A Super C-ute Medley

Good Evening. Sorry for not posting in the past few days. Anyway, I found a super C-ute medley on youtube a while ago. It’s 13 minute of different C-ute songs. I believe no song has been repeated. It’s like their best of through the years. I don’t know. Anyway Enjoy C-ute

Airi is so adorable!


Today is February 5 and it is also C-ute’s Nakajima Saki’s 17th Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAKKY!

C-ute 15th single Kiss me Aishiteru MV

C-ute’s 15th single MV entitled Kiss me Aishiteru was released just recently on C-ute official youtube channel.

The single will be released on the 23rd of February.

Another cute C-ute MV I guess. C-ute is growing up I guess. Going with the sexy outfit than the cute ones make them older than we know. Chisa has been garnering a lot of attention lately and in this MV you could clearly see how Up-Front and H!P rewarded Chisa with it. A lot of lines for lovely Chisato. It seems like she’s in the level of Airi and Maimi now. Not singing “backup” anymore. Hope to see H!P pushing Chisato more in the future

Yume Miru 15sai Okai Chisato dance version

A few hours ago, another Okai Chisato dance video was uploaded on C-ute’s official youtube channel. However this time the video isn’t a C-ute song but a S/mileage song. A dance version of Yume Miru 15sai none other than C-ute’s Okai Chisato is awesome. It’s really cute how she choose this song over all the Hello! Project songs out there. I’m really looking forward to see another one soon.


Why I Listen to Hello! Project…

I just thought of posting this. I remember why I started listening to H!P (and sometimes Kpop). Well H!P can ease all of the sadness that you have in you. Maybe that’s the whole reason why I listen to it. Whenever I listen to C-ute or Buono! I feel a lot better.

For example

Yes, I’m currently watching Rock ‘n Buono! 3 for the 3rd time. I’m actually like broken right now but watching this concert makes me feel better. Seeing Miyabi, Momo, and especially Airi makes me a lot better.

You know what? This photo of Airi, Mai, and Chisa made my day yesterday. The moment I got to see this picture, it made me a lot better. It took all of that sadness away.

Here’s another song that makes me feel good.

I feel so broken today. But Hello! Project took all of that away.



Sorry about the poll. I’ll put it on immediately after this post.

Thanks for still reading this blog and for those comments on posts that were posted like a few months ago. Thanks a lot!

I missed fanboying and stuffs

Is there such a word as fanboying?

Anyway I’m not really that gone okay. It’s more of a hiatus. However, I haven’t missed a single thing in jpop or kpop at all. So

this made my day. It’s like the best Chisa/Airi/Mai MC segment ever. I didn’t expect hearing Genkimono de Ikou but I did I DID! For the loving hell of every unexpected things in the world.

anyways if you are wondering what event is that, it’s C-ute’s Cute no Hi 2010. Yes tomorrow is the release date but apparently someone has uploaded it on youtube now. I’m so so glad

Okay so updates updates updates…

By the weekend I’m gonna post the year end poll which will run until the end of the year. So better watch out for that. This is gonna be different.

JKMUSICPH is supposedly on renovation but It kinda got canceled for some reasons.

Yes I wanna be as active as before but school is so getting to my nerves that I can’t even set my time for other things.

anyways for those 100 people still reading this blog. Thank You so much. It gives me the inspiration to not shut down this blog at all

C-ute Aitai Lonely Christmas Full PV!

First of all, I want to apologize for the lack of updates this site has been for the past few months. The only consistent thing that has been posted here is the Oricon weekly singles charts.

Anyway, moving on. C-ute has released the PV for their 14th single “Aitai Lonely Christmas”. Release date is due on 12/01

First, I want to commend Tsunku for evenly distributing the lines to C-ute’s past singles. Next I want to comment how Mai has grown up and really I believe her voice got a lot better in one year. The PV reminde me of a certain Morning Musume PV from the past that has some H!P kids. I really like the song, it switches to something more emotional and different than the past singles.

All in all, Kudos to Tsunku and C-ute for a wonderful song and PV. Hope this sells well.

Oh yeah and I just want to add this dance video of Chisato. She has become a youtube idol!

2011 Hello! Project Calendars

Preview of Hello! Project’s 2011 Calendars has been released.

I find this one better than last year for a lot of reasons. First because S/mileage has been added. And second because of how Erina looks so hot on hers.

S/mileage and C-ute’s theme are similar while Berryz and Morning Musume are quite similar. I love C-ute and S/mileage better. I also like Mano Erina’s calendar a lot because of the theme

C-ute Dance de Bakoon! PV Review!

This is a pure review of C-ute’s 13th single Dance de Bakoon. I know most of you have already seen the PV from H!O or Tokyohive but here’s my reaction.

The song is another beautiful one from C-ute. It’s very much addicting like the previous single. I love how the lines are evenly distribute. I feel now that Tsunku has answered are prayers in dividing the lines.

Now on to the PV. The PV isn’t much better than the previous one. It’s all made under the green screen if you look at it leaving the girls and the microphone the only real thing. The outfits are okay for me. But I still like the dark ones more than the white dresses.

Well anyways see it for yourself and you be the judge. Here’s C-ute’s 13th single PV “Dance de Bakoon”

Monthly Poll Results: First Half song of the Year!

Okay so I apologize for taking this a week to be published. Anyway, the winner for the FIRST HALF SONG OF THE YEAR is none other than…

Yes it’s none other than, Girls’ Generation with their ultra hit single Oh!.

SNSD’s Oh! won 35% of your votes.

1st runner up is the first ever JKMUSICPH Platinum award winner which is none other than Berryz Kobo’s Otakebi Boy Wao! who won 23% of your votes

While not far behind them is C-ute’s 12th single “Campus Life ~Umarete kite Yokatta~” which is only 2 votes behind Berryz

C-ute’s c/w “Tachiagare Otometachi” Follows with 8% of your votes and

Berryz Kobo’s “Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda” with 4%

Tied at the last spot is Kara’s Lupin, Morning Musume’s Seishun Collection, and SS501’s Love Ya with 3% of your votes.

On the other hand, Rain’s Love Song wins the no love award despite winning the Weekly Top 10 at least twice this first half of the year.

Yes! JKMUSICPH is back! more updates will follow soon!