Top KPOP Songs of 2010

So as the new year begins, here is my top 16KPOP songs for the year of 2010. 

1. Hello Shinee

2. Beautiful Beast

3. I’ll be There Taeyang

4. High High GD and Top

5. Good Day IU

6. Lucifer Shinee

7. I need a girl Taeyang

8. Go Away 2NE1

9. Hoot SNSD

10. No Other Super Junior

11. I did Wrong 2AM

12. Lupin Kara

13. Oh SNSD

14. Run Devil Run SNSD

15. Just a Feeling Taeyang

16. Love Ya SS501

As you could see, Shinee is at the top of my 2010 rankings for favorite song. Actually they were also my favorite group for 2010. So you might wonder why Hello is over every other songs that sold better than the repackaged album. Well first the song is something that you won’t get tired of listening to. I remember having this song on my Ipod since October and I didn’t grew tired of this song until now. Second is that it’s vintage Shinee. Yes, Shinee isn’t that old to be called vintage. But in their last two singles before Hello (Lucifer and Ring Ding Dong) they used a much darker theme than the old ones. Another thing that made me like Hello was the vocals. I mean this one shows how they’re really a great group. Jonghyun’s vocal range is so high.

Here is their first performance of the song  live at Music Bank.

So beautiful is at 2. Why? Because the song is so addicting. Well I kinda got over with Beautiful for about a few days now (because of IU’s Good day). However, the song is still fun. What not to like about this. It’s so different than Beast’s old song. They look much cute here.

Taeyang’s I’ll be There ranks at 3. Okay to be honest 1-3 doesn’t have that much difference at all. I love those 3 songs equally I guess. Well anyways Taeyang’s I’ll be There is a superb song for a lot of reasons. One thing I found is the emotion of the song. Yes like most of Taeyang’s song it’s about a particular girl that he loves. The choreography is another awesome thing about this. The song have a very very difficult choreography as I could see. Despite all of that, Taeyang can still hit those high notes.

So from 4-16 they’re actually random. They can vary depending on my mood. However, they’re still the songs that I really really liked for the whole 2010. If you have objections with that then I suggest you go to another blog site.


Oricon’s 2010 First Half Rankings!

If you have been following this blog a lot, then you know we post the weekly Oricon rankings every week.

We’re in the middle of the year now and Oricon has released it’s First Half Rankings for the year!

Arashi dominated the singles ranking with their singles Troublemaker and Monster occupying 1 and 2 respectively. AKB48 on the other hand proves that they are the most dominant girl group in Japan’s Music Scene today occupying the 3rd and 5th place.

JE artists occupied almost all of the top 5 in the DVD sales ranking if not for Tohoshinki

[single sales ranking]

1. Troublemaker – ARASHI

2. Monster – ARASHI

3. Ponytail to Shushu – AKB48

4. Love yourself ~Kimi ga kirai na kimi ga suki~ – KAT-TUN

5. Sakura no Shiori – AKB48

[album sales ranking]

1. PAST<FUTURE – Amuro Namie


3. BEST SELECTION 2010 – Tohoshinki

4. Hajimari no Uta – Ikimono Gakari

5. 5years – Kimura Kaela

[music DVD ranking]

1. ARASHI Anniversary Tour 5×10 – ARASHI

2. KAT-TUN LIVE Break the Records – KAT-TUN

3. 5×10 All the BEST! CLIPS 1999-2009 – ARASHI


5. COUNTDOWN LIVE 2009-2010 in Kyosera Dome Osaka – Kanjani ∞

Hello! Project 2010 Winter Concert ~Mobekimasu~ Youtube!

Why Koharu?

Yes! Rosicky000777 already uploaded the whole Mobekimasu concert on Youtube!

Here’s a preview

OMG! Why Koharu! You shouldn’t have left! Aika’s doing a bad job taking your lines

Kara wins Music Bank K-Chart this week

It’s unfortunate that Kara didn’t won the M!NET M! Countdown yesterday. But the girls are back on Music Bank to try to claim this week’s K-Chart for the second week in a row. FORTUNATELY, the girls WON this week’s Music Bank K-Chart

Congratulations to the girls!



3 Down 6 to go!

Our favorite KPOP girl group wins 3 in a row at Music Bank today. Do I need to spell their names to you? Well then… SNSD! SNSD!

Returning this week with their overly infectious song OH!  and wearing their super HOT Cheerleading outfits. The girls defeated seemingly old Rivals 2AM and CNBLUE(which won yesterday at the return of M!NET’s Countdown).


And if you’ve noticed at the beginning of the song, Maknae Seohyun tripped while moving at another position.


They defeated the other 2 Boy groups with 20,284.

Will the 9 LOVELY ladies surpass their 9 straight weeks they did with GEE.


K-on! is coming in Animax Asia!

Yes! we are able to see  Mio,Asuza,Yui,Mugi and Ritsu Every 8pm in Animax Asia!!

It will be held at:

March 26,2010 , Tuesday at 8pm!!

The Rock Girl band is coming to rock your life!

Big Bang Always Live

I happen to past by a video uploaded by YGdt in youtube

It’s Big Bang performing Always Live

I think it’s from their 2010 Big Concert Big Show

OMG! How I wish I was there. I wish I was one of the screaming fans for Big Bang. You can feel their energy in this one. Hope to see more from Big Bang in the future

Nihongo Fiesta 2010

4MINUTE just left the country a few days ago.  Moving on for me is quite hard being star-struck like that (meeting them up close and personal).  Anyway, I believe this would be a good way to take them off my mind for a while; well sort of.

This is one of the events held by the Japan Foundation to promote J-Culture here in the Philippines.
This year one of the featured events would be the J-Rock performances. And as you can see on the ads below, Shonen Knife will be there to give you a taste of J-Rock. Not sure yet of any other performances but it might be a good experience. There are also the usual speech contests and Nihongo quizzes. Also what’s good about this is that admission is free!


Nihongo Fiesta 2010
Nihongo Fiesta 2010_2

Berryz Koubou Aki Medachitai!

Berryz Koubou’s Aki Medachitai DVD was released today and performances were posted in youtube not too long ago

I’m gonna post 2 of my favorite performances from the concert

Tsukaateru no ni Kataomoi

I personally love this performance because it’s different from the Spring concert last year. I especially love Momo’s ad lib at the middle of wo-oh!

Very Beauty

You see, what I love from this performance of Very Beauty is that it’s a Momo solo. In the original recording, Momo barely has a line except for the chorus. Now she takes all of it. If I’m not mistaken she also sang this song in their latest FC event. I’m looking forward on seeing it


Rival is like my all time favorite Berryz song. It was like the main reason why I kept on listening and following Hello! Project. Though I see Risako having trouble with her line in this performance, I still overall Love it. Momo surely knows how to make a song better.

Go Go Fight!