SNSD performs Run Devil Run on Sketchbook and on a benefit show for Haiti

Wow that’s a long title

Having ended their promotions for Run Devil Run last week. The girls took a special guest appearance on Sketchbook yesterday. They performed Run Devil Run as well.

More details to follow

and also yesterday. SNSD appeared in a benefit show for the calamities of Haiti (?)

Okay so either one or both of these performance are taped. But I’m pretty sure the Sketchbook was taped. The benefit performance is edited so it might be taped.

SNSD says goodbye on Music Bank with Oh! and Run Devil Run

Now it seems like just yesterday when the girls made their comeback with Oh!, then said goodbye with Oh!, then returned with Run Devil Run. And now their saying goodbye with Run Devil Run.

The girls performed both of their songs in just one night. Maybe that’s a  return for not being able to perform almost the whole month of April because of the Naval Ship Tragedy.

The girls will be ending promotions for Run Devil Run to prepare for their overseas promotion. Which means that they’ll be gone for a long time (maybe as long as Super Junior or Shinee).

JKMUSICPH Saturday Night Live

Yes a new segment on our blog. It’s JKMUSICPH Saturday Night Live Series! Every Saturday we will show you live performances of your favorite kpop and jpop artists! Cool isn’t it? Well here’s today performances!

It’s Suki Sugite Baka Mitai from the latest H!P 2010 Winter Shuffle Date. The song is originally by DEF.DIVA but in this one it was performed by Sayumi, Reina, Maasa and Maimi. Tsunku should thought of making a revival group of DEF.DIVA with these girls.

Next is one of Buono!’s first live performances! It’s Kokoro no Tamago. They sound so different now. I hope Buono! doesn’t end now that Shugo Chara has ended. I hope SC would have a 4th season! That would be awesome

Next is another live performance of your favorite Otakebi Boy Wao. The performance is from Melodix and I actually think this is better than the Music Fighter performance. I hope there’s a live performance of Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda next time.

Next is from a graduated froup. v-u-den’s Koisuru Angel Heart. I got addicted to this song recently mainly because of zoku v-u-den’s performance of it in the last H!P concert.

Zoku V-u-den

the only Kpop for tonight is SNSD with their hot hit single Run Devil Run from the 46th White Arts Award. If I’m not mistaken this is the last known live performance from any other KPOP group since the canceling of all programs since 2 weeks ago.

and the last performance for tonight is W with their song Ai no Imi wo Oshiete. Aww I miss these two girls. I hope they never left H!P (or at least did any scandal for Kago).

and a special encore performance from them. It’s Robokiss

SNSD Releases Run Devil Run Story Version MV

SM etertainement decide to releases the story version of SNSD’s Run Devil Run MV today. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for it earlier today, then you won’t find it since it was released exclusively for the Iphone.

Well don’t worry cause here we have it for you.

Disappointed? Well I was.

I was disappointed because it didn’t have a great change from the original PV. They just added a few scenes with the Cheerleading girls and the hot and sexy girls. All the PV did was to make us understand why there’s the black soshi and the ending of the PV for Oh!

To me it’s only like an extended version of Run Devil Run.

Well the song is still awesome. The PV only made a little impact with the song. So for me it’s still the same.

SNSD performs Run Devil Run on Music Bank

After their comeback performance last week. The girls are back on Music Bank to try and recapture their firs K-Chart win for Run Devil Run.

Though they failed to capture this week’s K-Chart. The girls sure gave an awesome performance. The best so far for the song!

But don’t lose hope because there’s still Sunday’s Inkigayo!

SNSD releases two new tracks for repackaged album

Along with Run Devil Run. SNSD also released two new tracks for their repackaged album Run Devil Run

First is Echo

Though not exactly like Run Devil Run. The song reminds me of the old SNSD before Gee. But the song is worth listening to. It’s fun. It’s Poppy

The other one is an R&B/Acoustic version of Star Star Star from their album Oh!

If you love the original one. This is something better. R&B Songs show the girls true vocal skills. And this one sure showed it.

Promotions are now beginning. Will the girls capture the #1 spot this week on the music shows. Stay Tuned!

SNSD returns on Inkigayo with Run Devil Run

From cheerers to stealer. The 9 girls turned ladies of SNSD are back on Inkigayo with their smashing hit single “Run Devil Run”

Watch the girls hit the stage again this time on Inkigayo. With the new “dark” concept. The girls surely captivated the hearts of its fans the same way they did with the cute concept.

Now with their comeback done. Will the girls continue their domination on the Music Shows that was postponed after Oh! Tune in next week!

SNSD will make you Run on Music Core

A week ago they said goodbye in the same stage. But now they’re back. With the release of Run Devil Run a few days ago, the 9 ladies of SNSD is back on Music Core not in their pompoms but in sexy and tough outfits.

Now with the girls back and ready to steal the spotlight. Will the 9 girls of SNSD win next week’s top spot on the 3 Music Shows? Stay tuned!

SNSD Returns on Music Bank with Run Devil Run

After retiring their hit song “Oh!” last week (on Music Core). The girls are back on Music Bank this week with a brand new concept and song.

The girls performed on Music Bank their hit new single “Run Devil Run”.Though their concept is dark, the girls performed on Music Bank wearing white outfits.

Now with SNSD Back it will be a fierce competition again on the Music Shows. Who do you think will win next week? Stay Tuned!

SNSD Releases Run Devil Run MV

FINALLY! After teasing us with the concept photos, MV teaser, and a track. The MV has been finally released! The girls are freaking HOT! I mean the outfits the concept! It’s perfect for them! If Oh! can’t reach 9 weeks in a row… I bet this can! I mean who doesn’t love this concept! It seems that the girls in the MV for Oh! in the dark concept are used as close ups in this one!

Well here goes the MV

Which do you think is better Kara’s “Emergency Exit Dance” or SNSD “Catch me If you can dance”?