Oricon Weekly Singles Chart (Week 39)

Here’s the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart for this week.

01 Ayumi Hamasaki – crossroad

02 Koda Kumi – Suki de, Suki de, Suki de.

03 EXILE – Motto Tsuyoku

04 Akiyama Mio (Hikasa Yoko) – K-ON!! Image Song Akiyama Mio

05 Hirasawa Yui (Toyosaki Aki) – K-ON!! Image Song Hirasawa Yui

06 the GazettE – Red

07 ARASHI– Love Rainbow

08 UVERworld – Qualia

09 The Gospellers –Ai no Shooting Star

10 Girls’ Generation GENIE

Source: Oricon

Artist of the Week: F(x)

Yes here’s a new part of this site. Artist of the week. Every Friday, we will show you KPOP and JPOP artist. So that you can get to know them better.

This week’s artist of the week is none other than F(x).

F(x) is a group under SM Entertainment. The same agency with famous groups such as SNSD and Super Junior.

From the picture above, the members are the following: (from left to right) Victoria, Amber, Krystal, Sulli, and Luna.

They debuted last year with the single LA Cha ta which was released digitally. To anticipate the debut of the group. SM released teaser for 5 days for each member until the debut of the group.

A month later. F(x) released the EP Chu~♡ which consists of 3 songs. The group grew even popular with the release of Chu~ which shows more of the cute side of the group.


After 6 months of hiatus. The group returned with yet another EP. NU ABO was released on May 4th of this year. The mini album topped online charts such as Monkey3, Dosirak, and Bugs. With the success of their new mini album, the group proved their dominance with other artist.

Beside their 3 singles. The group also promoted LG’s Chocolate line of cellphones alongside sister group SNSD with a song and an MV entitled “Chocolate Love”

F(x) is currently preparing for their new single/album. The members are doing their solo activities and member Amber is on break from an ankle injury a few months back.

S/mileage – Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Biji Mama PV released!

S/mileage’s 3rd single PV has been released today on TV Asahi’s website.

As expected from the previews and CM. This one is another great PV from S/mileage. They all look so cute. It  has 2 dance shots and 2 close up. I really enjoyed watching it especially the close up parts as a group where you could see them having fun. Although, adding Tsuji in the PV makes it extra cute and better. She doesn’t really have that huge significant role in the PV. It’s more like her role can be played by anyone. Well at least she looks cute

See the PV below

Oricon Weekly Singles Chart (Week 38)

Here’s the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart for this week.

01 EXILE – Motto Tsuyoku

02 UVERworld – Qualia

03 ARASHI – Love Rainbow

04 YUKI – Futari no Story

05 Takamiy – Aozora wo Shinjiteiru ka?

06 Girls’ Generation GENIE

07 Mano Erina – Genkimono de Ikou!


09 Hikawa Kiyoshi –Nijiiro no Bayon

10 AKB48Heavy Rotation

Source: Oricon

Oricon Weekly Singles Chart (Week 37)

Here’s the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart for this week.

01 Arashi – Love Rainbow

02 Glay – Precious

03 HO-KAGO TEA TIME – Gohan Wa Okazu / U&I


05 French Kiss – Zutto Mae Kara

06 AKB48 Heavy Rotation

07 Hikawa Kiyoshi – Nijiiro No Bayon

08 Ai Otsuka – I Love xxx

09 10-FEET –hammer ska

10 WaT24/7 ~ Mou Ichido ~

Source: Oricon

JPOP Fandom unleashed!

Before reading this post. Please be aware that the things below will mostly contain Arashi songs. Thanks

So between H!P, JPOP (meaning artists out of H!P), and KPOP. I spent the lesser time lately in JPOP. I haven’t been listening to this for quite some time now. Especially Arashi. I missed them. They are like my all time favorite Boy band in the whole wide world. Better than Big Bang, Shinee, Westlife, and Backstreet Boys.

To start thing of. Here’s Arashi performing their song Subarashiki Sekai live.

This song has been on my head since the start of the week. This triggered my return to JPOP after a few months of Hiatus. I haven’t been listening to a lot of JPOP since the beginning of July this year.

So not many people know about this. But way way back, when Arashi was just starting their 20 #1 singles. There was a plan to release a PV for their song Subarashiki Sekai.

Well it didn’t worked out. JE decided not to release it. I think they favored to release Sakura Sake than Subarashiki Sekai. So the song ended up to be a track in ther ONE album.

Here’s another ballad from Arashi. SIRIUS is one of my favorite ballad songs from Arashi. It’s nice to listen to like most of their ballad songs.

Las one from Arashi. Here’s one of my favorite songs from them. Kitto Daijobu.

Okay so moving on to the non-Arashi artists. Here’s Ai Otsuka with her song, my personal favorite, Daisuki da yo

So good news for Ai Otsuka fans (it’s good for me). She’s finally pregnant with her musician husband from that band that I have no idea who. Yes she’ll be out for quite some time. Her baby is due on April 2011]

Okay so next is not too JPOP but you can consider this as Jpop I guess? So Shoujou Jidai (SNSD) has recently released their song Genie in Japan.

It ranked number 4 on the oricon charts in its first week. Beating out AKB48 sub-group French Kiss who only ranked number 5.

I actually feel good at the same time not for them. I feel good because that means SNSD is a success in Japan like most of the korean groups who promoted in Japan. But I feel sad because if they’re success continue, it will take some time before they return with a new song in Korea. Just like what happened to Big Bang. And if I’m not mistaken, I’ve read somewhere that they will release their next single come October or November. And that song is none other than Gee. Yes the girls will bring the Gee wave to Japan as well.

In some sad news. The Music Hour otherwise known as UTABAN has ended its 14 year run in television yesterday. The finales aired yesterday with a 3 hour special. Memorable artist appeared on the show to say farewell such as SPEED and the old Morning Musume. Ohno Satoshi from Arashi appeared as well on the show.

source: http://www.tokyohive.com/2010/09/the-music-hour-formerly-utaban-ends-its-14-year-history/

Well I guess that ends my JPOP fandom rant for this week. Tune in tonight for some KPOP action only here on JKMUSICPH

Versions: Acoustics

Okay so in case you didn’t know. If I’m not in to JPOP/KPOP, my favorite kind of music would normally acoustic songs. Such as John Mayer (who will be in the Philippines on October 1). So I was browsing the net in search of nice KPOP/JPOP covers in acoustic. Well the only success I had was with KPOP so let’s start things of with it.

So with the first part of versions tonight. Here’s Acoustics

One of the most popular solo artist in Korea today is IU. Yep to be honest she’s one of my favorite. She has a lot of acoustic covers from KPOP to English songs.

Here’s one sample. It’s a cover of Tamia’s Officially Missing You by IU

Lovely isn’t it. I really liked her version. It’s more soothing to the ears.

Now here’s a cover of SNSD’s Gee, Big Bang’s Lies, and Super Juniors Sorry Sorry.

Now here’s SNSD and Super Junior doing Way Back Into Love

Okay. So still without success with JPOP. But I found a nice acoustic cover of Arashi’s Wish. No Vocals but still great I guess.

Well that’s all I found tonight. Tune in for tomorrow as I show you another Versions. Tomorrow’s episode will be all about youtube stars who cover Hello! Project songs