T-ara wins this week’s Mutizen with I Go Crazy Because of You

After releasing the 3 MV’s for I’m Really Hurt. The fans aren’t yet tired for I Go Crazy Because of You. After capturing M!Net’s number 1 Spot in their countdown and Kara disappointing them 2 days ago on Music Bank. The girls aren’t ready to lose. They came to Inkigayo to WIN.

And surprisingly they win this week’s Mutizen!

Congatulations to T-ara!

With SNSD ending their comeback and ready to compete agains T-ara and Kara. Will T-ara continue on their reign as champions next week? Stay Tuned!

3 MV’s released for T-ara I’m Really Hurt

If you’ve watched T-ara yesterday on Inkigayo, well you know that they gave out sneak preview of their song I’m Really Hurt. I personally can’t say which one is better, you decide. But for me I like I’m Really Hurt better than I Go Crazy Because of You.

T-ara breaks hearts in comeback.

With Kara making its comeback, T-ara won’t lag behind.

Also returning with a new concept, the 6 girls from T-ara made their return in M!Net performing their newest chart topper ‘I Go Crazy Because of You’.

I know you might be aware by now that the girls did lipsynched in most parts of the song. But they got some moves to show us.

So who do you think did better, T-ara or Kara?

T-ara’s ”I Go Crazy Because of You” reaches #1 and MV

After teasing us with their concept photos and MV teaser. T-ara finally released their MV for their newest single “I go Crazy Because of You”.

The video is so damn awesome. It has this dark and sexy concept which is totally different from those cute cat paws. And I’ve also heard that they are doing their comeback tonight at M!Net M! Countdown along with another group which also has just recently released their newest single ‘Lupin’, Kara

Also, T-ara’s newest single reached the top of GOMtv Music Charts just 2 hours after its released (much like that of Kara and SNSD).

Wow these 3 girl groups is sure heading a tough competition.

I Go Crazy Because of You ~ T-ara

After Kara releasing their MV for their newest single Lupin.

Girl Group T-ara won’t be left behind!

Returning from the success of their past singles Bo Peep Bo Peep and Like The First Time. The girls from T-ara are back and this time returning with that similar concept Kara did.

Here’s T-ara with their Teaser for their upcoming single I Go Crazy Because of You

Though there hasn’t been any news on when their comeback will be, I’m expecting their comeback by next week.

And again, SNSD! is heading for a tough competition.