KARA says goodbye on M! Countdown

Aww… I’m gonna miss these girls. It seems like it was only yesterday when the girls made their comeback and now they’re saying goodbye already. And what’s worse is that it’s their only goodbye stage this week since SBS, MBC, and KBS all canceled their variety shows for this week.

It’s nice to see Seungyeon performing even with a sprained arm. Which only shows her professionalism.

Without further ado, here’s Kara with Lupin for the last time on M! Countdown

Kara’s Lonely MV released

If you’ve bought ‘Lupin’. You know there are other songs besides ‘Lupin’. One of those tracks is Lonely. Which is also used as the OST for the upcoming movie ‘My Mother’. Though it doesn’t feature Kara at all. The MV is sweet and loving that makes me want to watch the movie!

Check it out!

Kara is mine on Inkigayo!

Continuing their promotions this week. Kara is back on Inkigayo to continue stealing the hearts of people. Their “emergency exit dance” is just as hit as their “butt dance” on Mister.

Though they weren’t able to capture this week’s Mutizen. The girls still performed their hit single “Lupin”.

Kara has special stage for today’s Music Core

The girls are almost a month in their promotion for Lupin but still the girls are soaring high!

This week to commemorate their great success. Music Core made a special stage just for them.

Wearing Shinning Shimmering gold outfits, the 5 girls performed their hit single Lupin in front of their loyal fans. Wait they always perform in front of their fans. But this one is different. The fans are just a handshake away. Yah you know what I mean now.

OMG! I envy the fans for this one! I hope I could be there

Kara is awesome aren’t they?

Now with a K-Chart win yesterday. Will the girls be able to snag another win tomorrow at Inkigayo? We’ll find out

Kara’s not backing up on M!CD

Kara’s back this week! After claiming the top spot on ALL major Music Shows last week, the 5 sexy ladies from Kara are back on M!CD. They performed their forever hit single “Lupin”.

Though they didn’t manage to snatch the win this week. Their performance was still awesome as ever. But don’t worry there’s still Music Bank and Inkigayo!

Will the girls steal the win?

Kara wins this weeks Mutizen on Inkigayo with Lupin

Kara finally did what SNSD can’t (because of circumstances with M!net), win a grand slam. After winning M!NET’s M! Countdown last Thursday and Music Bank’s K-Chart last Friday, the girl are back on Inkigayo with the same goal. And surely they accomplished what they came for.

Maybe the reason for their win is because of SNSD ending promotions for Oh! this week. But with the 9 girls returning next week with a brand new concept, will the girls from Kara continue on with their winning ways?

We’ll see next week! Stay tuned

Weekly Top 5 3/8-3/14

Because of the lack of voters this week, we only have a Top 5 rather than a top 10.

So at 5 we have 6 songs which are tied! yes 6!

They are

Our Song – Buono!

Otona ni Narutte Muzukashi – S/mileage

Shigatsu Sengen – C-ute

Miracle Happy Love Song – Buono!

Genki Pikka Pikka – Morning Musume

Shock – C-ute (yes apparently Shock is still in the countdown)

at 4 we have Kara with their ultra mega super duper hit single Lupin

(yes that’s from today’s Inkigayo! which results will be posted after this one)

at 3 we have Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda by Berryz Kobo

Okay can you believe this! I read the weirdest Berryz NEWS ever!

Apparently Akanishi Jin from KAT-TUN (yes that JE group) was rumored to be courting (I refuse to say the word “dating”) Berryz Kobo member Tokunaga Chinami a few years back (back when Chinami was about 14…maybe 4 years ago).

Yes if you’re familiar with that, I got that from the Odd one out Thread at H!O

at 2 we SNSD with Oh!

Yes like in Music Bank, Oh has been finally eclipsed at the top spot this week! But don’t worry with a new single next week, who knows maybe they’ll reclaim the spot.

AND at NUMBAH 1! Yes it’s Berryz and it’s Otakebi Boy Wao

The song has been on the top 10 for week’s now even before the PV was released. And today they claim the top spot SOLO! yes they are the first ever group to claim the top spot solo. For week’s the top spot is occupied by two or more groups. Congratulations to Berryz

Kara performs Lupin Live

Kara is back! After promotion on Music Core, the girl are now on KJE Chocolate to promote their single Lupin!

Here’s the video

Kara’s Bringing Love to the Floor on Music Core

Fresh of a win on Music Bank and M!Net. The 5 ladies from Kara are back on Music Core with their ultra super mega duper hit single “Lupin”.

The girls even though they have a tough schedule never fail to give their fans the same excitement and energy in one performance. And their fans never seem to lose their voice every time they perform because the chants gets louder and louder.

So without further ado, here’s Kara with Lupin

Kara wins 1st K-Chart win in Music Bank

Yes after beating T-ara by 1 point last night (which I haven’t posted unfortunately)

The girls from Kara wins their first K-Chart win today on Music Bank for their ultra super mega duper hit song “Lupin” (Yes that’s how much I love Lupin). They performed their song as usual but this time they used a different outfit. And Listen to the crowd carefully, they are going crazy for Kara.

Will the girls win a grandslam this week with Inkigayo still around the corner. Let’s see.