Returning myself to the Hello! Project fandom!

Hey y’all. It’s been a while since I blogged about something. I actually tried a lot of time but I only end up not finishing those posts. But here’s a more serious one that I’m gonna post. Yes finally!

It’s been a while since I last got my head into any Hello! Project songs. Yes I am aware of the new releases and all but I never had and LSS on any Hello! Project song for quite some time now. Normally it’s been Big Bang, Taylor Swift, Camp Rock, Justin Beiber, and some old school OPM songs. But heck I still love Hello! Project the same way as before.

To start things of. Here’s one of my favorite Hello! Project groups Buono! with my favorite song from them, Kiss Kiss Kiss.

I still love this song no matter what. And Airi. Yes I never get tired loving her. She’s still my all time favorite. Like my Lebron James only on Hello! Project.

Speaking of Airi, have you seen her new Photobook. Well it’s just plain love. She looks so mature yet still a young lady.

Yes she’s sooo pretty I know. I love that red two piece on her (because red is my favorite color).

Okay so I found this two pics interesting. The top one is from the new photobook while the bottom one is from Ao Iro. I just find that the shirt they’re wearing are quite the same. Maybe different in color but it looks so so the same.

Yes I’m watching We are Buono! concert right now. Don’t be surprised. Yes I’ve been into Big Bang a lot since July but I never forgot them.

So as what I have heard. Momo and Eririn are going to release new photobooks soon. Eri’s PB entitled “Eririn” will be released on the 26th (next week). I think this is a must have photobooks for Eri’s fans since this is most likely her last one while still a member of Morning Musume.

Momo’s PB on the other hand will be release next month. It is entitled Momochi Zukan and it is due on October 20th. No previews has been released so far. But I gotta have my hands on this one since I’m a Momo fan.

Before I forget. Today is the 14th of September and it’s Morning Musume and Hello! Project’s one and only leader, Takahashi Ai’s birthday!

Happy 24th birthday Ai-chan.

So moving on. Two former Morning Musume members, namely Goto Maki and Aya Matsuura are going to released new albums soon. Aya Matsuura announced her album during  a recent Cotton Club concert. The album is set to release on 11/24

Goto Maki’s album has also been announced just recently. Though it has less details than the other one, everyone is still looking forward for it. The set release date is also on 11/24

Coincidence? Well this looks like a Morning Musume rivalry as I see it.

To make things a little weirder. Mano Erina’s 2nd Album still untitled is also set for release on the same date. 11/24

More Buono! coming.

Kataomoi is one of my favorite Buono! songs ever. It’s just so rockish and cool.

Oh yeah! S/mileage rank #9 on Music Station’s new artist that will breakout in the second half of the year. They were just beaten by artist such as Shoujou Jidai (SNSD) and Kara. Which are like Korean girl groups.

Well I guess that ends my Hello! Project fandom. Tune in tomorrow (or tonight whenever I feel like it) for my JPOP fandom to breakout.

2011 Hello! Project Calendars

Preview of Hello! Project’s 2011 Calendars has been released.

I find this one better than last year for a lot of reasons. First because S/mileage has been added. And second because of how Erina looks so hot on hers.

S/mileage and C-ute’s theme are similar while Berryz and Morning Musume are quite similar. I love C-ute and S/mileage better. I also like Mano Erina’s calendar a lot because of the theme

Mano Erina – Onegai Dakara PV

The not dance version of Mano Erina’s Onegai Dakara is here!

Like what I said from the teaser and the dance shot. I really really like this single. Both the PV and the song. Out of all the serious Mano Erina songs (I think there’s 3 in my book) this is the one that I enjoyed the most. Mano had a lot of cosplays such as the maid, cheerleader, tennis star, etc.

Mano Erina – Onegai Dakara Dance Shot PV

Finally, Mano Erina’s 7th single Onegai Dakara PV has been released. Well it’s the dance shot version. Better than nothing. The single will be released on the 19th so watch out for more.

I actually enjoyed this one. Though it’s still not the best H!P song ever. It’s still one of Mano Erina’s best in my opinion. And I’m not a very big Mano Erina fan. The only singles that I loved from her are Sekai wa Summer Party and Love&Peace=Paradise. The rest were pretty much boring for me, including the indies. Again no piano and no S/mileage in this single. New eggs were used. Mano Erina’s outfit in the PV is extremely hot. She’s as pretty as ever.

Well for those that aren’t much of Mano Erina fans, this should be a reason to at least like her a bit.

Mano Erina – Onegai Dakara 1:48 sec preview

You’ve seen the 30sec preview. Now we have the half of the video! I actually like this PV a lot than the other Mano Erina PV since it has more Mano cuteness and awesome outfits. It also shows behind the scenes in the PV itself which is just so fun. I think Eri and Gaki/Aika (not sure since bought has short hair) has a cameo appearance in this PV just watch out for it (or maybe their not them since it could be someone else). Yeah but really this PV is awesome. Mano Erina in a cheerleader outfit, maid outfit, and more! You can’t ask for more now can you

Kadokawa Shop has a 172.7 x 137.1cm poster of Ai and Mano

OMG! I want one of those! I mean 172.7 x 137.1cm that’s like as big as Umeda Erika!

Here are the links

Mano Erina – Onegai Dakara 30 sec CM preview

Yeah! Mano Erina’s 30 sec preview for her new single “Onegai Dakara” Is finally out and I ensure you, NO S/mileage members are dancing for her. Apparently they used some other eggs to dance backup just like Haru no Arashi. I think Saho Akari is one of them. Just check it out!

Mano Erina to perform at Anime Expo 2010

(this pic is soooo pretty)

From H!O Mano Erina to perform at Anime Expo 2010

Yes we really thought H!P won’t negotiate with Anime Expo again but NO!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about well take your time to read this for a while

Anime New Network

Project 760 Productions

Hello! Blog

Okay so now you understand why.

Well it doesn’t stop there since Mano Erina is going anyways. Let’s just hope that there aren’t any problems this time.

Happy Birthday Mano Erina!

Though she’s down in my rankings. She’s still in my top 10 when it comes to looks (maybe top 5?)

It’s Hello! Project’s only Soloist’s birthday today! Mano Erina! She’s now 19!

Otanjobi Omedetou Mano Erina!

Mano Erina – Onegai Dakara Radio Rip released!!

Mano Erina’s latest sinlge Onegai Dakara Radio Rip has been released

The single IMO is Mano Erina’s best since Sekai no Summer Party (never really like much of her). Her voice changed from that annoying one into a great one. I mean it’s a totally different Mano Erina here so this worth a listen.

Single will be released on 5/12 while Single V will be released on 5/19