SNSD recieves last weeks’ Mutizen this week and another Oh! performance

Last week was no ordinary week for the girls since that was the week where they performed their encore stage on Seoul. Though they won that weeks’ Mutizen, they were unable to accept the award due to the said concert.

So without a break (yes SM are mean people). The girls returned this week (minus Yuri of course) to accept the award and to perform yet again their hit Oh!

Congratulations to the girls. I hope SM would given them a well needed break.

Kara performs Lupin on Inkigayo

It has been a rough week for the girls this week.

After catching the #1 on M!net M! Countdown and member Seungyeon taking a hard fall on yesterday’s Music Bank.

The girls ended their 2nd week of promotions in a high note and in sexy purple outfits with another unforgettable performance on Inkigayo.

2AM wins 2nd Mutizen after a Month

For 3 weeks, the girls from SNSD dominated the charts. But after getting the quota for Inkigayo’s Mutizen award. It’s now back to 2AM.

Yes even 2AM was surprised when it was announced that they were this week’s Mutizen winner. The charts don’t lie, and most certainly the fans don’t.

Since the guys from 2AM are ending the promotions for their song. Winning this week’s Mutizen is a sign of Thank You by their fans.