Big Bang leaves a Bang in Manila


As a fan, I have always wished to see Big Bang perform live in my home country. I am a Big Bang fan for the good part of my KPOP fandom. Big Bang was actually one the groups that got me hooked into KPOP. For years, I have wished for them to hold a concert in my country and after two successful tours without them coming here, they finally did last October 24. Big Bang Alive Tour 2012 was held at the Mall of Asia Arena in a sold out concert that left fans talking about it for years to come.

World Class Act

Big Bang; composed of G-Dragon, Taeyang, Seungri, T.O.P, and Daesung, is a KPOP group formed in 2006 by YG Entertainment. The group is known for their urban originated music and fashion style. Big Bang embarked on their first world tour this year with their Alive Tour visiting twenty five cities in sixteen countries. At the 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards, Big Bang won the inaugural “Best Worldwide Act”  in the Asia and the Pacific Region besting famous acts such as Gotye and Sia.

Big Bang in Manila

Although October 24 fell on a weekday, fans still filled the Mall of Asia arena in one of the most awaited KPOP act to perform in the country. The arena was jam packed and the fans truly prepared for the concert with some even coming with their best Big Bang fashion style. Glow stick is a must so fans prepared in advanced to buy the signature crown lightsticks worth almost 2,000 pesos. Nonetheless, fans on the budget get to buy yellow lightsticks as cheap as 200 pesos and Samsung gave away Blue lightsticks for free. So there’s a guarantee that anyone who comes in the concert will be a part of it somehow someway.

The concert was sponsored by Samsung mobile and two led screens were placed for the fans to enjoy the concert more. Big Bang opened the concert in a futuristic concept coming out of pods. They performed their famous songs from beginning with “Blue” and ending with “Fantastic Baby”. The concert lasted for an incredible two hours. Old fans would enjoy all of their old songs such as “How Gee”, “Number 1”, “Lies”, and “Haru Haru”.

Unforgettable Experience

If you’re a fan, this concert would be unforgettable no doubt. If you’re fairly new, you’re bound to get hooked for a long time. Big Bang is charismatic as they’ve been ever before. They can bring the house down like no other. Not every group can perform for two straight hours without leaving the crowd dull. Big Bang got the crowd crazy from the get-go and left the arena still leaving the fans in awe. Nonetheless, Big Bang promised to comeback in the country and the fans surely will anticipate their return.

Big Bang unleashes ‘Blue’

Big Bang has now unleashed the MV for their upcoming single ‘Blue’ off their 5th Album. As always, Big Bang never fail to surprise us. After weeks of teaser I can’t believe I’m saying this but they’re finally here. It was almost a year since they last released a single and now they’re back. The song is typical of Big Bang but that’s what I like most about it.

Big Bang will release the album by the end of the month and that would probably mean a comeback. I can’t wait to see them back every week.


JKMUSICPH will be back

Despite heavy circumstances, JKMUSICPH will be back and will be better than ever. We will bring you reviews, updates, news, and comments from your favorite JPOP and KPOP artists like never before. Tune in as we revive this blogsite with an all new team of writers, bloggers, contributors, and such.



Top KPOP Songs of 2010

So as the new year begins, here is my top 16KPOP songs for the year of 2010. 

1. Hello Shinee

2. Beautiful Beast

3. I’ll be There Taeyang

4. High High GD and Top

5. Good Day IU

6. Lucifer Shinee

7. I need a girl Taeyang

8. Go Away 2NE1

9. Hoot SNSD

10. No Other Super Junior

11. I did Wrong 2AM

12. Lupin Kara

13. Oh SNSD

14. Run Devil Run SNSD

15. Just a Feeling Taeyang

16. Love Ya SS501

As you could see, Shinee is at the top of my 2010 rankings for favorite song. Actually they were also my favorite group for 2010. So you might wonder why Hello is over every other songs that sold better than the repackaged album. Well first the song is something that you won’t get tired of listening to. I remember having this song on my Ipod since October and I didn’t grew tired of this song until now. Second is that it’s vintage Shinee. Yes, Shinee isn’t that old to be called vintage. But in their last two singles before Hello (Lucifer and Ring Ding Dong) they used a much darker theme than the old ones. Another thing that made me like Hello was the vocals. I mean this one shows how they’re really a great group. Jonghyun’s vocal range is so high.

Here is their first performance of the song  live at Music Bank.

So beautiful is at 2. Why? Because the song is so addicting. Well I kinda got over with Beautiful for about a few days now (because of IU’s Good day). However, the song is still fun. What not to like about this. It’s so different than Beast’s old song. They look much cute here.

Taeyang’s I’ll be There ranks at 3. Okay to be honest 1-3 doesn’t have that much difference at all. I love those 3 songs equally I guess. Well anyways Taeyang’s I’ll be There is a superb song for a lot of reasons. One thing I found is the emotion of the song. Yes like most of Taeyang’s song it’s about a particular girl that he loves. The choreography is another awesome thing about this. The song have a very very difficult choreography as I could see. Despite all of that, Taeyang can still hit those high notes.

So from 4-16 they’re actually random. They can vary depending on my mood. However, they’re still the songs that I really really liked for the whole 2010. If you have objections with that then I suggest you go to another blog site.


New Wonder Girls MV Released!!!


The Wonder Girls are back!!! Now, their almost 2 year old song “Nobody” can retire (it has been lambasted long enough here in the Philippines hehe).

Here is the video straight from the Wonder Girls Youtube channel and was released May 15, 2010.
The reason why it took kinda long for this to get released is that WG has to record this in three languages, namely, Korean/Hangeul (of course), English/英語 (setting a trend since “Nobody”?) and Chinese/中国語.

This video or rather single is also the debut of their newly added member after Sun Mi’s announced hiatus from WG. The video has some kind of comic relief, brought by some one I think we all know 🙂

Anyway, here is the video (in Korean).
Enjoy! どうぞ。

New Super Junior MV RELEASED!!!


Almost 6 days after the MV teaser was released, the new MV is released.  Enjoy the freshly released MV straight from SM Ent’s Youtube Channel.

The single is titled BONAMANA, by the way 🙂

You could probably expect this to be performed on Music Bank this week (May 14, to be exact)


U-KISS in Philippines – UPDATE


I am sure some of you guys are waiting for U-KISS to hit the Philippine shores this March.

I caught some information about when and where they will be doing their promo mall tours; here it is:

March 26, 2010: SM Megamall 5:00 PM
March 27, 2010: SM Clark, Pampanga 6:00 PM
March 28, 2010: SM North Edsa Annex 5:00 PM

Yes, SM malls got the deal again; I will be expecting A LOT of people on our nearby SM North EDSA Annex mall that day.

Much like the last 4MINUTE promo tour, they will probably have the encore on the last day of the tour.  They won’t be holding any event on SM Mall of Asia though; instead, they will be going even further (further north that is) and go to Clark, Pampanga if my scoop is correct.

Anyway, hope you guys put this information to good use.  Plan your activities and hope you could catch them at least on one event 🙂

Also, feel free to add or correct any information by commenting on the post.

U-KISS in Philippines


Shinee came some time late last year…4MINUTE came February…and this April will come Super Junior.

But before that, U-KISS.  They will be having their own promo tour on malls this March.  Like 4MINUTE, U-KISS will be having a 3-day mall tour (March 26-28).  I haven’t seen any details on which malls exactly but my best guess is that it will again be SM Malls that will be ‘sponsoring’ the events.  This is in fact a preparation or rather a sneak peak of the full concert that they will be having this coming June (yes, they will be back two months later for the real deal).

You could find the article here from Manila Bulletin.

Anyway I am not a hardcore fan of U-KISS (since I’m a guy).  Just like Super Junior, 2PM, and other KPOP boy groups, I liked their dance moves which are eye-catching and in the same time trendy; I seem to like their performances ever since “Am I that easy?” and now “Bingeul Bingeul”.   Well, I wouldn’t be waking up early to get in line as much as I did when 4MINUTE came but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to see them perform live.

Here are the two songs I grew to like:

Man Man Ha Ni (Am I That Easy?)

Bingeul Bingeul (Round and Round)


SNSD/Girl’s Generation – Oh! Practice


SNSD’s “Oh!” is sweeping the charts these days ever since its release.  From the catchy tune and dance it really is something worth keeping in your iPod (like I do).

Here is another look on their dance.  Straight from behind the scenes.  I think this is on of their dressed rehearsals.  Still charming I must say 🙂

Enjoy, どうぞ



It’s been on air for some time now.
The new group from Star Empire Ent, called ZE:A (or abbrev. for Child of Empire)’s first/debut single ZE:A, MAZELTOV.
I think these guys have the potential, but they seemed to have used some foreign language of some sort.  Yeah, them saying “MAZELTOV” on their song is kind of catchy, but it made me think, “What in the world is that word?”

I thought at first that it was a made up word or probably a misused word (like in Shinee’s Ring Ding Dong, they used words like Rocka, Fantastic and Elastic in a kind of “cool” way).

Well it seems that it is a pretty legit word after all.  I searched wiki and got this.

MAZELTOV is in fact a yiddish word or Hebrew word that actually expresses “Congratulations” or お目出度い「おめでたい」 in Japanese (BTW: the meaning of MAZELTOV and OMEDETAI are almost the same in my opinion – both expressing good nature/luck that someone has achieved).

Well, that is a good trivia once in a while.  Here’s a video of one of their live perfs.