2NE1 releases comeback track “Can’t Nobody”

After the 24 hour delay of the released of the Music Video. 2NE1 has finally released the MV for their comeback single “Can’t Nobody”.

All I can say is that it’s another awesome MV from YG. Reminded me of Big Bang again but heck it’s not a copycat. It’s just a real female version of Big Bang. Mind you Minzy looks totally hot in this one.

Not much to say cause I’m speechless. Watch out for their comeback tonight on SBS Inkigayo (I’ll be posting it most likely tonight so watch out)

2NE1 – Clap your hands MV

What could have been the most anticipated comeback in the KPOP scene in the second half of the year, 2NE1 has finally released their MV for their comeback track “Clap your Hands”

I know!! We all have been waiting for this and finally!!

SHINee released Lucifer MV!

It’s what we SHINee fans have been waiting for so long. Finally, after releasing the full album this week, Shinee has finally released the MV for their title track Lucifer

I was all in all impressed by this one. I think I like it better than RDD. Yes, but Key’s hair looks weird and Onew looks like Seungri from Big Bang. But the MV is great playing with cars in the background matches with the song.

Well anyways, here’s the MV itself!

Arashi – To be Free MV released!

Arashi’s PV for their new single To Be Free has been released. The single is set to go out on the 7th

Again, Arashi never failed me in liking any of their songs. That’s why they’re my undisputed favorite boy group. Well I can’t say it’s the best Arashi song ever (Still is still my favorite) but this song is for sure will be another hit. They lack the dance in this one just like My Girl but that doesn’t stop it for being great. The song has a lot of similarities to Hero when it comes to meaning. But the song itself is a change from what Arashi usually does. And has anyone notice how Arashi release a new single every 2 months. If this single goes number 1 again. Definitely Arashi will dominate the charts by the end of the year (they’ve already dominated the 1st half of the year charts).

Well anyway, here’s the PV to Arashi’s new single Due this Wed, To be Free.

Super Junior releases Victory Korea

finally it’s here! Super Junior has released their MV for Victory Korea. Like Kara and T-ara, this song is another supporting song for Korea’s national team in the upcoming World Cup.

Though in the vid, only 5 Super Junior members were featured namely; Leeteuk, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Yesung, and Sungmin. The video is a lot more better than Kara and T-ara’s because it simply means more. I love how many people were used as backup in the video. But I feel like the song is more of an ensuring victory song. It’s like something that will be played after Korea wins a game or something.

Bottomline is that the song can be very addicting if you listen it again and again.

4minute releases Huh (Hit You’re Heart) MV

After releasing the song today. The girls finally unveil their MV for the comeback single Huh (Hit Your Heart).

The MV will really make you go over your head with this one. Fresh of an asian tour, the girls really gave their best to bring out a hell of a track. You gotta enjoy this one. Hyun Ah is looking pretty hot yet again. Actually all of them.

Now I just can’t wait for their comeback tomorrow on M!NET M! Countdown

f(x) NU ABO MV released!

f(x)’s MV for their comeback single NU ABO has been finally released.

The MV as thought is awesome. And the more you listen to this song, the more you get hooked to it. I love how they made the transition from cute to ladies. I love the outfits especially Sulli’s and Krystal’s (my favorite members). Amber looks a little bit more like a girl this time though. Sulli has two hairstyles in the video. Now I’m confused.

Anyways, here the MV for F(x)’s comeback single Nu ABO

Kara and T-ara’s MV for World Cup Song Released!

Yes! Finally after long wait (and teasers). Kara and T-ara’s MV for their respective World Cup Song has finally been released!

We’re With You

I love the MV as much as I love the song. This is something we haven’t seen from them for a while now. The MV is awesome. Goo Hara took this over for me especially in that part going towards the chorus “Shake it Shake it Baby”. Cheerleading Outfits really match these girls as much as the dark concept does.

We Are the One

T-ara as well is going back to their old cute concept aren’t they. It’s as cute as Kara though I feel this one is much more fun since it doesn’t focus solely on the girls but also the players and the fans. Though they’re supporting their home country Korea; the MV shows people waving other countries flags and having other countries face paints on them. I think that shows the camaraderie of each countries especially in the World Cup.

2PM’s Without You MV

BEAST Says no to Shock!

Shock has been an awesome song. But don’t worry, BEAST has another one for you. BEAST finally released their MV for their follow up song to Shock, Take Care of My Girlfriend (Say No). The song is a ballad which is new for BEAST.

The MV is simple. Black and White, nothing special. No dance, no effects. But when you remove those and leave out all the singing and rapping to them. You’ll see their true vocal talent. And I was really impressed. They reminded me of Big Bang for some reason.

Well here’s the MV to their follow up single Shock, Take Care of my Girlfriend (Say No)