Top KPOP Songs of 2010

So as the new year begins, here is my top 16KPOP songs for the year of 2010. 

1. Hello Shinee

2. Beautiful Beast

3. I’ll be There Taeyang

4. High High GD and Top

5. Good Day IU

6. Lucifer Shinee

7. I need a girl Taeyang

8. Go Away 2NE1

9. Hoot SNSD

10. No Other Super Junior

11. I did Wrong 2AM

12. Lupin Kara

13. Oh SNSD

14. Run Devil Run SNSD

15. Just a Feeling Taeyang

16. Love Ya SS501

As you could see, Shinee is at the top of my 2010 rankings for favorite song. Actually they were also my favorite group for 2010. So you might wonder why Hello is over every other songs that sold better than the repackaged album. Well first the song is something that you won’t get tired of listening to. I remember having this song on my Ipod since October and I didn’t grew tired of this song until now. Second is that it’s vintage Shinee. Yes, Shinee isn’t that old to be called vintage. But in their last two singles before Hello (Lucifer and Ring Ding Dong) they used a much darker theme than the old ones. Another thing that made me like Hello was the vocals. I mean this one shows how they’re really a great group. Jonghyun’s vocal range is so high.

Here is their first performance of the song  live at Music Bank.

So beautiful is at 2. Why? Because the song is so addicting. Well I kinda got over with Beautiful for about a few days now (because of IU’s Good day). However, the song is still fun. What not to like about this. It’s so different than Beast’s old song. They look much cute here.

Taeyang’s I’ll be There ranks at 3. Okay to be honest 1-3 doesn’t have that much difference at all. I love those 3 songs equally I guess. Well anyways Taeyang’s I’ll be There is a superb song for a lot of reasons. One thing I found is the emotion of the song. Yes like most of Taeyang’s song it’s about a particular girl that he loves. The choreography is another awesome thing about this. The song have a very very difficult choreography as I could see. Despite all of that, Taeyang can still hit those high notes.

So from 4-16 they’re actually random. They can vary depending on my mood. However, they’re still the songs that I really really liked for the whole 2010. If you have objections with that then I suggest you go to another blog site.


Monthly Poll Results: First Half song of the Year!

Okay so I apologize for taking this a week to be published. Anyway, the winner for the FIRST HALF SONG OF THE YEAR is none other than…

Yes it’s none other than, Girls’ Generation with their ultra hit single Oh!.

SNSD’s Oh! won 35% of your votes.

1st runner up is the first ever JKMUSICPH Platinum award winner which is none other than Berryz Kobo’s Otakebi Boy Wao! who won 23% of your votes

While not far behind them is C-ute’s 12th single “Campus Life ~Umarete kite Yokatta~” which is only 2 votes behind Berryz

C-ute’s c/w “Tachiagare Otometachi” Follows with 8% of your votes and

Berryz Kobo’s “Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda” with 4%

Tied at the last spot is Kara’s Lupin, Morning Musume’s Seishun Collection, and SS501’s Love Ya with 3% of your votes.

On the other hand, Rain’s Love Song wins the no love award despite winning the Weekly Top 10 at least twice this first half of the year.

Yes! JKMUSICPH is back! more updates will follow soon!

Morning Musume wins first JKMUSICPH Top 10 with new single Seishun Collection

With C-ute’s Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ out of the top 10 after winning the Titanium award. Morning Musume’s new single Seishun Collection takes over. Seishun Collection wins 30% of your votes this week to make it number 1 on our weekly top 10. Seishun Collection also earned the first spot on the oricon charts on the day the song was released.

Not far behind is this week’s Music Bank K-Chart winner SS501 with their comeback track Love Ya winning 17% of your votes

Kim Hyun Joong will also be in the Philippines for B2ST’s concert next week.

Run Devil Run and Yume Miru 15sai are tied on the 3rd place. While C-ute’s Tachiagare Otometachi went down 2 places to number 4.

KPOP owns the 5th place with Sistar, Wonder Girls, CNBLUE along with AKB48.

SS501 wins first Music Bank K-Chart with Love Ya!

After making their comeback just last week. The 5 boys from SS501 wins their first K-chart with their comeback single “Love Ya”

The performance was much awesome last week isn’t it?

SS501: Love Ya MV (English Sub)

I actually haven’t finished watching this since my internet is very slow. But I like the song very much. 😀 I hope you guys will too.

SS501’s Destination mini album released online!

Due to the song being leaked in various sites, DSP has decided to release SS501’s new mini album Destination online.

I have positive outlook in this mini album. I really like all the songs especially their comeback single Love Ya and Let me be the one.

And here’s the MV teaser for their comeback song Love Ya

The video can’t say much yet, but this makes me eager for SS501’s comeback which by the way will be on June 4th on KBS MUSIC BANK. The MV reminded me of Arashi’s Truth because they have an orchestra in the background.

Remember to support them by buying their single!