Concert Performance that I am Sick of… Really…

Hello everybody.. Its been so long since my last big post.. And I don’t know if this have been done in other blog already, but in this post I like to enumerate various Morning Musume concert songs that I am sick of.. It’s not like I’m sick of the song, it’s just that I’m sick of seeing the song performed on concerts.

1. LOVE Machine
I like this song, but they got to stop singing it in concert. I know it sold like a  million copies but they just have to stop performing it.
2. Resonant Blue
When I admitted that I am a true blue wota(yes, I know Momusu since years ago but I started being a wota two years ago), this is Morning Musume’s latest single. I liked it so much that I immediately put it in my mp3 player and played it in repeat. Now I’m just sick of it, maybe because of it hearing it in my mp3 player for so many times…
3. Mikan
Well to be honest, even though it only ranked 6th on Oricon, I liked this song. I remembered watching the Bon Kyu! Bon Kyu! Bomb concert and hearing it live.. I really liked it. Maybe because of Koharu.. But now, whenever watching Mikan in concerts, I always skip it. Yes, that’s how sick I am of it.
4. Aozora ga Itsumademo Tsuduku You na Mirai de Are!
This is a good concert opener and ender. But they performed this so much that it easily gets boring. It’s like, every concert, they just have to sing this. I know the ones watching the concert live like this song because I can see them dancing to this.. But in my opinion, they performed this too much.
5. Ame no Furanai Hoshi de wa Aisenai Darou
This song did’nt grab my interest at all.. I know some fans like it but for me, meh.. But I can hear Linlin’s strong voice in this one, especially when they performed this in that one concert.

That’s it.. This is only my opinion so please don’t hate me.. And of course, there are songs that I want them to perform like Sakura Mankai for example.. But that is for another post…

2011 Hello! Project Calendars

Preview of Hello! Project’s 2011 Calendars has been released.

I find this one better than last year for a lot of reasons. First because S/mileage has been added. And second because of how Erina looks so hot on hers.

S/mileage and C-ute’s theme are similar while Berryz and Morning Musume are quite similar. I love C-ute and S/mileage better. I also like Mano Erina’s calendar a lot because of the theme

Abe Natsumi’s Ame Agari no Niji no Youni CM Preview!

Abe Natsumi’s new single Ame Agari no Niji no Youni CM has been released.

I say, even though Nacchi hasn’t been around the music scene for a while. She’s still as good as ever. And she’s ageless. She gets prettier and prettier even though she’s at her peak.

See the preview below

S/mileage Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama Preview released!

S/mileage’s 3rd single “Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama” radio preview has been released!

So for S/mileage’s 3rd single, there’s another feel or genre on it. It sounds Buono~ish which made me like it instantly unlike the first 2 major singles.

I love the energy in this song because of it’s fast paced and rockish tune to it.

Now I expect the PV to be another great one because as we’ve seen on the preview. It features one of Hello! Project’s top stars of the decade, Tsuji Nozomi.

Hear the preview below

Oricon Weekly Singles Chart (Week 34)

01 AKB48 – Heavy Rotation

02 Acid Black Cherry – Re:birth

03 AAA – Makenai Kokoro

04 Fukuyama Masaharu – Hotaru

05 T.M.Revolution – Naked arms

06 SMAP This is Love

07 Perfume – VOICE

08 Nakagawa Shoko – Flying Humanoid / Sen no Kotoba to Futari no Himitsu

09 Choshinsei – Ai Kotoba

10 Kishida Kyoudan & THE Akeboshi RocketsHIGHSCHOOL OF THE DEAD

Source: Oricon

AKB48 – Heavy Rotation Accessory DVD


Heavy Rotation PV is for 18+ viewers ONLY!

OTHER PV’s listed here are rated E. Meaning all could watch it. Only the Heavy Rotation PV is highly recommended for 18+ viewers ONLY!

>>Click Here to Download<<

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Taeyang releases I’ll be there MV

After releasing the full track yesterday, Taeyang has released his MV for his comeback song I’ll be there.

It has this dark and creepy setting which actually reminded me of Michael Jackson’s Thriller at the beginning. Like most of his MV’s it shows Taeyang’s awesome(x2) choreography yet again.

Check out the MV below!

From Taeyang’s official youtube account