Music Core and Inkigayo postponed this week!

Well it seems that no Live Music Shows would be aired this week because it was reported that Music Core and Inkigayo are now canceled together with Music Bank and M!NET Countdown.

It is quite unfortunate because it would be MC’s Tiffany and Yuri’s first anniversary as MC for Music Core after taking over the spot from Big Bang’s Seungri, Daesung, and Solbi.

On the other hand,

In an official press release, SBS stated, “In view of public sentiment following the sinking of the Cheonan naval ship, we have decided to cancel all scheduled entertainment programming for this weekend.”

Affected programs include Smile on April 3rd, 1000 Songs Challenge, Inkigayo, Family Outing 2, Gold Miss on April 4th.

So that means we need to wait another week to see our favorite performances again.

Well this would be like a good way to abstain especially now that it’s Holy Week. Let us join in our prayers the families of those people who has been affected by the Naval Tragedy in South Korea.

SNSD Releases Run Devil Run Story Version MV

SM etertainement decide to releases the story version of SNSD’s Run Devil Run MV today. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for it earlier today, then you won’t find it since it was released exclusively for the Iphone.

Well don’t worry cause here we have it for you.

Disappointed? Well I was.

I was disappointed because it didn’t have a great change from the original PV. They just added a few scenes with the Cheerleading girls and the hot and sexy girls. All the PV did was to make us understand why there’s the black soshi and the ending of the PV for Oh!

To me it’s only like an extended version of Run Devil Run.

Well the song is still awesome. The PV only made a little impact with the song. So for me it’s still the same.

Music Bank, M!Countdown, and World Cup Big Concert canceled

Yes! You’re favorite music shows and a concert was canceled this week because of the same reason as Inkigao was canceled last week.

If you still don’t know the reason. It’s because of a sinking of a South Korean Naval Ship last weekend leaving 46 people still out of the open water. With respect to the families of the victims, such shows are to be canceled.

News on whether Music Core and Inkigayo hasn’t been released as of the moment. So stay tuned!

On the other hand we have a surprise for you… (On the next post)

Long Song MV Teaser 2 – Rain

The release of Rain’s new album, Back to the Basic, on April 1st. Here is another MV teaser of Rain’s upcoming new MV, Love Song.

o_o nooo, they k-i-s-s-e-d….

But anyway, Rain looks good. 😀

Oh yeah, I dunno if anyone shared this yet but here is Rain dancing MBLAQ’s Oh Yeah.

Oricon Weekly Singles Chart (March 29, 2010)

Here’s the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart for this week.

01 Akkanbe Hashi – Watari Roka Hashiri Tai

02 Arashi – Troublemaker

03 Ikeda Aya, Kudo Mayu – Alright! HEARTCATCH PRECURE!

04 Yusuke – Lion

05 Minami Akina No Super Mild Seven / Pabo – Shiawase Ni Narou / Koi

06 NoB (Project.R) – Tensou Sentai Goseiger

07 The Bawdies – Hot Dog

08 Ikimonogakari – Nostalgia

09 Fuyumi Sakamoto – Mata Kimi Ni Koi Shiteru

10 Hanako Oku – Hatsukoi

JKMUSICPH Weekly Top 10 new Guidelines + reminders


I think it’s unfair if a song gets like 10 straight weeks in the top spot in our weekly top 10. So we’re implementing a expiration on songs.

Each songs are limited to at least 5 weeks in the top spot. Only 5 weeks. By then, the song would be remove on the top spot and will be crowned as a JKMUSICPH Titanium Awardee.

For example, If it happens that Otakebi Boy Wao will win this week in our Top 10. Then they will be the undisputed JKMUSICPH Titanium Awardee and shall then be removed from the top 10!

Understood? So votings are now up. Vote for your favorite song this week!

Another reminder

It’s the last 3 days from the Monthly Countdown. Vote for your Favorite Morning Musume single. You only have 3 days left and the race keeps getting closer and closer. Vote now!

Hello!Project 2010 Winter Kachou Fuugetsu -Shuffle Date!!-

We have waited for so long to watch the Winter Concert of our ‘idols’ in Hello! Project and now I have good news. 😀

Our wait and patience has not gone to waste and our prize:

Watch H!P 2010 Winter Concert -Shuffle Date-

All I could say – even though I haven’t finished watching the concert – is that I like their shuffle groups especially High-King. ❤

When they have shuffle groups, it gives the others chance to shine in a song or in a group. Though some groups still have some spotlight on one or two people, shuffle groups are good. 😀

Now, let me share one video with our lovely Ai, Eri & (Captain) Saki.

Even though Captain has little lines here, she plays a major role in doing those sound effects and those (lovely) second voices.

And look how wonderful these three are with each other. Just wonderful.