KARA says goodbye on M! Countdown

Aww… I’m gonna miss these girls. It seems like it was only yesterday when the girls made their comeback and now they’re saying goodbye already. And what’s worse is that it’s their only goodbye stage this week since SBS, MBC, and KBS all canceled their variety shows for this week.

It’s nice to see Seungyeon performing even with a sprained arm. Which only shows her professionalism.

Without further ado, here’s Kara with Lupin for the last time on M! Countdown

Kara’s not backing up on M!CD

Kara’s back this week! After claiming the top spot on ALL major Music Shows last week, the 5 sexy ladies from Kara are back on M!CD. They performed their forever hit single “Lupin”.

Though they didn’t manage to snatch the win this week. Their performance was still awesome as ever. But don’t worry there’s still Music Bank and Inkigayo!

Will the girls steal the win?

Kara wins #1 on M! Countdown

I’m so freaking happy! Yes after promotions last week Kara finally wins the M! Countdown#1 this week. Kara is my favorite group right now, bigger than SNSD (sorry). They defeated 2AM by just 1 point! That’s small, I mean one person can change anything.

But anyways, I hope the girls continue winning tomorrow on Music Bank or at Inkigayo.

Here it is, Kara with Lupin

T-ara breaks hearts in comeback.

With Kara making its comeback, T-ara won’t lag behind.

Also returning with a new concept, the 6 girls from T-ara made their return in M!Net performing their newest chart topper ‘I Go Crazy Because of You’.

I know you might be aware by now that the girls did lipsynched in most parts of the song. But they got some moves to show us.

So who do you think did better, T-ara or Kara?

Kara makes comeback with ‘Lupin’

The moment which we’ve been waiting for, KARA has made their comeback and it was totally awesome!

The girls returned tonight at M!NET M Countdown performing two songs from their latest album. The girls performed ‘Umbrella’ which shows the girl in bubbly and cute image from the time of ‘Rock U’ and ‘Pretty Girl’. But in ‘Lupin’ the girls transformed completely from that cute and bubbly image to hot and sexy.

The performance is definitely awesome. With T-ara also making their comeback, the girls is sure heading for a tough competition.

T-ara’s ”I Go Crazy Because of You” reaches #1 and MV

After teasing us with their concept photos and MV teaser. T-ara finally released their MV for their newest single “I go Crazy Because of You”.

The video is so damn awesome. It has this dark and sexy concept which is totally different from those cute cat paws. And I’ve also heard that they are doing their comeback tonight at M!Net M! Countdown along with another group which also has just recently released their newest single ‘Lupin’, Kara

Also, T-ara’s newest single reached the top of GOMtv Music Charts just 2 hours after its released (much like that of Kara and SNSD).

Wow these 3 girl groups is sure heading a tough competition.

Kara’s Lupin MV Released

After spending much of the past week’s teasing us with teasers. Finally here it comes. Kara‘s MV for their newest single ‘Lupin‘ was released today.

Not failing us fans with this one, this is definitely going to give SNSD a competition this week since the 5 girls are set to comeback at M!NET M! Countdown as well as Music Bank, Music Core, and Inkigayo this week.

It seems that more and more girl groups are turning to that Dark and Sexy Concept