C-ute 15th single Kiss me Aishiteru MV

C-ute’s 15th single MV entitled Kiss me Aishiteru was released just recently on C-ute official youtube channel.

The single will be released on the 23rd of February.

Another cute C-ute MV I guess. C-ute is growing up I guess. Going with the sexy outfit than the cute ones make them older than we know. Chisa has been garnering a lot of attention lately and in this MV you could clearly see how Up-Front and H!P rewarded Chisa with it. A lot of lines for lovely Chisato. It seems like she’s in the level of Airi and Maimi now. Not singing “backup” anymore. Hope to see H!P pushing Chisato more in the future

C-ute Aitai Lonely Christmas Full PV!

First of all, I want to apologize for the lack of updates this site has been for the past few months. The only consistent thing that has been posted here is the Oricon weekly singles charts.

Anyway, moving on. C-ute has released the PV for their 14th single “Aitai Lonely Christmas”. Release date is due on 12/01

First, I want to commend Tsunku for evenly distributing the lines to C-ute’s past singles. Next I want to comment how Mai has grown up and really I believe her voice got a lot better in one year. The PV reminde me of a certain Morning Musume PV from the past that has some H!P kids. I really like the song, it switches to something more emotional and different than the past singles.

All in all, Kudos to Tsunku and C-ute for a wonderful song and PV. Hope this sells well.

Oh yeah and I just want to add this dance video of Chisato. She has become a youtube idol!


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AKB48’s 18th Single – “BEGINNER” Type A & B

As we all know (and if anyone doesn’t), Beginner has two versions of PV (not dance version). The ORIGINAL version is the said violent and is not appropriate for children to watch and so they made another one. Though that version of PV has not been released yet, there is someone kind enough to share the original (uncensored) version to us because it could only be seen and downloaded from an only JP cellphone download site. Here is an LQ upload but it’s better than nothing.


The contents of the PV is not suitable for young audiences. Only 16+ please. 😀 (As if you guys would take the warning right? XD )


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Berryz Koubou 24th Single “SHINING POWER” PV (MQ)

After sleeping and not opening my aunt’s laptop that I borrowed, FINALLY! Great news has come! 😀 Berryz Koubou’s newest single, their 24th single, “Shining Power” Promotional Video was released 19hours ago at the UpFrontChannel (Youtube) which s around 6pm yesterday. I find it weird and odd because I was up around until 7pm online and I didn’t see the upload and around 6:30, I edited my post about not being able to see the video in Youtube because the PV was released in a JP cellphone only site. As you can see if you look at the video from youtube, only around 306 had viewed the PV. That means they uploaded it earlier and just made it public in a later time. That’s it. Lol. Anyway, here is the PV. 😀

Here is my comment in the thread @ H!O

But hey! I like the PV so far. ❤ The dance is not as tiring and complicated as their dances before (before Maji Bomba) but this choreography is wonderful and powerful.Especially when you look at Captain dancing, she gives out powerful moves but also graceful that makes Captain dazzling.(or is it the other way around? Because of Captain’s skill and graceful dance makes the moves look dazzling?)I’m just saying my own observation. I’m not being bias here (even though I’m Captain’s fan).


What’s wrong with the PV? I don’t get it? Most people on H!O don’t like it. I like it and it didn’t make Berryz look bad. It even accomplished its goal on making Berryz look good, etc. It looks simple, yes, so what? Simplicity often wins competitions man. What I mean is, simple PV is also good. The thing here is to see the members look good not the setting or what the background is. For me the PV is already good.


Preview of the PV from Tobikkiri! Shizuoka show (credits to wxyrb)



(Credits to UPFRONTCHANNEL – Youtube)

>>Download PV @ CaptainSaki<<

S/mileage – Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Biji Mama PV released!

S/mileage’s 3rd single PV has been released today on TV Asahi’s website.

As expected from the previews and CM. This one is another great PV from S/mileage. They all look so cute. It  has 2 dance shots and 2 close up. I really enjoyed watching it especially the close up parts as a group where you could see them having fun. Although, adding Tsuji in the PV makes it extra cute and better. She doesn’t really have that huge significant role in the PV. It’s more like her role can be played by anyone. Well at least she looks cute

See the PV below

C-ute Dance de Bakoon! PV Review!

This is a pure review of C-ute’s 13th single Dance de Bakoon. I know most of you have already seen the PV from H!O or Tokyohive but here’s my reaction.

The song is another beautiful one from C-ute. It’s very much addicting like the previous single. I love how the lines are evenly distribute. I feel now that Tsunku has answered are prayers in dividing the lines.

Now on to the PV. The PV isn’t much better than the previous one. It’s all made under the green screen if you look at it leaving the girls and the microphone the only real thing. The outfits are okay for me. But I still like the dark ones more than the white dresses.

Well anyways see it for yourself and you be the judge. Here’s C-ute’s 13th single PV “Dance de Bakoon”

Berryz Kobo – Maji Bomber Full PV!

FINALLY It’s out! Berryz Kobo’s PV for their newest single “Maji Bomber” has been released.

I freakin love it! Yes another great Berryz Kobo single like the previous one. It’s rockish, it’s Buonoish, it’s great. So far this year no H!P has disappointed me. But this sky rocketed to my personal H!P Top songs for the year. The dance in the chorus is kinda weird though. And you gotta love those outfits (but doesn’t it seem like Miya is always wearing the England flag in her body too much?). The camera angles are awesome as well. I like how the camera turns 360 degrees around the girls. You also have to love the girls with the guitars. That is so awesome!!

Captain and Momo are the two that stands out the most to me, well everyone looks extremely perfect as well, but the two stands out to me the most. Captain is extraordinarily beautiful in this one which makes me want to see her have her own PB. Momo on the other hand if you noticed, she has the less makeup especially eyeliners (or is it that Momo’s eyes are just small that it’s barely noticable).

Okay so right around the middle of the song, I felt like this song is Originally for Buono! because of the hop step jump part and that it’s rockish and also Miya’s outfit which has a strong strong resemblance of Buono!

The only downfall for me is Chinami who’s vocals isn’t very much powerful for a rock song such as this one. But she still looks extremely rockish and of course pretty

Anyways, here’s Berryz Kobo’s PV for their 23rd single “Maji Bomber”

S/mileage- Ganbaranakutemo Ee Nended Short PV!

So yes now we have a short preview of S/mileage’s upcoming single “Ganbarankutemo Ee Nende” PV.

The PV IMO is cute, fun, and a little bit weird. Those mustaches are giving me a negative reaction for some reason. Anyway, it’s still fun to watch even though it’s about a minute and a half long. They really actually remind me of Tanpopo now. (Yeah and Kago was also a member of that before).

Well just watch the PV for the moment

Morning Musume – Genki Pikka Pikka PV Released!

Morning Musume’s Original PV for their song Genki Pikka Pikka has been released.

This is one of the rare PV’s which features all of the girls in bikini’s (I think it’s the first for them, AKB has done it before right?).

This will be included in the girls upcoming Alo Hello 4 DVD which makes it more interesting to buy.

Overall, the PV is enjoyable. It’s so much fun seeing the girls having fun while doing this (and in bikini). Risa on the other hand has a blooper (find it for yourself). I hope this boost the sales of the Alo Hello 4 DVD