Kara performs Lupin on Inkigayo

After comeback performances on M!NET, Music Bank, and Music Core. The 5 newly concept girls finally end their comeback tonight at Inkigayo. The girls performed their already popular and chart topping song “Lupin” as well as “Umbrella”

The girls are finally ready to battle SNSD for the crown next week in Music Bank. And they are potential winners for next week’s Mutizen in Inkigayo.

Hope the girls get a win next week.

Kara leaves another Jaw Dropping performance

Yes! The 5 girls from Kara left yet another jaw dropping performance. After performances at M!NET and Music Bank, the girls are back, this time on Music Core.

The girls performed their Hit song “Lupin” alongside the cute and bubbly song from their new album “Umbrella”

Kara’s back at Music Bank

Oh how I adore Kara. Dubbed as “emergency exit dance” the girls performed their hit song “Lupin” at Music Bank last night. Though it’s pre-recorded it’s still awesome. The girls performed in 2 settings which is awesome even if it’s pre-recorded. As much as I love their M!NET Performance, I love this one more. It has more energy. They also performed their cute and lovely song ”Umbrella”

Kara makes comeback with ‘Lupin’

The moment which we’ve been waiting for, KARA has made their comeback and it was totally awesome!

The girls returned tonight at M!NET M Countdown performing two songs from their latest album. The girls performed ‘Umbrella’ which shows the girl in bubbly and cute image from the time of ‘Rock U’ and ‘Pretty Girl’. But in ‘Lupin’ the girls transformed completely from that cute and bubbly image to hot and sexy.

The performance is definitely awesome. With T-ara also making their comeback, the girls is sure heading for a tough competition.