[Fancover] Our Song & Answer

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  2. All credit goes to their rightful owners (no3b, Aki-P, AKB48, H!P, Buono!, Tsunku, etc)


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Song: Answer
Cover by: Suchihiro Mai (maimamon3)
Originally by: No Sleeves / no3b
Label: PoPDubs – Ear Breaking Productions
MP3: http://www.4shared.com/audio/GxEZcBKO/PoPDubs_Answer.html





Song: Our Song
Cover by: Suchihiro Mai (maimamon3)
Originally by: Buono!
Label: PoPDubs – Ear Breaking Productions
MP3: http://www.4shared.com/audio/KjGk1CUf/PoPDubs_Our_Song.html


Double Trouble, Double Buono!

After a year on hiatus, Buono! is back with a new label and a new single. Buono!, who just recently signed to Zetima  released their first single with the label entitled, Zassou no Uta on February 2. The group also released not one but two PV’s for their new single. A PV was also released for Zassou no Uta’s B-side entitled “Juicy Heart”.

Here are the PV’s for the two singles.

The PV’s are still Buono! as ever. Listening to both songs made me missed them. They have been gone for a long time haven’t they? Well Buono! fans will rejoice with this one. Both songs are awesome as all Buono! songs and singles in the past and I can’t wait to see this one performed live.

P.S. I can’t wait for the first week sales of this single

Why I Listen to Hello! Project…

I just thought of posting this. I remember why I started listening to H!P (and sometimes Kpop). Well H!P can ease all of the sadness that you have in you. Maybe that’s the whole reason why I listen to it. Whenever I listen to C-ute or Buono! I feel a lot better.

For example

Yes, I’m currently watching Rock ‘n Buono! 3 for the 3rd time. I’m actually like broken right now but watching this concert makes me feel better. Seeing Miyabi, Momo, and especially Airi makes me a lot better.

You know what? This photo of Airi, Mai, and Chisa made my day yesterday. The moment I got to see this picture, it made me a lot better. It took all of that sadness away.

Here’s another song that makes me feel good.

I feel so broken today. But Hello! Project took all of that away.



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Thanks for still reading this blog and for those comments on posts that were posted like a few months ago. Thanks a lot!

Returning myself to the Hello! Project fandom!

Hey y’all. It’s been a while since I blogged about something. I actually tried a lot of time but I only end up not finishing those posts. But here’s a more serious one that I’m gonna post. Yes finally!

It’s been a while since I last got my head into any Hello! Project songs. Yes I am aware of the new releases and all but I never had and LSS on any Hello! Project song for quite some time now. Normally it’s been Big Bang, Taylor Swift, Camp Rock, Justin Beiber, and some old school OPM songs. But heck I still love Hello! Project the same way as before.

To start things of. Here’s one of my favorite Hello! Project groups Buono! with my favorite song from them, Kiss Kiss Kiss.

I still love this song no matter what. And Airi. Yes I never get tired loving her. She’s still my all time favorite. Like my Lebron James only on Hello! Project.

Speaking of Airi, have you seen her new Photobook. Well it’s just plain love. She looks so mature yet still a young lady.

Yes she’s sooo pretty I know. I love that red two piece on her (because red is my favorite color).

Okay so I found this two pics interesting. The top one is from the new photobook while the bottom one is from Ao Iro. I just find that the shirt they’re wearing are quite the same. Maybe different in color but it looks so so the same.

Yes I’m watching We are Buono! concert right now. Don’t be surprised. Yes I’ve been into Big Bang a lot since July but I never forgot them.

So as what I have heard. Momo and Eririn are going to release new photobooks soon. Eri’s PB entitled “Eririn” will be released on the 26th (next week). I think this is a must have photobooks for Eri’s fans since this is most likely her last one while still a member of Morning Musume.

Momo’s PB on the other hand will be release next month. It is entitled Momochi Zukan and it is due on October 20th. No previews has been released so far. But I gotta have my hands on this one since I’m a Momo fan.

Before I forget. Today is the 14th of September and it’s Morning Musume and Hello! Project’s one and only leader, Takahashi Ai’s birthday!

Happy 24th birthday Ai-chan.

So moving on. Two former Morning Musume members, namely Goto Maki and Aya Matsuura are going to released new albums soon. Aya Matsuura announced her album during  a recent Cotton Club concert. The album is set to release on 11/24

Goto Maki’s album has also been announced just recently. Though it has less details than the other one, everyone is still looking forward for it. The set release date is also on 11/24

Coincidence? Well this looks like a Morning Musume rivalry as I see it.

To make things a little weirder. Mano Erina’s 2nd Album still untitled is also set for release on the same date. 11/24

More Buono! coming.

Kataomoi is one of my favorite Buono! songs ever. It’s just so rockish and cool.

Oh yeah! S/mileage rank #9 on Music Station’s new artist that will breakout in the second half of the year. They were just beaten by artist such as Shoujou Jidai (SNSD) and Kara. Which are like Korean girl groups.

Well I guess that ends my Hello! Project fandom. Tune in tomorrow (or tonight whenever I feel like it) for my JPOP fandom to breakout.

Buono! Pizza La Paella CM

It was announced before. And now here we have it. Buono!’s CM for the new Pizza la’s Paella

2010 Buono! Live Tour – We Are Buono!

Buono!’s 2010 Live Tour ~We Are Buono~ was released yesterday! I was anticipating this because moste of the songs performed on the concert are from the new album as well as classics from their first two albums such as Kiss Kiss Kiss, Renai Rider, and Rottara Rottara. I haven’t ordered my copy yet since I’m out of cash right now but I’ve seen performances on youtube and I was actually surprised on how they performed. It was totally different from their debut 2-3 years ago.

I really loved the performance of Tabidachi no Uta and so far it’s my favorite. This kinda replace Kimi ga Ireba from the previous concerts

And here’s Koucha no Oishii Mise. The vocals totally rock. It’s better than Hoshi no. The harmony, the voicing. This has got to be one of my favorite from the concert

Here’s with the band Dolce

Gotta love We Are Buono! It build spirits doesn’t it?

Bravo Bravo is also an awesome performance

Independent Girl is like the rockest song in the whole album and of course concert

Here’s an old classic, Lady Panther.

The quick outfit change was so awesome, plus the panther outfits makes you feel more of the song. Oh and they’re playing with those tails which makes the performance cuter. I just hope they made Momo a more revealing outfit XD

Here’s a backstage document of the girls

That’s the same outfit Momo wore on the Hybridpunch tour last year.

So up to this moment those are the only performance uploaded on YT. I’ll update more in the coming days! Watch out! and be sure to buy Buono!’s 2010 Live Tour ~We are Buono!~

My Love for Hello! Project. A love that won’t die

Congratulations to me!! (yes me the Chief Editor and one of the 3 active members of jkmusicph) It’s my first anniversary since I started getting hooked on Hello! Project. Though it’s not exactly the 11th of May, it’s actually earlier. But I consider the 11th of May as my anniversary because it’s the date that I joined Hello! Online. And also around this time. I know more groups other than Buono! and Shugo Chara Egg.

So like all of the other bloggers out there who celebrate their anniversary. I’ll share my life story on how I got hooked on Hello! Project

Well it started with this group known as Buono! It was around March that I started watching again anime. Actually before that I was already listening to jpop such as Arashi (because of me getting hooked to HYD) and some more anime songs. But then while I was browsing crunchyroll. I saw this cute and funny anime, Shugo Chara. So I decided to watch it. The opening back then was Buono!’s Kokoro no Tamago. But at the very first episode, I didn’t care about the opening and ending which was Honto no Jibun . Then, crunchyroll has this thing if you’re not member, which I’m not. So I browsed youtube if I could find any more episodes of Shugo Chara. Sadly, I didn’t find any. But I found Buono!’s PV for Kokoro no Tamago

This got me interested with them. So I googled Buono!. And I found their wikipedia page. I was shocked when I saw that they were so young. Momo and Miya are a year older than me and Airi was a year younger than me (actually 9 months younger). Then I clicked the members own wikipedia page and I saw that they are with other groups other than Buono! I saw that Miya and Airi were in Aa! Miya and Momo were with Berryz Kobo. And Airi is with C-ute.

My favorite member back then was Momo. She was that cute and a natural Idol. I actually didn’t liked Airi at first because she has this weird dent on her teeth. Well before we go to how I liked Airi. Let’s go first to my first favorite Momo. So after searching Buono! on google. I started youtubing their songs. If I could remember correctly, the two songs that really caught me was Rottara Rottara, Kiss Kiss Kiss, and Renai Rider

My favorite back then was Renai Rider. But as time passes it also changed.

Well then, after Buono! I got hooked with Berryz Kobo. If I remember correctly. It was because I searched Momo a lot. So I searched Berryz Kobo on Youtube and the first thing that came to me was Berryz Kobo’s Madayade.

Madayade is an interesting song. I really liked it. But that time I didn’t bother to know each members because they were like 7 in the group. But after sometime and more songs. I get to know each members. It took some time for me. But eventually I got it. (wait till we get to Morning Musume).

Here’s another Berryz song that I really liked before.

And my all time favorite Berryz Kobo song.

~If you’re wondering how I remember all this. I’m checking out my old blog Hybridpunch (yes named after Buono!’s first concert).Which will be deleted shortly after this post.

I really loved this concert. It was the first concert that I downloaded on Hello! Online’s Torrent.

So let’s go to my favorite Hello! Project member Airi

So after BK. I went to C-ute. After Momo, I found Airi cuter for some unknown reasons (maybe she’s meant for me) Kidding. So I googled C-ute and I found out that their highest selling single then was Tokkaiko Junjou (just for everyone’s knowledge, C-ute’s highest selling single now is Everyday Zekkouchou).

So I really liked Tokkaiko Junjou a lot. It lived it’s expectations. So after it, I searched a lot more C-ute songs which I don’t remember which came in first. But I’m pretty sure one of the first were Bye Bye Bye, Forever Love, and Meguru Koi no Kisetsu.

So, unlike BK. It didn’t took me sometime to get to know them. I already knew Airi, Maimi is the leader with the long hair, Erika is the oldest, Kanna came from H!P Egg, Chisa is the tomboyish looking girl (before), Mai is the youngest, and Nakky is a younger version of Maimi (that’s how I think it works before).

So It seems that Hello! Project kids were the first H!P members that I knew.

Before we go to Morning Musume. I also want to share to you another group that I first learned Shugo Chara Egg.

and a soloist who goes by the name of Mano Erina

Actually before, ManoEri was one of my favorite in Hello! Project. She’s like 3rd after Airi and Momo. But eventually I got hooked in to more of H!P she went down until she’s no longer in my top 10. Though, she’s in my top 10 most beautiful Hello! Project members.

Let’s now go know to Morning Musume

How I got in to Morning Musume is still a mystery to me. I don’t actually know why and how. But what I’m sure about is that I saw their last #1 single, Shouganai Yume Oibito. I didn’t liked it at first because it wasn’t Buono!~ish or C-ute~ish. It sounded different. So I ignored them and went to my normal routine of C-ute (yes I got so addicted to C-ute after that). But then while searching some more videos of Shugo Chara on the internet. I luckily found one. And if I’m not mistaken. There was this person asking for some suggestions of anime like Shugo Chara. And someone replied to that person and suggested Kirarin Revolution. So I googled it (yes google is reliable) and found that the opening them was sung by another Hello! Project member, Koharu Kusumi. So I searched for  Koharu Kusumi. Then after that I learned she was a member of that group that I didn’t liked Morning Musume.

This I remember clearly. I searched Koharu Kusumi on youtube and the very first video that I saw from her is her performance of Hapi Hapi Sunday.

So I got interested with her, the I searched for Morning Musume again. I got lazy the moment I saw them because they were a lot. Though they were only 9 members at that time. It was still a lot for a group. So there were a lot of songs. And I mean a lot.

Though I mentioned that I didn’t liked the song before, after constant hearing and after downloading the song. I got hooked to it finally.

So that’s how I got in to Morning Musume. How I get to memorize them is also a mystery for me. The current line-up is no problem for me. But the whole Morning Musume. Yeah I know them all but I don’t quite remember How. What I’m sure about is only two members. Kago Ai and Tsuji Nozomi.

I learned about Kago Ai because there was this time were I thought that, “Do Hello! Project girls get in to scandals”. So I googled (yes ol’ reliable) Hello! Project Scandals, and the very first one that came out was Kago Ai’s smoking scandal back then. I was shocked when I read this especially the fact that Kago was about 16~17 when she did this. So I went to Kago’s Wiki page and saw that she’s a member of Morning Musume as well as Mini Moni and W. I don’t know which came first, if it’s Mini Moni or W. But I both loved those groups.

So now I remember how I learned all of the members of Morning Musume. It was their sub-groups and by singles. Since members constantly changed since the creation for every single except for Mikan until Kimagure Princess. I tried learning each members by the single. And if I’m not mistaken one of the first singles that I tried learning to was Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Bang~. In this single, I learned everything about Yoshizawa Hitomi….

Okay so after that I can’t remember anything on what singles I learned about the other members. I learned about Yaguchi Mari because H!O constantly post blog translations from her. Other members… hmm… okay no idea. But I think you get the whole point on my Hello! Project beginnings.

So I think that’s It. If you read this Thank You for patiently reading through all this.

Now wasn’t that a long story

and here’s one of my favorite Suzuki Airi pics. \m/

5 Hello! Project sub-groups that shaped Hello! Project

Aside from Morning Musume, C-ute, Berryz Kobo. There are sub-groups who are from the main groups. Usually, sub-groups are mixed from different groups. To tell if a group is a sub-group. There should be at least one member in the group that is from the main group.

Sub-group aren’t ordinary group. Sometimes, at one point in their existence they get more or less higher sales than the main groups. Sometimes, the sub-groups are the reason why fans keep on following Hello! Project. Sub-groups sometimes shaped Hello! Project in times of troubles

Here are the 5 groups the shaped Hello! Project

5. Buono! –  2007 to present. Total sales: 356,022

Maybe some of you would not agree with me. But you can’t argue with the fact that Buono! is one of the top acts of Hello! Project today. Despite Hello! Project’s decline in Japan’s Music scene. Buono! still manages to sell and outsell their main groups (Berryz Kobo and C-ute). They have released 10 singles, 3 albums, and 1 collaboration album. Every year, their sales grow. Though Shugo Chara has ended. Believe me this group won’t because it’s Hello! Project’s last salvation.

4. W  – 2004-2005. Total Sales: 314,222

If you’re a fan, you know this won’t be a shock. W is one of those special groups that H!P has made. It’s almost perfect only if those 2 didn’t do something to void their contracts. I’m sure they could have gone bigger. 6 singles and 2 albums all in a span of 1 year and 4 months. They had 2 concerts together with Berryz Kobo. Not convinced? Well let’s put it all this way. Aibon and Nonon are the best girl duo the world has ever seen.

3. Tanpopo – 1998-2009. Total Sales:1,907,383

Tanpopo was the very first Hello! Project sub-group. Reaching up to 3 generations (4 if you count the recent revival). Though the group ceased releasing a single after 2002. They still continued to perform up until last year. From 1999-2002, they released  8 singles. All but 2 reaching a total sales of 6 figures. And all song reaching the top 10 of the Oricon charts. They also had 2 albums both reaching the top 10 of the Oricons as well.

2. Petitmoni 1999-2003. Total Sales: 2,446,520

You can’t go wrong with this one. Petitmoni only had 4 singles. But all of them reached number 1 in the oricon charts except Piitari Shitai X’mas which came in close at 2. Now with their 4 singles and 1 album, they rank in 3rd in total sales beating out other groups who lasted longer and had more singles (e.g. v-u-den). Their highest grossing single in Chokotto Love which had a total sales of 1,123,610. Though the rest of the singles didn’t matched fairly with the first one. They all still manage to have a total sales and first week sales in 6 figures.

1. Minimoni 2001-2004. Total Sales: 2,409,640

I know. Petitmoni did better than this group; at least in the sales. But this group was way better. Lasting for 3 years, 12 singles, 2 albums, and 1 movie. They’re the only Hello! Project group who had a movie about them! The group is headlined by 2 of Hello! Projects top stars. Aibon and Nono. Add in Coconuts Musume’s star Mika Todd, Natural Idol Mari Yaguchi, and soon to be Hello! Project’s leader Takahashi Ai. The group had 2,409,640. All of their singles ranked in the Top 10 of the Oricon except for Mirakururun Grand Purin. The group at first was made solely for the younger market. But somehow, it managed to attract the older market instead. Maybe you’ll argue with me putting Mini Moni on top. But all I got to say is that, Minimoni was the reason why fans sticked to Hello! Project. Without them Hello! Project won’t be the same as it is today.

Thought’s about Buono!

A while ago, I decided on watching Buono!’s first concert; Hybrid Punch. While watching this (I’m still watching it actually) I remembered that Shugo Chara has ended and there’s a chance that Buono! may disband.

Reasons that it may disband is that, first; it’s only a sub-group.

Second; They’re no greater than Shugo Chara Egg or Guardians 4. They’re actually the same.

Third; much like groups that are made for anime. Most probably, the group will disband or put in hiatus (in H!P’s case there’s a minimal chance to revive a group when it’s put in Hiatus, check it’s history). Example are Milky Way, Athena and Robikerittsu (spelling check), and in some case Tsukishima Kirari aka Koharu Kusumi.

Now here are my reasons why Buono! won’t disband

Reasons that Buono! wont’ disband:

First; they lasted for more than a year for a sub-group that was made specifically for an anime (they’re about 2 and a half years now).

Second; even though Tsunku created two other sub-groups. He still gave way for Buono! Which means Buono! may mean a lot to Tsunku

Third; the reason why Buono! means a lot to Tsunku. Because for a sub-group that was made specifically for an anime to have sales reaching 15,000-42,000. Oh yeah that’s big.

Fourth and the last; Buono! has a total of 10 releases all ranking in the top 10 of the Oricon charts (hell they beated Berryz in this one). They had 3 studio albums. 1 Collaboration album. 2 Concert DVD’s, Hybrid Punch and We are Buono! which is soon to be release next month. 2 Fan Club DVD’s. 3 DVD Magazine. 1 Photo Document. And they have a total sales of 356,022 since their debut.

My conclusion is that Buono! won’t disband. Reason is all stated above. I think that Tsunku is only waiting for the contract in Pony Canyon to expire and they will be soon transfer to Piccolo Town (same as Berryz Kobo). And most H!P artist releases a new single at least after 4 months.

Shugo Chara! Clips ♪ Best Bonus DVD

A few days ago. We posted a performance from the Shugo Chara! Clips Best Bonus DVD. That was the release event of Guardians 4 single Going On! Release event. Now we will bring to you all of the performance from that release event.

Thanks to erina011 for uploading the video at youtube

To open the event, Shugo Chara Egg performed the opening for Shugo Chara Doki Dokki. Arigatou ~Ookiku Kansaha~ This is also the first DVD appearance of the new SCE and H!P Egg member Tanabe Nanami. She’s actually great for a young girl. She doesn’t have that annoying cute girl voice some had when they were young.

After introduction of the SCE. Guardians 4 came in and perform their first single Omakase Guardian. Though their voice is kinda weary. Still the girls gave in an energetic performance

Then Guardians 4 performed their second single School Days

After which they performed Omakase Guardian coupling track Summer has Come. Okay so at this point I really felt Rii has a cold or something. And the beginning reminds me of a previous G4 song.

Up next is my favorite G4 single. Party Time. I don’t have much to say about this. Papapa Papa Papia

Member Talk

After Which they performed  their new single

After the last performance SCE came back again and a special guest. Buono! was the special guest for the event. They performed again Arigatou ~Ookiku Kansha~.

So that’s it. How do you like the mini concert. Personally, I hope these 3 groups can perform in a major joint concert in the future well at least 2 even without Buono!

Rating: 4/5