f(x) in SBS with Nu ABO + MV DL

Todaym f(x) had their fun performance in SBS with their performance of their comeback MV/single, Nu ABO. This group really never fails to impress me. Though I was not that impressed with Chocolate Love and Chu but they really are a great group. My fave is Amber and Krystal. xD I bet you guys also fave one or two from them. With Nu ABO, it really showed the kind of vibe or impression f(x) always had. With their own style and the lovely but hot Amber (I’m bias I’m sorry..), they never fail to leave an impression of “This is f(x)!” in every song and MV they release. One thing in their dance routine that I really loved so much. It was when they look like they were putting on powder then finishing up with a hip sway (?). I also love where they say, “na na na na na na….” But anyway, enough talk right? Let’s get into the show. 😀

I also included a download for the MV (mp3 will follow):