S/mileage – “Ganbaranakutemo ee Nende” Radio Preview!

A more HQ version of S/mileage’s new single “Ganbaranakutemo ee Nende” has been released today as promised by UFA.

Yes, as I said yesterday this single is AWESOME! Yeah I know I feel twice I felt yesterday when I heard the LQ live preview of the song. Now I just can’t wait for the PV

Berryz Kobo – Otakebi Boy (Spark Ver.) Preview released!

Otakebi Boy (Spark Ver.), Berryz Kobo’s c/w for their upcoming single Maji Bomber’s preview has been released!

It’s a radio preview so it’s in LQ.

Well anyways there isn’t any much different from the original one. But one thing that you’ll notice is that is sounded more Buono~ish. Meaning, it sounded more rock than the original one. And I think it’s much fun than the original one. Maybe they can perform this version in one of their live performances soon.

Taeyang’s “Solar” album preview!

If you’ve been roaming around the K-pop world lately. Then you may or may not know about Taeyang upcoming album “SOLAR” which will be released tomorrow!

As seen in allkpop. Here’s all of the preview from the album.

I’m actually excited for this one since it’s Taeyang’s comeback. So far no track has disappointed me in the whole album.

1. Solar [intro]

2. Superstar

4. Just a Feeling

5. You’re My

7. Break Down

8. After you Fall Asleep

Okay so you might have noticed that tracks 3 and 6 hasn’t been released yet. Well my speculations are that those are the songs the he’ll perform in his comeback performances. We’ll just have to see

YUI’s New Album [Holidays in the Sun]

This July 14, YUI’s new album will be released. I am so excited. Can’t wait to hear YUI’s version of ‘I do it’ which she wrote for Stereopony.

The official tracklist is as follows:

  1. to Mother
  2. again
  3. Parade
  4. es.car
  5. Shake My Heart
  7. I do it
  8. Please Stay With Me
  9. Summer Song
  10. Cinnamon
  11. Driving Happy Life
  12. It’s all too much
  13. Kiss me

Oricon Weekly Singles Chart (Week 26)

Here’s the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart for this week.

01 Inaba Koshi– Okay

02 flumpool – reboot ~Akiramenai Uta~ / Nagareboshi

03 w-inds. – Addicted to love

04 Spitz – Tsugumi

05 Nightmare – a:FANTASIA

06 Fudanjuku Muteki! Natsu Yasumi

07 DEATH DEVIL (Sanada Asami) – Love

08 Kimura Kaela – Ring a Ding Dong

09 Aya Hirano – Hysteric Barbie

10 Sound Horizon – Hikari To Yami No Douwa

Source: Oricon

S/mileage ” Ganbaranakutemo ee nende” covers and preview!

Let’s go to the covers first.

The covers are quite interesting, unique, and extremely cute. They used a newspaper kind of theme and also placed S/mileage’s AR on one of the covers.

Since seeing the preview in Bijo Gaku, I’m seeing them as a group much like the 2nd generation of Tanpopo. They actually look like Tanpopo. Well anyways they have those cane with them in the cover and as I saw in Bijo Gaku the other day they’ll be using the canes much like the video for Tanpopo’s Otome Pasta ni Kandou.

The song is actually S/mileage~y. Yes S/mileage hasn’t fail me in bringing out Awesome songs. This one is actually a fast one but it is still an awesome track. Kanon has an awful lot of lines in this song as well.

According to Upfront’s Official Twitter, we’ll have a better preview of the song tomorrow.

JKMUSICPH One Shot Fan Fictions #1 Tsuugaku Vector


“This is the last time that you’ll play games with me!!” Airi angrily shouted at Jun. Airi was so angry at Jun when she came home the other day. She saw Jun with a girl the other day in the café’ near Jun’s office. Airi slammed the door angrily and went to her best friend Chisato’s house. She explained to Chisato what she saw the other day

“I Swear! It was him with that girl!” Airi explained

“Who’s the girl?” Chisato asked

“I’m not quite sure but I think it’s Maimi” Airi replied while crying

“Really?! Are you sure? I was with Maimi the other day; we were hanging out at the amusement park to celebrate her recent acceptance on the university” Chisato said.

“But I’m sure that, that was Maimi. The girl has long hair and is about the same height as her” Airi said

“Maybe it was someone else, how could you judge him for what you saw, you should have let him explain things first. Besides Maimi just took a new haircut yesterday too. ” Chisato replied

“But how can I believe him! This isn’t the first time he did this to me right?” Airi replied while still crying

“But Jun promised you that he’ll never hang out with other girls anymore, and besides it was proven that the girl isn’t Jun’s boyfriend, it was just a childhood friend”. Chisato said while comforting Airi

Airi became silent. The suddenly someone called Airi’s phone. It was Jun; she didn’t want to answer the phone so she let Chisato answer the phone.

“Hello?” Chisato answered

“Chisato, is Airi there I need to explain things to her” Jun worriedly said

“Sorry Jun, Airi doesn’t want to speak to you right now she’s still crying over what she saw yesterday” Chisato replied.

“Tell her I’m coming there immediately she needs to know the truth!” Jun said.

“Wait!” Chisato replied but was too late since Jun already dropped his phone

“Airi, Jun is …” Chisato said but was shocked when she saw Airi has already left.

Airi went to the park about 5 blocks away from Chisato’s house. But to her surprise, Jun was already there waiting for her with a sign saying I Love You

“I knew you’d come here” Jun said

“How could you do this to me every time? Is it that because you are good looking you always likes to flirt with girls?” Airi said crying

“But, but I’m not flirting with that girl. She’s a friend of mine. She’s giving me an offer for this beautiful necklace for only 10,000 yen.” Jun reached in to his pocket.

“Today is exactly 8 years since we first met. Remember that day in the park we were 8 years old then we were playing tag and there and then I knew you were the girl for me. From that day on I wanted to be with you forever.” Jun said with tears following down from his eyes.

Airi ran to Jun who was standing beside the slide and hugged him tight.

“I’m so sorry; I don’t know why I don’t trust you then, maybe because I want you for myself. I easily get jealous when you’re with other girls. I always think that you’re going to leave me. And, and I was afraid that one day you’ll leave me. I, I don’t know what I’ll do when that day comes. Please forgive me” Airi cried to Jun.

“Airi, you know that I won’t ever leave you. I’ll always be by your side. If only I can be at your side every time I’d do it. I’ll always be here forever. If only I can be the sky so I can watch you from above.”

Jun suddenly kissed Airi on the lips while tears fell from her eyes.

“I’m so sorry for not trusting you” Airi said again

“I understand what you feel don’t say sorry anymore. I was never angry at you at all anyway” Jun said.

Jun then gave Airi the necklace he bought for her.

“Look what’s written on it” Jun said while pointing at the back of the necklace

“It’s the date that we met. May 31st, I can’t believe you still remember it after all those years” Airi said

“How could I forget that day when you fell down while running away from me while playing tag.” Jun said “That was hilarious” He added.

“You’re mean” Airi said with a pout on her face.

“I love you” Jun replied

“I love you too” Airi replied and the two went home together holding hands.



SNL: Sunday NIGHT Live!

Yes because I forgot to do a Saturday Night Live yesterday, I moved it to Sunday Night this week!

In a week full of surprise and turnaround (especially that thing about the former AKB48 member)

So this week is all about KPOP for me so I’ll kick things of with F(x)’s Chu

next is a SNSD song promoted alongside Gee, Himnae

So here’s the first JPOP performance of the week. It’s that girl (mentioned above) last single with AKB48, Baby! Baby! Baby!

Next is one of the first live performances of Morning Musume’s new single Seishun Collection

next is Oricon’s highest selling single for the first half of the year, Arashi’s Troublemaker

This week’s main event is Big Bang with their hit japanese songs, Koe wo Kikasete and Gara Gara Go!!

Well I guess that’s all for this week! Tune in again next week for another weekly dose of your favorite Artist’s live performances!!

Blog Updates!!

I apologize for the lack of posts recently. It’s really difficult to update a lot lately. But even though, I haven’t lagged behind any KPOP or JPOP news so I still know a lot. I don’t usually posts it unless it’s something really really special like a single release or some odd news.

So you might be wondering why there isn’t Weekly Top 10 this week. Well it’s because we’re putting a special poll next month. And it’s gonna be a big one so watch out. I’ll probably merge the weekly top 10 and monthly poll next month into a one big poll.

So that’s all I guess, I’ll be leaving you a video of S/mileage’s preparation for their next single from Bijo Gaku

Oricon’s 2010 First Half Rankings!

If you have been following this blog a lot, then you know we post the weekly Oricon rankings every week.

We’re in the middle of the year now and Oricon has released it’s First Half Rankings for the year!

Arashi dominated the singles ranking with their singles Troublemaker and Monster occupying 1 and 2 respectively. AKB48 on the other hand proves that they are the most dominant girl group in Japan’s Music Scene today occupying the 3rd and 5th place.

JE artists occupied almost all of the top 5 in the DVD sales ranking if not for Tohoshinki

[single sales ranking]

1. Troublemaker – ARASHI

2. Monster – ARASHI

3. Ponytail to Shushu – AKB48

4. Love yourself ~Kimi ga kirai na kimi ga suki~ – KAT-TUN

5. Sakura no Shiori – AKB48

[album sales ranking]

1. PAST<FUTURE – Amuro Namie


3. BEST SELECTION 2010 – Tohoshinki

4. Hajimari no Uta – Ikimono Gakari

5. 5years – Kimura Kaela

[music DVD ranking]

1. ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5×10 – ARASHI

2. KAT-TUN LIVE Break the Records – KAT-TUN

3. 5×10 All the BEST! CLIPS 1999-2009 – ARASHI


5. COUNTDOWN LIVE 2009-2010 in Kyosera Dome Osaka – Kanjani ∞