23rd Single – Berryz Koubou’s MajiBomber

As the single near its release, small covers are up and also the tracklist. There is also a short video for the cover photoshoot. Let me share it to all of you. And also, just to say what I observed, Captain’s clothes resemble Miya and Maasa’s clothing in Dakishimete2x. Momo’s are from Dakishimete2x and Tomodachi (Color and style respectively). For Yurina, it resembles Miya’s clothes in Rival.

So anyway, on to the pictures and video. xD

Berryz MajiBomber Outfite

Berryz Koubou 23rd single: MajiBomber Covers and Tracklist

Berryz MajiBomber small covers Single V cover

Top left: Limited A

Bottom left: Limited B

Center right: Regular

Bottom: Single V

Cover photoshoot [short] video:


Regular Ver:

1.本気ボンバー!!—– MajiBomber!!

2.雄叫びボーイ WAO!(スパークVer.) —– Otakebi Boy WAO! (Spark ver.)
3.本気ボンバー!!(Instrumental)   —– MajiBomber (Instrumental)

Limited A & B

1.本気ボンバー!! —– MajiBomber!!


3.本気ボンバー!!(Instrumental)  —– MajiBomber!! (Instrumental)

Berryz Kobo new single “Maji Bomber!!” full preview

Just after a few days after announcing Berryz Kobo’s upcoming 23rd single entitled Honki Bomber!! Upfront’s official youtube channel has already released a preview of the song

The title of the song was thought to be Honki bomber!! at first. But according to the lyrics it is pronounced as Maji bomber!!.

I personally liked the song even though it’s only a 1:30 preview. It’s much the same as the songs they used to make for Inazume Eleven. I’m not yet sure but the song is evenly distributed with each members again (except the chorus at least). I’m not also sure but I think Yurina has parts in the chorus as well as Momo and Rii.

Full Preview

The single will be released on the 21st of July. It will also include a special remix version of Otakebi Boy Wao! called Otakebi Boy Wao! Spark Version.