T-ara wins this week’s Mutizen with I Go Crazy Because of You

After releasing the 3 MV’s for I’m Really Hurt. The fans aren’t yet tired for I Go Crazy Because of You. After capturing M!Net’s number 1 Spot in their countdown and Kara disappointing them 2 days ago on Music Bank. The girls aren’t ready to lose. They came to Inkigayo to WIN.

And surprisingly they win this week’s Mutizen!

Congatulations to T-ara!

With SNSD ending their comeback and ready to compete agains T-ara and Kara. Will T-ara continue on their reign as champions next week? Stay Tuned!

Kara wins Music Bank K-Chart this week

It’s unfortunate that Kara didn’t won the M!NET M! Countdown yesterday. But the girls are back on Music Bank to try to claim this week’s K-Chart for the second week in a row. FORTUNATELY, the girls WON this week’s Music Bank K-Chart

Congratulations to the girls!