S/mileage – Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Biji Mama PV released!

S/mileage’s 3rd single PV has been released today on TV Asahi’s website.

As expected from the previews and CM. This one is another great PV from S/mileage. They all look so cute. It  has 2 dance shots and 2 close up. I really enjoyed watching it especially the close up parts as a group where you could see them having fun. Although, adding Tsuji in the PV makes it extra cute and better. She doesn’t really have that huge significant role in the PV. It’s more like her role can be played by anyone. Well at least she looks cute

See the PV below

S/mileage – Ganbaranakutemo ee nende Full Pv

S/mileage’s PV for their second major single, Ganbaranakutemo ee nende has been released!

So far I’m quite impressed with the video. It’s like the old S/mileage. I like this one better than Yume Miru 15sai. I love Kanon’s SMILE line. It’s so cute

Berryz Kobo – Maji Bomber Full PV!

FINALLY It’s out! Berryz Kobo’s PV for their newest single “Maji Bomber” has been released.

I freakin love it! Yes another great Berryz Kobo single like the previous one. It’s rockish, it’s Buonoish, it’s great. So far this year no H!P has disappointed me. But this sky rocketed to my personal H!P Top songs for the year. The dance in the chorus is kinda weird though. And you gotta love those outfits (but doesn’t it seem like Miya is always wearing the England flag in her body too much?). The camera angles are awesome as well. I like how the camera turns 360 degrees around the girls. You also have to love the girls with the guitars. That is so awesome!!

Captain and Momo are the two that stands out the most to me, well everyone looks extremely perfect as well, but the two stands out to me the most. Captain is extraordinarily beautiful in this one which makes me want to see her have her own PB. Momo on the other hand if you noticed, she has the less makeup especially eyeliners (or is it that Momo’s eyes are just small that it’s barely noticable).

Okay so right around the middle of the song, I felt like this song is Originally for Buono! because of the hop step jump part and that it’s rockish and also Miya’s outfit which has a strong strong resemblance of Buono!

The only downfall for me is Chinami who’s vocals isn’t very much powerful for a rock song such as this one. But she still looks extremely rockish and of course pretty

Anyways, here’s Berryz Kobo’s PV for their 23rd single “Maji Bomber”

Morning Musume Seishun Collection PV

I’ve been waiting for this. The PV for Morning Musume’s 43rd single Seishun Collection was released via a live stream during a live rehearsal of their play Fashionable.

Like I said when I posted the 30sec CM of the PV. I love this one. Both the PV and song. Morning Musume has transitioned from that “Love Song” era to a more genkier one.

The song still sounds like a mix of Shouganai Yume Oibito and Nanchatte Renai. But this definitely is a good one. It’s been a long time since I liked a Morning Musume song instantly. Normally I take time into liking it.

The outfits matches the blue sky and the green football field. The close up are cutes especially the one which shows each member jumping on a trampoline and at the second half of the song where they are holding signs.

The girl that stands out the most in my opinion is Sayu. She stands out because she’s the only one with a black hair in the group which makes her distinctively cute. Reina also caught my eye because her hair is all down which is different from her normal one. And she also doesn’t have hair glitters.

No one in the group is a line hog since all of them sang at unison in the chorus and in the verses, they sing by twos. The only member to get a solo are Ai, Reina, Kamei, and Risa. But even though they get a solo it’s only one.

Overall, I love the whole PV, song, etc. I just hope that this brings back Morning Musume to the top. At least reaching Number 1 again won’t hurt. But having a lot of sales isn’t bad either.

The release date is set for 6/9

Edit: Subbed (Romanji and Eng)

Mano Erina – Onegai Dakara PV

The not dance version of Mano Erina’s Onegai Dakara is here!

Like what I said from the teaser and the dance shot. I really really like this single. Both the PV and the song. Out of all the serious Mano Erina songs (I think there’s 3 in my book) this is the one that I enjoyed the most. Mano had a lot of cosplays such as the maid, cheerleader, tennis star, etc.

S/mileage – Yume Miru 15sai Full PV

Full PV is here though it’s not that good quality.

I actually really like the PV. It’s their best PV for me so far. And the song is actually great! I just really hope this would sell well. I see this song as a Sakitty one because she has a lot of lines and a lot of vocal handling skills to work on. She’s really done great. Though I find Dawa singing simple lines unlike the other 3 who’s lines ranges their vocal capabilities. Oh and there’s a line in the single where C-ute’s new single was sung (Umarete Yokatta).

Here’s the Full  PV. I’ll post a better one as soon as it comes out

C-ute Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ HQ PV!

Yes! HQ PV for C-ute’s new single Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ is now finally out

OMG! with a better version finally out, you can now call me officially dead!

And I just can’t help it, Mai looks like a GUY! If not for her shoes, you can really tell that she looks like a guy. Even the outfits.

I like that kind of hair style on Airi during the dance parts. It’s plain but suits her perfectly

C-ute Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ LQ Full PV

OMG OMG OMG! I SCREAMED and you should too. Full PV is now out. Though it’s low quality. It’s better than nothing. I think it’s taken from Recochoku.

Airi’s Suki Suki Suki in the end is the best part in the whole video!! That killed me instantly!

I swear Mai looks a guy from behind no matter how you look at it.

Shima Shima duo is coming alive since Ume has gone!

Well anyways here’s the LQ PV for Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~

P.S. I’ll be posting the HQ PV as soon as it comes out

New PV’s from NEWS and TVXQ

To avoid making too many posts. I cramped this 3 artist’s PV on a single Post 🙂 Hope that’ll be alright

First we have NEWS with their newest PV Sakura Girl

Not a fan of JE (except for ARASHI!) but this new one from NEWS is great! I love how the PV was made, it’s concept and the lyrics. This is worth a watch

Next is TVXQ. Even with problems within the group/agency. TVXQ AKA DBSK AKA Tohoshinki still managed to release singles. Their latest one is this. Toki wo Tomete

These two songs will be in the countdown next week. So if you love them better sure to vote for them

Voting will be open later this evening. Stay Tuned!

Arashi makes Suicide!

Arashi’s full PV for their newest single “Troublemaker” is here. And it sure makes me want to sui-suicide.

The stop motion technique the director did in this PV is awesome. Though, I noticed that the guys don’t usually dance around in their PV anymore since “Everything”