and Dohhhup has already released a preview

Massara Blue Jeans

I feel really sad because this is the first DVD of the girls without Umeda Erika. As I see, Maimi took all of Erika’s lines in the song (Which Erika got when Megumi left). And I love how the fans danced with the girls (which in here you can see clearly because it’s day time)

Once my 01musika otherwise known as Airilover release all the DVD, I’ll soon post it here

Thanks again 01musika for the video

CDTV’s Vote your female artist as sweetheart for V-day poll results

Recently, Count down TV held a poll for male fans on who they want to be their sweetheart for V-day. And now we have the results

*1 持田香織(Every Little Thing)
*2 柏木由紀(AKB48)
*3 YUI
*4 高橋愛(モーニング娘。)
*5 田中れいな(モーニング娘。)
*6 前田敦子(AKB48)
*7 水樹奈々
*8 のっち(Perfume)
*9 あ~ちゃん(Perfume)
10 矢島舞美(℃-ute)

11 吉岡聖恵(いきものがかり)
12 西野カナ
13 BoA
14 亀井絵里(モーニング娘。)
15 大塚愛
16 かしゆか(Perfume)
17 川嶋あい
18 道重さゆみ(モーニング娘。)
19 浜崎あゆみ
20 大島優子(AKB48)

*1 Motida Kaori(Every Little Thing)
*2 Kashiwagi Yuki(AKB48)
*3 YUI
*4 Takahashi Ai(Morning Musume)
*5 Tanaka Reina(Morning Musume)
*6 Maeda Atsuko(AKB48)
*7 Nana Mizuki
*8 Ayano Omoto(Perfume)
*9 Ayaka Nishiwaki(Perfume)
10 Yajima Maimi(℃-ute)

11 Yoshioka Kiyoue(Ikimono-Gakari)
12 Kana Nishino
13 BoA
14 Kamei Eri(Morning Musume)
15 Ai Otsuka
16 Yuka Kashino(Perfume)
17 Kawashima Ai
18 Michishige Sayumi(Morning Musume)
19 Ayumi Hamasaki
20 Ooshima Masaki(AKB48)

~I’m surprised with the results since it has a lot of AKB48 members. I’m also surprised with Maimi entering the top 10. Maybe she’s that famous to the male wotas. And finally Morning Musume has half of it’s members in it I’m not actually surprised about this since Morining Musume is something to adore. But if I’m gonna make my own results, I’m gonna have Reina in a higher position than Ai

Just saying…