C-ute 15th single Kiss me Aishiteru MV

C-ute’s 15th single MV entitled Kiss me Aishiteru was released just recently on C-ute official youtube channel.

The single will be released on the 23rd of February.

Another cute C-ute MV I guess. C-ute is growing up I guess. Going with the sexy outfit than the cute ones make them older than we know. Chisa has been garnering a lot of attention lately and in this MV you could clearly see how Up-Front and H!P rewarded Chisa with it. A lot of lines for lovely Chisato. It seems like she’s in the level of Airi and Maimi now. Not singing “backup” anymore. Hope to see H!P pushing Chisato more in the future

2NE1 releases “Go Away” MV

ICarly special is now on… well anyway

I don’t effin care cause this has got to be the most awesome MV I have seen in the KPOP scene so far this year. After releasing the MV for their song “Clap your hands”, they released through 2NE1’s youtube the MV for their another song “Go Away”.

Yes I have abstain to see and hear any previews of all their songs, so I have got to say this is their best so far.

Well the MV focuses on CL (as well as the song I guess since she has a lot of lines). She looks so beautiful and how could just guy punch the living hell on her. Gawd I just want to kill that guy. Yes the MV is freakin awesome, it’s like a movie for heaven’s sake.

The most anticipated comeback of the second half of the year is nearing. Watch out for the MV for their comeback single “Can’t Nobody” to be released tomorrow

Taeyang releases I’ll be there MV

After releasing the full track yesterday, Taeyang has released his MV for his comeback song I’ll be there.

It has this dark and creepy setting which actually reminded me of Michael Jackson’s Thriller at the beginning. Like most of his MV’s it shows Taeyang’s awesome(x2) choreography yet again.

Check out the MV below!

From Taeyang’s official youtube account

Super Junior – No Other MV released!

Yes this is what almost every SuJu fans have been waiting for. Super Junior’s follow-up track No Other has been released.

As much as I love the song, the video is something to love as well. The MV is simple yet unique in different ways. It’s fun to watch because it’s so calming to the mind. It’s fun and it reminds you of the old Super Junior back to their single Haengbok

Taeyang’s “I Need a Girl” featruring GD and Dara released!

I know many of you are eager to see this (and so Am I). Taeyang’s MV for his comeback has been released!

I know I was soooo excited to see this and so far no track has disappointed me yet in the whole SOLAR album. So you better see this.

Dara and Taeyang are soooo good together >.<

T.O.P’s Turn’s it Up with release of new MV!

This was first screened last January, but even after almost half a year since it’s preview. T.O.P’s MV for his single Turn it Up is still on fire. The MV is mostly in black and white. But that doesn’t stop him from bringing the house down with this awesome MV.

SS501: Love Ya MV (English Sub)

I actually haven’t finished watching this since my internet is very slow. But I like the song very much. 😀 I hope you guys will too.