f(x) greeting to Filipino fans!

After a greeting by their fellow SM Entertainment group SNSD to the Filipino fans. F(x) has also made another one for us. I know it’s not much. It’s more of f(x) promoting their mini album Nu ABO to the Philippines. But hey, this may be a hint of a coming tour here or something.

Watch the video below!

f(x) in SBS with Nu ABO + MV DL

Todaym f(x) had their fun performance in SBS with their performance of their comeback MV/single, Nu ABO. This group really never fails to impress me. Though I was not that impressed with Chocolate Love and Chu but they really are a great group. My fave is Amber and Krystal. xD I bet you guys also fave one or two from them. With Nu ABO, it really showed the kind of vibe or impression f(x) always had. With their own style and the lovely but hot Amber (I’m bias I’m sorry..), they never fail to leave an impression of “This is f(x)!” in every song and MV they release. One thing in their dance routine that I really loved so much. It was when they look like they were putting on powder then finishing up with a hip sway (?). I also love where they say, “na na na na na na….” But anyway, enough talk right? Let’s get into the show. 😀

I also included a download for the MV (mp3 will follow):



F(x)’s comeback on Music Core

f(x) makes a comeback on Music Bank with NU ABO

Okay so this week. It’s nothing but F(x). Well they’re something to talk about. After releasing the MV and the mini album a few days ago. F(x) has finally made their comeback with their new track NU ABO. Though I don’t hear a lot of news about it sky rocketing to the top spot unlike SNSD and Kara. But I love this song. This is like their fastest song that I got hooked to. La Chata took me about a month while Chu~ took me about 3 weeks to like. But I love this as the second listening.

Live was awesome! Amber was so cool. Krystal is like something you’ve never seen before. Sulli’s outfits is awesome. Luna’s vocals. Victoria’s dance. Come on this is awesome. Believe you’ll like this

f(x) NU ABO MV released!

f(x)’s MV for their comeback single NU ABO has been finally released.

The MV as thought is awesome. And the more you listen to this song, the more you get hooked to it. I love how they made the transition from cute to ladies. I love the outfits especially Sulli’s and Krystal’s (my favorite members). Amber looks a little bit more like a girl this time though. Sulli has two hairstyles in the video. Now I’m confused.

Anyways, here the MV for F(x)’s comeback single Nu ABO

f(x)’s comeback track NU ABO revealed!

Finally! After a long break from the Korean Music Scene. F(x) is finally back with a new title track entitled ‘NU ABO’. The song is very much different from previous tracks Chu~ and La Chata. It’s too soon for me to tell how much I like this song since f(x) songs takes time for me to like (yeah that includes the first two singles and Chocolate Love). Amber also has a considerable amount of lines in this one unlike the Chu~which she only got a rap line and La Chata which she barely even had a line.

f(x) releases NU ABO Teaser MV

The much awaited comeback of f(x) is just around the corner. Their new single titled NU yeppioh (ABO) which sounds kinda strange (unless you’ve seen something similar like NewS Koi no ABO) brings a whole new concept in f(x). NU which is pronounced as new and yeppioh (ABO) indicating their blood types. If you combine them together it would go something like emergence of new blood.

Well, the MV is actually good. Reminds me of La Chata. Though the teaser is not much. We could be expecting the whole MV in a week