T-ara wins this week’s Mutizen with I Go Crazy Because of You

After releasing the 3 MV’s for I’m Really Hurt. The fans aren’t yet tired for I Go Crazy Because of You. After capturing M!Net’s number 1 Spot in their countdown and Kara disappointing them 2 days ago on Music Bank. The girls aren’t ready to lose. They came to Inkigayo to WIN.

And surprisingly they win this week’s Mutizen!

Congatulations to T-ara!

With SNSD ending their comeback and ready to compete agains T-ara and Kara. Will T-ara continue on their reign as champions next week? Stay Tuned!

Kara wins Music Bank K-Chart this week

It’s unfortunate that Kara didn’t won the M!NET M! Countdown yesterday. But the girls are back on Music Bank to try to claim this week’s K-Chart for the second week in a row. FORTUNATELY, the girls WON this week’s Music Bank K-Chart

Congratulations to the girls!



Kara wins this weeks Mutizen on Inkigayo with Lupin

Kara finally did what SNSD can’t (because of circumstances with M!net), win a grand slam. After winning M!NET’s M! Countdown last Thursday and Music Bank’s K-Chart last Friday, the girl are back on Inkigayo with the same goal. And surely they accomplished what they came for.

Maybe the reason for their win is because of SNSD ending promotions for Oh! this week. But with the 9 girls returning next week with a brand new concept, will the girls from Kara continue on with their winning ways?

We’ll see next week! Stay tuned

SNSD wins Music Bank K-Chart without Yuri

If you haven’t heard, Yuri has been bedridden with the dreaded swine flu. So the girls needs to continue promotions without her this week on Music Bank. It’s kinda sad watching them perform with one spot missing. But even without her, the girls managed to perform with energy this week.

They defeated old rival 2AM and new rival KARA this week with 15,931

Kara wins #1 on M! Countdown

I’m so freaking happy! Yes after promotions last week Kara finally wins the M! Countdown#1 this week. Kara is my favorite group right now, bigger than SNSD (sorry). They defeated 2AM by just 1 point! That’s small, I mean one person can change anything.

But anyways, I hope the girls continue winning tomorrow on Music Bank or at Inkigayo.

Here it is, Kara with Lupin

SNSD wins Mutizen for the 2nd week in a row

The 9 girls returned to Inkigayo today with an aim to win their 2nd mutizen in a row. They had though competitions but even though, they still get to win this week’s mutizen.

Performing OH! in colorful outfits

And Show Show Show in hot black outfits! (Is this their dark and sexy concept, I wonder)

Mutizen win

The girls are on fire this week! But with Kara which will be releasing the PV for their song Lupin this week. The 9 girls better get ready for some competition