Arashi Lotus Preview

After a strong 2010, Arashi will be releasing their first single for 2011 entitled “Lotus” on the 23rd of February.

The song is being used as Masaki Aiba’s drama Bartender.


PREVIEW – “Chotto Samishii na” – Berryz Koubou 24th single b-side

Credits to BryxW/wxyrb

Preview from Tsugunaga Momoko’s Radio Show – Puri Puri Princess

(btw, Momo talks while the song is played so it might be hard to hear.)

[Downloads] Berryz Koubou 24th Single — Shining Power (Full Audio Preview)

Credits to BryxW /// wxyrb (on youtube)


Download Audio:

Download from Mediafire

Credits to Arche-JoIyO @ H!O


Seriously! I want to see the PV already. This had been in my head for a day now.

AKB48 18th single Previews – “Beginner”

It has been a long time since I updated or even posted in this blog. Sorry. Had no time. Been busy with school and had no computer to use because my laptop had been dead for a month now. Have no money to replace it or get it fixed. Lol. Anyway…

I didn’t even know that AKB is going to release their 18th single this month. I didn’t even know they were releasing an an 18th single soon. But then, I met Kome-san. lol. In Facebook and when I got home today, I found his post in the AKB48 fan page (of Filipinos). haha. Thanks Kome-san. 😀


Release Date: Oct. 27, 2010

(Credits to TheReleaze)



DIVA – Nakeru Basho

Release Date: Oct. 27, 2010

(Credits to issabox)


S/mileage Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama preview released!

A brief preview of S/mileage’s 3rd single Onaji Jikyuu de Hataraku Tomodachi no Bijin Mama has been showed on a TV show S/mileage appeared on. (?)

It’s just a quick preview of the PV so I can’t say much about it yet.

Well, I’m quite sure that the outfits all look so cute on them. I love the theme for this PV. It’s like Suki-chan only much cuter and colorful. It has a storyline which makes it a lot more interesting. Plus Tsuji appears on this PV despite being 3 months pregnant.

I’m hoping to see the PV anytime soon

Suzuki Airi’s Natsuyasumi Preview!

From upfront’s youtube channel.

Suzuki Airi’s 3rd DVD Natsuyasumi’s preview has been released on upfront’s official youtube account.

I have been a fan of Airi ever since the start of my Hello! Project days. This DVD is definitely a must see I guess (along with the PB of course). I know it’s pretty much 2:51 seconds of staring at Airi with C-ute’s The Party playing in the background. But heck this is just the preview and I pretty much enjoy it. Much like the past 2 PB’s, this one is not far from that. It doesn’t show much difference in terms of Airi growing up, etc. But it shows how Airi has gone more prettier the past few years. I also noticed how the yellow bikini matched her so perfectly. It’s as if sweeping away the blue one from last year.

The DVD is due on the 25th while the PB was released today.

S/mileage ” Ganbaranakutemo ee nende” covers and preview!

Let’s go to the covers first.

The covers are quite interesting, unique, and extremely cute. They used a newspaper kind of theme and also placed S/mileage’s AR on one of the covers.

Since seeing the preview in Bijo Gaku, I’m seeing them as a group much like the 2nd generation of Tanpopo. They actually look like Tanpopo. Well anyways they have those cane with them in the cover and as I saw in Bijo Gaku the other day they’ll be using the canes much like the video for Tanpopo’s Otome Pasta ni Kandou.

The song is actually S/mileage~y. Yes S/mileage hasn’t fail me in bringing out Awesome songs. This one is actually a fast one but it is still an awesome track. Kanon has an awful lot of lines in this song as well.

According to Upfront’s Official Twitter, we’ll have a better preview of the song tomorrow.