Big Bang unleashes ‘Blue’

Big Bang has now unleashed the MV for their upcoming single ‘Blue’ off their 5th Album. As always, Big Bang never fail to surprise us. After weeks of teaser I can’t believe I’m saying this but they’re finally here. It was almost a year since they last released a single and now they’re back. The song is typical of Big Bang but that’s what I like most about it.

Big Bang will release the album by the end of the month and that would probably mean a comeback. I can’t wait to see them back every week.


JKMUSICPH will be back

Despite heavy circumstances, JKMUSICPH will be back and will be better than ever. We will bring you reviews, updates, news, and comments from your favorite JPOP and KPOP artists like never before. Tune in as we revive this blogsite with an all new team of writers, bloggers, contributors, and such.



2NE1 Cover contest

So in case you guys didn’t hear about it, 2NE1 and YG are holding a 2NE1 cover contest wherein you get a chance to watch up live 2NE1’s first concert in Korea. The mechanics are as simple as getting you or with your buddies to make a cover of 2NE1’s new song “Lonely”

The prizes are as follows:

Winner (A winner or winning Team): For attending 2NE1′s summer concert (airline tickets, accommodations, and concert ticket)+ YG Building tour.
Runner-Up (A winner or winning Team): 2NE1 signed CD + goods + 2NE1 signed Polaroid
2nd runner-up (5 winners or 5 winning Teams): 2NE1 signed CD
ALL cover videos of winners will have the honor to be on 2NE1′s official Youtube channel!

Awesome isn’t it? Come on who doesn’t want to win this fuckin thing? I mean you get a chance to see 2NE1 with full accomodations hotel, airfare, everything! PLUS you get to tour the YG building! FTW You get to see some of the famous YG artist such as Se7en, 2NE1, Gummy, and of course BIG BANG (FUCK SHIT BIG BANG!!!!!!)

So I haven’t made my entry yet. However, my friend did. Please support his cover of 2ne1’s lonely. It’s an awesome one I tell you

Oricon Weekly Singles Chart (Week 19)

Here’s the Oricon Weekly Singles Chart for this week.

01 PASSPO – Shojo Hiko

02 MBLAQ – Your Luv

03 The Alfee– Let It Go

04 Jang Geun Seok – Let Me Cry

05 Girls’ Generation – Mr. Taxi

06 The Fevers Daiku No Ben-San

07 Hirai Ken – Itoshiki Hibi Yo

08 Kanjani8 – Yellow Pansy Street

09 Yuya Matsushita – Naturally

10 Kobukuro – Ano Taiyou Ga, Kono Sekai Wo Terashitsudukeru You Ni

Source: Oricon

Let us pray for Japan

Sorry this is late.

That is because I’ve been following the news about the quake and tsunami in Japan since late this afternoon. It’s very sad in my part since Japan is already a part of my heart.

So around 2:45 this afternoon. A magnitude 8.9 earthquake hit Japan’s north east coast followed by 50 aftershock and a gigantic 23 foot tsunami. It’s really devastating to hear this apocalyptic time of natural disaster hitting Japan. An estimated 200-300 bodies were found in Sendai city which was the closest epicenter to the earthquake.

I’m hoping everyone to pray for the casualties and the survivors of the earthquake. I can’t bare to see Japan like this. And I think it’s gonna take some time before they recover from the massive damage the earthquake and tsunami did to Japan.

I just thank God that it didn’t hit our country that bad. God has all the answer why this has happened. I hope that every country in the world will pray together that this disaster won’t struck again.

Let this serve as a warning from God that we need to change. Let’s not look at this as something that triggers the beginning of the end. I know that this isn’t and I pray to God that it won’t

Everyone who follows this site. I hope you pray for the good of everyone. Thanks


Today marks the first anniversary of this blog! CONGRATULATIONS! TO EVERYONE. I’m sorry for the lack of posts in the recent months but as you might have noticed we’ve been trying our best to keep this blogsite alive.

One year flies by so fast. A lot of things happened in the JPOP and KPOP industry. We’ve seen KPOP dominated asia in the middle of the year. We noticed a sad graduation from 3 Morning Musume favorites at the end of the year. To be honest, I haven’t really got in to JPOP a lot since I started going to college. I mean I only know like one person in my life who also listen to JPOP. I feel sad for not loving JPOP as much as I did before. KPOP isn’t that much of a problem to me since  a lot of people in the Philippines listen to KPOP as well. However, I find other people who listen to KPOP posers for some reason.

I remember back then when this blogsite just started. We have like tons of post in just a single day. A year is so short isn’t it. Well Just wanna say Thanks a lot again to those who continues to read this blog. I LOVE YOU

Here’s a dose of S/mileage for your viewing pleasure as well as Seungri for all those fangirls out there.

Arashi Lotus Preview

After a strong 2010, Arashi will be releasing their first single for 2011 entitled “Lotus” on the 23rd of February.

The song is being used as Masaki Aiba’s drama Bartender.