C-ute Aitai Lonely Christmas Full PV!

First of all, I want to apologize for the lack of updates this site has been for the past few months. The only consistent thing that has been posted here is the Oricon weekly singles charts.

Anyway, moving on. C-ute has released the PV for their 14th single “Aitai Lonely Christmas”. Release date is due on 12/01

First, I want to commend Tsunku for evenly distributing the lines to C-ute’s past singles. Next I want to comment how Mai has grown up and really I believe her voice got a lot better in one year. The PV reminde me of a certain Morning Musume PV from the past that has some H!P kids. I really like the song, it switches to something more emotional and different than the past singles.

All in all, Kudos to Tsunku and C-ute for a wonderful song and PV. Hope this sells well.

Oh yeah and I just want to add this dance video of Chisato. She has become a youtube idol!

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