SNSD Snags Mutizen for two weeks! + other performances

Inkigayo is back! After two weeks without airing. Inkigayo is back with the same awesome live performances of our favorite artists.

Let’s start things of with this week’s and last week’s Mutizen winner. Though there wasn’t any Inki last week, they still have that tradition of awarding the winners the following week.

So without further ado, our Mutizen for 2 week’s in a row is none other than… SNSD

Plus a special footage was shown with Seohyun and Yoona doing baseball pitching.

We’ve shown you last week’s winner. But Inkigayo was out for 2 weeks. The winner for the last week of March is T-ara

Kara is also back on Inkigayo! OMG I so love these girls. Here’s their performance of Lupin

After School is also back on Inkigayo to continue their comeback. It’s only their 3rd performance and you got to face it, they’re getting better.

The Beast is also back with another Shocking performance

T-ara wins this week’s Mutizen with I Go Crazy Because of You

After releasing the 3 MV’s for I’m Really Hurt. The fans aren’t yet tired for I Go Crazy Because of You. After capturing M!Net’s number 1 Spot in their countdown and Kara disappointing them 2 days ago on Music Bank. The girls aren’t ready to lose. They came to Inkigayo to WIN.

And surprisingly they win this week’s Mutizen!

Congatulations to T-ara!

With SNSD ending their comeback and ready to compete agains T-ara and Kara. Will T-ara continue on their reign as champions next week? Stay Tuned!

Kara wins this weeks Mutizen on Inkigayo with Lupin

Kara finally did what SNSD can’t (because of circumstances with M!net), win a grand slam. After winning M!NET’s M! Countdown last Thursday and Music Bank’s K-Chart last Friday, the girl are back on Inkigayo with the same goal. And surely they accomplished what they came for.

Maybe the reason for their win is because of SNSD ending promotions for Oh! this week. But with the 9 girls returning next week with a brand new concept, will the girls from Kara continue on with their winning ways?

We’ll see next week! Stay tuned

SNSD recieves last weeks’ Mutizen this week and another Oh! performance

Last week was no ordinary week for the girls since that was the week where they performed their encore stage on Seoul. Though they won that weeks’ Mutizen, they were unable to accept the award due to the said concert.

So without a break (yes SM are mean people). The girls returned this week (minus Yuri of course) to accept the award and to perform yet again their hit Oh!

Congratulations to the girls. I hope SM would given them a well needed break.

2AM wins 2nd Mutizen after a Month

For 3 weeks, the girls from SNSD dominated the charts. But after getting the quota for Inkigayo’s Mutizen award. It’s now back to 2AM.

Yes even 2AM was surprised when it was announced that they were this week’s Mutizen winner. The charts don’t lie, and most certainly the fans don’t.

Since the guys from 2AM are ending the promotions for their song. Winning this week’s Mutizen is a sign of Thank You by their fans.

Kara performs Lupin on Inkigayo

After comeback performances on M!NET, Music Bank, and Music Core. The 5 newly concept girls finally end their comeback tonight at Inkigayo. The girls performed their already popular and chart topping song “Lupin” as well as “Umbrella”

The girls are finally ready to battle SNSD for the crown next week in Music Bank. And they are potential winners for next week’s Mutizen in Inkigayo.

Hope the girls get a win next week.

SNSD wins Mutizen for the 2nd week in a row

The 9 girls returned to Inkigayo today with an aim to win their 2nd mutizen in a row. They had though competitions but even though, they still get to win this week’s mutizen.

Performing OH! in colorful outfits

And Show Show Show in hot black outfits! (Is this their dark and sexy concept, I wonder)

Mutizen win

The girls are on fire this week! But with Kara which will be releasing the PV for their song Lupin this week. The 9 girls better get ready for some competition