MBLAQ’s 2nd Teaser for 2nd Mini Album and NEW SINGLE, “Y”!

Okay, when I first watched the 1st teaser, I was not contented on what was in the video. But seeing this second teaser… I was not a bit impressed. I still like Oh! Yeah more but we never know. This is just a teaser and maybe I’ll like it more when the full MV comes out. Oh yeah, here.. I was a bit surprised with Thunder. I was like..” damn! Hotter than Joon!” (Joon fans, don’t kill me. I don’t have a specific fave in MBLAQ since I’m already Rains’ but I prefer one or two members in each MV’s. Like in Oh Yeah, I liked Joon and GO. Here, I’m for Thunder. xD Though it might change when the full MV comes out but for now, Thunder is the man here in their new single, Y.

Yes, MBLAQ’s new single is titled, “Y”. Nothing more, nothing less. Just the letter Y. Judging from the teaser, it would be a good release but I think it wouldn’t top off their “oppa”. I think Love Song has more of an impact than MBLAQ’s new single but what the heck, I don’t want to sound so bias so I will wait for their full MV. And Rain’s songs are different from theirs so I shouldn’t compare. 🙂

Enjoy the 1st and 2nd teaser! 😀

MBLAQ’s 2nd Single MV Teaser

Finally! MBLAQ is up and coming with their 2nd single and would be out at the 18th! XD It has Rain’s influence with all the fighting, shirtless and even black! Yes, black. ^-^

Well, here is the teaser~

f(x) releases NU ABO Teaser MV

The much awaited comeback of f(x) is just around the corner. Their new single titled NU yeppioh (ABO) which sounds kinda strange (unless you’ve seen something similar like NewS Koi no ABO) brings a whole new concept in f(x). NU which is pronounced as new and yeppioh (ABO) indicating their blood types. If you combine them together it would go something like emergence of new blood.

Well, the MV is actually good. Reminds me of La Chata. Though the teaser is not much. We could be expecting the whole MV in a week

Kara’s Teaser for We’re With You released!

Saying goodbye with Lupin a few days ago. The girls are already preparing for their comeback. The girls will sing a song for Korea’s team in the World Cup that will be held on June. The title of the track would be We’re With You and it is said that the girls will put the dark concept on hiatus and bring back the cute concept back for this one!

Check the teaser out!

Love Song MV Teaser – Rain

For Rain’s comeback, the MV teaser just came out. 😀

I can’t wait for the release. XD

After School released MV Teaser for Bang!

After introducing new member Lizzy last week. After School releases their MV teaser for their newest single Bang!

Staying away from the trend. The girls will be back with a brand new concept. Marching Bands!

Stay tuned as the group releases the song on the 25th!