JKMUSICPH will be back

Despite heavy circumstances, JKMUSICPH will be back and will be better than ever. We will bring you reviews, updates, news, and comments from your favorite JPOP and KPOP artists like never before. Tune in as we revive this blogsite with an all new team of writers, bloggers, contributors, and such.



Vote now for your Favorite C-ute single!!

Monthly Poll is now up! You can now vote for your favorite C-ute single!!

Okay so if you’re looking for that Favorite H!P Kids single. I eventually dropped the idea since I didn’t think it would work right.

Vote Now!!

JKMUSICPH Weekly Top 10 new Guidelines + reminders


I think it’s unfair if a song gets like 10 straight weeks in the top spot in our weekly top 10. So we’re implementing a expiration on songs.

Each songs are limited to at least 5 weeks in the top spot. Only 5 weeks. By then, the song would be remove on the top spot and will be crowned as a JKMUSICPH Titanium Awardee.

For example, If it happens that Otakebi Boy Wao will win this week in our Top 10. Then they will be the undisputed JKMUSICPH Titanium Awardee and shall then be removed from the top 10!

Understood? So votings are now up. Vote for your favorite song this week!

Another reminder

It’s the last 3 days from the Monthly Countdown. Vote for your Favorite Morning Musume single. You only have 3 days left and the race keeps getting closer and closer. Vote now!

Weekly Top 5 3/8-3/14

Because of the lack of voters this week, we only have a Top 5 rather than a top 10.

So at 5 we have 6 songs which are tied! yes 6!

They are

Our Song – Buono!

Otona ni Narutte Muzukashi – S/mileage

Shigatsu Sengen – C-ute

Miracle Happy Love Song – Buono!

Genki Pikka Pikka – Morning Musume

Shock – C-ute (yes apparently Shock is still in the countdown)

at 4 we have Kara with their ultra mega super duper hit single Lupin

(yes that’s from today’s Inkigayo! which results will be posted after this one)

at 3 we have Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda by Berryz Kobo

Okay can you believe this! I read the weirdest Berryz NEWS ever!

Apparently Akanishi Jin from KAT-TUN (yes that JE group) was rumored to be courting (I refuse to say the word “dating”) Berryz Kobo member Tokunaga Chinami a few years back (back when Chinami was about 14…maybe 4 years ago).

Yes if you’re familiar with that, I got that from the Odd one out Thread at H!O

at 2 we SNSD with Oh!

Yes like in Music Bank, Oh has been finally eclipsed at the top spot this week! But don’t worry with a new single next week, who knows maybe they’ll reclaim the spot.

AND at NUMBAH 1! Yes it’s Berryz and it’s Otakebi Boy Wao

The song has been on the top 10 for week’s now even before the PV was released. And today they claim the top spot SOLO! yes they are the first ever group to claim the top spot solo. For week’s the top spot is occupied by two or more groups. Congratulations to Berryz

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With all the support coming around lately…

I encouraged everyone to join our Facebook fanpage here


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Thanks International Wota!

International Wota! Yes that popular wota site recently acknowledged our presence in the blogging community! Thanks a lot! here’s their post about us


Weekly Top 10 2/21-2/28

This week’s result of our Weekly Top 10 is here

kicking of this week’s countdown we have

5 songs tied for Rank 8-10

we have C-ute’s Shigatsu Sengen

Hey! Say! Jump’s newest single Hitomi no Screen


Arashi’s Troublemaker & Yurase Ima Wo

2AM’s I can’t let you go even if I Die

Occupying ranks 6 and 7 are

C-ute’s Shock

and debuting this week is SNSD – Show Show Show

at 5 we have the very addicting song from Berryz Kobo Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda

at 4 we have Buono! with Our Songs

at 3,2 and 1 we have

SNSD – Oh!

Morning Musume- Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai


Yes! Finally KARA gets to be one of the TOP 1 this Week! Hope they continue their reign next week.

Some few reminders:

All songs written on the OTHERS will be nominated for the following week. So last week we have Big Bang and a Buono! song nominated for this week along with S/mileage’s new song.

Monthly Chart will start tomorrow! It will be Morning Musume’s number 1 single from the 1st-41st single. Please vote!

Weekly Top 10 Poll Results 2/16-2/21

The results for this Week’s Top 10 are here.

at Numbers 10 and 9 we have 3 songs

Yurase Ima Wo by Arashi

2AM with I Can’t let you go Even if I die

and another one by Arashi Troublemaker

at 8 we have Mano Erina with her newest single Haru no Arashi

at 7 we have Berryz Kobo’s Otakebi Boy WAO!

[Can’t Find PV] ^_^” >> No PV yet. (edited by panick)

at 6 we have 2ne1’s TRY TO COPY ME

at 5 we have Morning Musume’s Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai

at 4 we got Buono!’s Our Songs

at 3 we got another Berryz song but this time it’s Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda

and up next is our Top 2

It’s don’t be surprised, it’s C-ute’s Shock (I mean Airi Suzuki Ft. C-ute)


IT’s OUR Favorite 9 Girl Group SNSD with OH!

That Concludes this week’s results. I hope more people will vote next week if you want your favorite groups to be in the top 10.

Monthly Poll!

Yes! Next Month we will hold a monthly poll! And for the month of March


Yes! All Morning Musume songs from the 1st to the 42nd will be on the boll and YOU get to choose which songs will get in the TOP 10

Be Ready to vote! Voting starts on March 1 and will end on March 31

NO this doesn’t mean the Weekly Top 10 will be replaced by it! It’s just gonna be another poll! 🙂