Why I Listen to Hello! Project…

I just thought of posting this. I remember why I started listening to H!P (and sometimes Kpop). Well H!P can ease all of the sadness that you have in you. Maybe that’s the whole reason why I listen to it. Whenever I listen to C-ute or Buono! I feel a lot better.

For example

Yes, I’m currently watching Rock ‘n Buono! 3 for the 3rd time. I’m actually like broken right now but watching this concert makes me feel better. Seeing Miyabi, Momo, and especially Airi makes me a lot better.

You know what? This photo of Airi, Mai, and Chisa made my day yesterday. The moment I got to see this picture, it made me a lot better. It took all of that sadness away.

Here’s another song that makes me feel good.

I feel so broken today. But Hello! Project took all of that away.



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Thanks for still reading this blog and for those comments on posts that were posted like a few months ago. Thanks a lot!