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Berryz Koubou 24th Single “SHINING POWER” PV (MQ)

After sleeping and not opening my aunt’s laptop that I borrowed, FINALLY! Great news has come! 😀 Berryz Koubou’s newest single, their 24th single, “Shining Power” Promotional Video was released 19hours ago at the UpFrontChannel (Youtube) which s around 6pm yesterday. I find it weird and odd because I was up around until 7pm online and I didn’t see the upload and around 6:30, I edited my post about not being able to see the video in Youtube because the PV was released in a JP cellphone only site. As you can see if you look at the video from youtube, only around 306 had viewed the PV. That means they uploaded it earlier and just made it public in a later time. That’s it. Lol. Anyway, here is the PV. 😀

Here is my comment in the thread @ H!O

But hey! I like the PV so far. ❤ The dance is not as tiring and complicated as their dances before (before Maji Bomba) but this choreography is wonderful and powerful.Especially when you look at Captain dancing, she gives out powerful moves but also graceful that makes Captain dazzling.(or is it the other way around? Because of Captain’s skill and graceful dance makes the moves look dazzling?)I’m just saying my own observation. I’m not being bias here (even though I’m Captain’s fan).


What’s wrong with the PV? I don’t get it? Most people on H!O don’t like it. I like it and it didn’t make Berryz look bad. It even accomplished its goal on making Berryz look good, etc. It looks simple, yes, so what? Simplicity often wins competitions man. What I mean is, simple PV is also good. The thing here is to see the members look good not the setting or what the background is. For me the PV is already good.


Preview of the PV from Tobikkiri! Shizuoka show (credits to wxyrb)



(Credits to UPFRONTCHANNEL – Youtube)

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[Downloads] Berryz Koubou 24th Single — Shining Power (Full Audio Preview)

Credits to BryxW /// wxyrb (on youtube)


Download Audio:

Download from Mediafire

Credits to Arche-JoIyO @ H!O


Seriously! I want to see the PV already. This had been in my head for a day now.

[Downloads] JUMP no. 1 (.WMA)

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AKB48 – Heavy Rotation Accessory DVD


Heavy Rotation PV is for 18+ viewers ONLY!

OTHER PV’s listed here are rated E. Meaning all could watch it. Only the Heavy Rotation PV is highly recommended for 18+ viewers ONLY!

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Daichi Miura – The Answer

>> PV (HQ) <<

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>> Lyrics <<

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>> M-ON <<

(Credits to Cloud Strife)


1. Kokoro no Hane

2. Sekaijuu no Ame

3. Kokoro no Hane (Off-vocal ver)

4. Sekaijuu no Ame (Off-vocal ver)

Berryz Koubou – MajiBomber Promotions and UPFRONT PV [downloads]

Here are the 9 videos of Berryz promoting the MajiBomber single:

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*Have about 9 videos so just click the link (the “read more” link)*

UPFRONT release – MajiBomber PV


*Will post a better version soon*

[Downloads] BONAMANA by Super Junior [Beautiful Girl (Obviously)]

Here is the MP3 and MV of SuJu’s  BONAMANA or Beautiful Girl (Obviously)

Of course, the MP3 is not yet the CD version, it is just the rip of the MV.


f(x) in SBS with Nu ABO + MV DL

Todaym f(x) had their fun performance in SBS with their performance of their comeback MV/single, Nu ABO. This group really never fails to impress me. Though I was not that impressed with Chocolate Love and Chu but they really are a great group. My fave is Amber and Krystal. xD I bet you guys also fave one or two from them. With Nu ABO, it really showed the kind of vibe or impression f(x) always had. With their own style and the lovely but hot Amber (I’m bias I’m sorry..), they never fail to leave an impression of “This is f(x)!” in every song and MV they release. One thing in their dance routine that I really loved so much. It was when they look like they were putting on powder then finishing up with a hip sway (?). I also love where they say, “na na na na na na….” But anyway, enough talk right? Let’s get into the show. 😀

I also included a download for the MV (mp3 will follow):