I can’t explain the excitement I have right now. Big Bang is finally back!

Watch their Big Show 2011 now! + the MV after


OH MY GOD. I missed big bang a lot. I can’t believe they are really back. Sorry for such short post. Hope you enjoy

F(x)’s comeback on Music Core

f(x) makes a comeback on Music Bank with NU ABO

Okay so this week. It’s nothing but F(x). Well they’re something to talk about. After releasing the MV and the mini album a few days ago. F(x) has finally made their comeback with their new track NU ABO. Though I don’t hear a lot of news about it sky rocketing to the top spot unlike SNSD and Kara. But I love this song. This is like their fastest song that I got hooked to. La Chata took me about a month while Chu~ took me about 3 weeks to like. But I love this as the second listening.

Live was awesome! Amber was so cool. Krystal is like something you’ve never seen before. Sulli’s outfits is awesome. Luna’s vocals. Victoria’s dance. Come on this is awesome. Believe you’ll like this

f(x) NU ABO MV released!

f(x)’s MV for their comeback single NU ABO has been finally released.

The MV as thought is awesome. And the more you listen to this song, the more you get hooked to it. I love how they made the transition from cute to ladies. I love the outfits especially Sulli’s and Krystal’s (my favorite members). Amber looks a little bit more like a girl this time though. Sulli has two hairstyles in the video. Now I’m confused.

Anyways, here the MV for F(x)’s comeback single Nu ABO

Love Song MV Teaser – Rain

For Rain’s comeback, the MV teaser just came out. 😀

I can’t wait for the release. XD

Rain’s “Back to the Basic” Comeback Album

We all know Love Story, the last MV our dear Rain oppa released before he went and trained for Ninja Assassin (btw, did you guys watch it? It’s so bloody but Rain is so wonderful!).  A few months after the release of Ninja Assassin in movie theaters, just last March 22 (morning), Rain revealed his Back to the Basic album jacket. Back to the Basic will be released on April 1st. Pre order here: YESASIA

Back to the Basic Album cover

Back to the Basic Album cover

Back to the Basic Album Cover

Back to the Basic Album Jacket

Then a little after, he released his 30 sec album teaser.

With that going on at the same day, we already want more. (or is that only me?)

Two days later, another picture and shocking news came out. It was said that the next MV will have another female lead like in Love Story, but now it is Han Ye Seul.

Back to the Basic

Back to the Basic Pic (Rain with Han Ye Seul)

This new MV will be like Love Story, which is like a short drama on the MV.

And now the Tracklist:

01. 널 붙잡을 노래 / Song To Grab You / Song To Get You / Song To Catch You (Whichever one sounds best)
02. Hip Song
03. One
04. 똑같아 / Same
05. Love Song (English Version)

J.Tune Entertainment said that the phrase, “Back to the Basic”, means that Rain still has the same passion as how he did when he debuted, eight years ago.

“Does he really still have the same passion?”

When this album is released, will you have the answer to this?

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SNSD returns on Inkigayo with Run Devil Run

From cheerers to stealer. The 9 girls turned ladies of SNSD are back on Inkigayo with their smashing hit single “Run Devil Run”

Watch the girls hit the stage again this time on Inkigayo. With the new “dark” concept. The girls surely captivated the hearts of its fans the same way they did with the cute concept.

Now with their comeback done. Will the girls continue their domination on the Music Shows that was postponed after Oh! Tune in next week!