Berryz Koubou 24th Single “SHINING POWER” PV (MQ)

After sleeping and not opening my aunt’s laptop that I borrowed, FINALLY! Great news has come! 😀 Berryz Koubou’s newest single, their 24th single, “Shining Power” Promotional Video was released 19hours ago at the UpFrontChannel (Youtube) which s around 6pm yesterday. I find it weird and odd because I was up around until 7pm online and I didn’t see the upload and around 6:30, I edited my post about not being able to see the video in Youtube because the PV was released in a JP cellphone only site. As you can see if you look at the video from youtube, only around 306 had viewed the PV. That means they uploaded it earlier and just made it public in a later time. That’s it. Lol. Anyway, here is the PV. 😀

Here is my comment in the thread @ H!O

But hey! I like the PV so far. ❤ The dance is not as tiring and complicated as their dances before (before Maji Bomba) but this choreography is wonderful and powerful.Especially when you look at Captain dancing, she gives out powerful moves but also graceful that makes Captain dazzling.(or is it the other way around? Because of Captain’s skill and graceful dance makes the moves look dazzling?)I’m just saying my own observation. I’m not being bias here (even though I’m Captain’s fan).


What’s wrong with the PV? I don’t get it? Most people on H!O don’t like it. I like it and it didn’t make Berryz look bad. It even accomplished its goal on making Berryz look good, etc. It looks simple, yes, so what? Simplicity often wins competitions man. What I mean is, simple PV is also good. The thing here is to see the members look good not the setting or what the background is. For me the PV is already good.


Preview of the PV from Tobikkiri! Shizuoka show (credits to wxyrb)



(Credits to UPFRONTCHANNEL – Youtube)

>>Download PV @ CaptainSaki<<

PREVIEW – “Chotto Samishii na” – Berryz Koubou 24th single b-side

Credits to BryxW/wxyrb

Preview from Tsugunaga Momoko’s Radio Show – Puri Puri Princess

(btw, Momo talks while the song is played so it might be hard to hear.)

Pre-order – Berryz Koubou’s 24th Single — “Shining Power”


Berryz Kobo 24th single Shining Power. Also 6th closing theme for Inazuma Eleven anime.
Release Date: 2010/11/10

Shining Power tracklist:
1.シャイニング パワー (Shining Power)
2.ちょっとさみしいな (Chotto Samishii na)
3.シャイニング パワー(Instrumental)


Limited Edition A CD+DVD (Close-up Ver.)
+ event lottery serial number card





Limited Edition B CD+DVD (Dance Shot Ver.)
+ event lottery serial number card





Limited Edition C
+ event lottery serial number card





Regular Edition





LE Inazuma CD
+ Inazuma Eleven trading card




[Downloads] Berryz Koubou 24th Single — Shining Power (Full Audio Preview)

Credits to BryxW /// wxyrb (on youtube)


Download Audio:

Download from Mediafire

Credits to Arche-JoIyO @ H!O


Seriously! I want to see the PV already. This had been in my head for a day now.

Berryz Koubou – MajiBomber Promotions and UPFRONT PV [downloads]

Here are the 9 videos of Berryz promoting the MajiBomber single:

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*Have about 9 videos so just click the link (the “read more” link)*

UPFRONT release – MajiBomber PV


*Will post a better version soon*

MajiBomber (live) + Little Clip of Promotion

A Cap of Captain. 😀

(click to enjoy bigger version. xD)


LQ Live version of live performance from UPFront. (C.C Lemon)

Promotion of MajiBomber at C.C.Lemon. (Music on Saturday 7/3/2010)

Berryz Kobo – Otakebi Boy (Spark Ver.) Preview released!

Otakebi Boy (Spark Ver.), Berryz Kobo’s c/w for their upcoming single Maji Bomber’s preview has been released!

It’s a radio preview so it’s in LQ.

Well anyways there isn’t any much different from the original one. But one thing that you’ll notice is that is sounded more Buono~ish. Meaning, it sounded more rock than the original one. And I think it’s much fun than the original one. Maybe they can perform this version in one of their live performances soon.

23rd Single – Berryz Koubou’s MajiBomber

As the single near its release, small covers are up and also the tracklist. There is also a short video for the cover photoshoot. Let me share it to all of you. And also, just to say what I observed, Captain’s clothes resemble Miya and Maasa’s clothing in Dakishimete2x. Momo’s are from Dakishimete2x and Tomodachi (Color and style respectively). For Yurina, it resembles Miya’s clothes in Rival.

So anyway, on to the pictures and video. xD

Berryz MajiBomber Outfite

Berryz Koubou 23rd single: MajiBomber Covers and Tracklist

Berryz MajiBomber small covers Single V cover

Top left: Limited A

Bottom left: Limited B

Center right: Regular

Bottom: Single V

Cover photoshoot [short] video:


Regular Ver:

1.本気ボンバー!!—– MajiBomber!!

2.雄叫びボーイ WAO!(スパークVer.) —– Otakebi Boy WAO! (Spark ver.)
3.本気ボンバー!!(Instrumental)   —– MajiBomber (Instrumental)

Limited A & B

1.本気ボンバー!! —– MajiBomber!!


3.本気ボンバー!!(Instrumental)  —– MajiBomber!! (Instrumental)

Berryz Koubou 6th Anniversary PS Brushes (Part 1)

CaptainSaki Credit Pic

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I’ve been trying to find other things to do while waiting for the slow connection to upload the radio shows and I just learned how to make brushes in PS. With that, I tried it out and made some Berryz Brushes. Though I dunno who would like to use them but I know I do. It was hard to make renders to make it more perfect brushes.. So please pardon my work if it does not go with your liking. And for those who are not using CS3, I will make one for PS7 since most of the computers here have PS CS3, I only have one computer that has PS7 and that is the old computer I was using before. So I hope you guys will wait for it since I will not be able to use that old computer unless my dad is out.

Random MiyaSaki Gif

In this post, I will just post pictures of Captain and Miya with a little comment about it. 😀

MiyaSaki_gif((All that was said in this picture are made up by me and me alone. 🙂 ))

For those who have slow connections, here are pictures:


Lol! I’m sorry.. I’m not good in these things.. but I tried.. Here are the original pictures where I got them. (Click to see full picture)




These are from Berryz Mini Concert in Thailand. 😀 I know there are more but this is the only one I could think of. 😀 What do you think of the pictures? Leave a comment. 😀 There are more MiyaSaki coming. Hope you guys stay tuned until all comes in. 😀