I missed fanboying and stuffs

Is there such a word as fanboying?

Anyway I’m not really that gone okay. It’s more of a hiatus. However, I haven’t missed a single thing in jpop or kpop at all. So

this made my day. It’s like the best Chisa/Airi/Mai MC segment ever. I didn’t expect hearing Genkimono de Ikou but I did I DID! For the loving hell of every unexpected things in the world.

anyways if you are wondering what event is that, it’s C-ute’s Cute no Hi 2010. Yes tomorrow is the release date but apparently someone has uploaded it on youtube now. I’m so so glad

Okay so updates updates updates…

By the weekend I’m gonna post the year end poll which will run until the end of the year. So better watch out for that. This is gonna be different.

JKMUSICPH is supposedly on renovation but It kinda got canceled for some reasons.

Yes I wanna be as active as before but school is so getting to my nerves that I can’t even set my time for other things.

anyways for those 100 people still reading this blog. Thank You so much. It gives me the inspiration to not shut down this blog at all

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