Versions: Chokotto Love – Petitmoni/Pucchimoni

This is a new segment in our blog. Called Versions. We will show you different performances of one song by different artists. It’s not a weekly regular. I’ll try to post a versions every week if I can. But it’s kinda hard since if I do that I’ll ran out of versions in just a matter of time

Chokotto Love by Petitmoni is one of the most re-used song in H!P. It has been performed a lot of times in concerts

Here’s the PV

Here’s the original Petitmoni(1st gen) performing it live on Music Station Live

The latest version of it is by Petitmoni V on Hello! Project’s Winter concert ~Shuffel Date~

Oh and have you noticed Petitmoni V’s line up is similar to the original Petitmoni. 2 from a main group while one is a soloist (though in Goto Maki’s case, she’s a soloist as well as in a main group).

This is one of my favorite performances of this song. Performed by Kago Ai, Tokunaga Chinami, Yaguchi Mari, Miyoshi Erika, Shimizu Saki, and Fujimoto Miki.

Here’s another one. This time it’s from C-ute early days (skip Mirakururun Grand Purin). Performed by Airi, Chisa, and the only future Petitmoni member Saki. They did actually pretty good in this one.

Here’s another one of my favorite version. Really ‘W’ can do it all. And with these 2, the song seems to be much fun.

~I’m getting LSS in the ‘desu ne’ line

Now how about solo. Yes! there’s a solo performance of this trio song. Performed by Yasuda Kei along with Hello! Project Kids (the kids had little part though). Now it’s kinda creepy seeing Yasuda Kei doing the ‘desu ne’ part. Notice how Saki is also in this song. Heck she has a lot appearance in this one song doesn’t she.

I think that’s all of the Chokotto Love performances that I know. Message me if there’s another kind of version of this song

Mano Erina – Onegai Dakara 1:48 sec preview

You’ve seen the 30sec preview. Now we have the half of the video! I actually like this PV a lot than the other Mano Erina PV since it has more Mano cuteness and awesome outfits. It also shows behind the scenes in the PV itself which is just so fun. I think Eri and Gaki/Aika (not sure since bought has short hair) has a cameo appearance in this PV just watch out for it (or maybe their not them since it could be someone else). Yeah but really this PV is awesome. Mano Erina in a cheerleader outfit, maid outfit, and more! You can’t ask for more now can you

S/mileage – Yume Miru 15sai PV Preview

Finally! S/mileage’s PV Preview for their upcoming single Yume Miru 15sai is now out. Good thing is that it’s not a 30sec preview. It’s about a minute and a half long which gives us more appreciation for them. The PV is actually good. It’s not anymore childish like the their first four indies singles. Saki has great vocals for her age doesn’t she. I just hope that their first major single would be successful now that their signed with Pony Canyon.

Video of the Day: C-ute Otome Pasta ni Kandou(Tanpopo)

This was supposed to be for SNL this Saturday. But I can’t help but watch it. This was so old. Around 2006 if I’m not mistaken . They are so cute. And Megumi was still here. I love how Erika, Maimi, Megumi, and Airi did their own rendition of this song. But Mai stole the show for me (as well as Chisa and Nakky). Oh come on, don’t you think those three are adorable.

AKB48 to perform at Anime Expo

After hosting idol group Morning Musume last year, Anime Expo announced that they are hosting AKB48 this year. The convention will be held on July 1-4 in Los Angeles Convention Center. AKB48 will perform a concert at the Nokia Theater on July 1. The members will also hold attendee panels, meet-and-greet sessions, and autograph sessions during the convention.

C-ute Ikiyouze B-side Shock Live!

Yeah! Finally a live performance for this one. I actually like this song. Maybe better than Shock. If I’m not mistaken it’s from C-ute Circuit last winter. And they’re wearing deer outfits. Isn’t that awesome

5 Hello! Project sub-groups that shaped Hello! Project

Aside from Morning Musume, C-ute, Berryz Kobo. There are sub-groups who are from the main groups. Usually, sub-groups are mixed from different groups. To tell if a group is a sub-group. There should be at least one member in the group that is from the main group.

Sub-group aren’t ordinary group. Sometimes, at one point in their existence they get more or less higher sales than the main groups. Sometimes, the sub-groups are the reason why fans keep on following Hello! Project. Sub-groups sometimes shaped Hello! Project in times of troubles

Here are the 5 groups the shaped Hello! Project

5. Buono! –  2007 to present. Total sales: 356,022

Maybe some of you would not agree with me. But you can’t argue with the fact that Buono! is one of the top acts of Hello! Project today. Despite Hello! Project’s decline in Japan’s Music scene. Buono! still manages to sell and outsell their main groups (Berryz Kobo and C-ute). They have released 10 singles, 3 albums, and 1 collaboration album. Every year, their sales grow. Though Shugo Chara has ended. Believe me this group won’t because it’s Hello! Project’s last salvation.

4. W  – 2004-2005. Total Sales: 314,222

If you’re a fan, you know this won’t be a shock. W is one of those special groups that H!P has made. It’s almost perfect only if those 2 didn’t do something to void their contracts. I’m sure they could have gone bigger. 6 singles and 2 albums all in a span of 1 year and 4 months. They had 2 concerts together with Berryz Kobo. Not convinced? Well let’s put it all this way. Aibon and Nonon are the best girl duo the world has ever seen.

3. Tanpopo – 1998-2009. Total Sales:1,907,383

Tanpopo was the very first Hello! Project sub-group. Reaching up to 3 generations (4 if you count the recent revival). Though the group ceased releasing a single after 2002. They still continued to perform up until last year. From 1999-2002, they released  8 singles. All but 2 reaching a total sales of 6 figures. And all song reaching the top 10 of the Oricon charts. They also had 2 albums both reaching the top 10 of the Oricons as well.

2. Petitmoni 1999-2003. Total Sales: 2,446,520

You can’t go wrong with this one. Petitmoni only had 4 singles. But all of them reached number 1 in the oricon charts except Piitari Shitai X’mas which came in close at 2. Now with their 4 singles and 1 album, they rank in 3rd in total sales beating out other groups who lasted longer and had more singles (e.g. v-u-den). Their highest grossing single in Chokotto Love which had a total sales of 1,123,610. Though the rest of the singles didn’t matched fairly with the first one. They all still manage to have a total sales and first week sales in 6 figures.

1. Minimoni 2001-2004. Total Sales: 2,409,640

I know. Petitmoni did better than this group; at least in the sales. But this group was way better. Lasting for 3 years, 12 singles, 2 albums, and 1 movie. They’re the only Hello! Project group who had a movie about them! The group is headlined by 2 of Hello! Projects top stars. Aibon and Nono. Add in Coconuts Musume’s star Mika Todd, Natural Idol Mari Yaguchi, and soon to be Hello! Project’s leader Takahashi Ai. The group had 2,409,640. All of their singles ranked in the Top 10 of the Oricon except for Mirakururun Grand Purin. The group at first was made solely for the younger market. But somehow, it managed to attract the older market instead. Maybe you’ll argue with me putting Mini Moni on top. But all I got to say is that, Minimoni was the reason why fans sticked to Hello! Project. Without them Hello! Project won’t be the same as it is today.

C-ute Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~ Close-up and Dance Shot versions!

OMG! Someone has already uploaded Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~’s dance shot and close up versions in youtube! OMG! I was like so in shocked when I saw this

Cloes-up version

The close-up version is the most awesome close-up version of any C-ute single since Meguru Koi no Kisetsu. Notice how the camera is all blurred in the background leaving only the girls faces clear. And and and their hair! Those hair are so awesome. If I’m gonna rank them by their hair in this single, it would be: Airi, Chisa, Maimi, Nakky, and Mai. Mai of course being the last because she absolutely look like a guy. But she still looks pretty. She’s still 3rd in my C-ute rankings though. The only thing that I hate in this close-up is that Airi’s Suki Suki suki in the end was changed. That made me real mad.

Dance Shot version

Now the dance shot has everything the close-up doesn’t have. The legs. Yeah you could see them clearly with those short shorts and school like outfits. Those are awesome! The dance is good but not my favorite. It still can’t stand out as much as Namida no Iro or Tokkaiko Junjo but it’s better than Sakura Chirari and Ookina ai de motenaishite. OMG! I fell in love with Nakky’s wink at her suki suki suki part. Chisa looks extremely pretty with that hair. She should keep it. No more tomboyish Chisa. Though Mai looks like a guy, she still looks pretty here. Maimi and Airi feels so genki in this single (or maybe all of them).They should close up on Maimi on her suki suki suki part. That sucks

OMG! I can’t help it this is my new favorite song (last one was Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda).

SNSD MV for LG’s Cooky

Now this is what we all kinda missed. The cute SNSD. LG has finally released the MV of SNSD endorsing their Cooky line of cellphones.

The song is similar to Hey Mickey but they kinda changed it to their own, Hey Cooky. The MV is cute. It actually reminded me of Gee.

Kadokawa Shop has a 172.7 x 137.1cm poster of Ai and Mano

OMG! I want one of those! I mean 172.7 x 137.1cm that’s like as big as Umeda Erika!

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