Berryz Koubou 6th Anniversary PS Brushes (Part 1)

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I’ve been trying to find other things to do while waiting for the slow connection to upload the radio shows and I just learned how to make brushes in PS. With that, I tried it out and made some Berryz Brushes. Though I dunno who would like to use them but I know I do. It was hard to make renders to make it more perfect brushes.. So please pardon my work if it does not go with your liking. And for those who are not using CS3, I will make one for PS7 since most of the computers here have PS CS3, I only have one computer that has PS7 and that is the old computer I was using before. So I hope you guys will wait for it since I will not be able to use that old computer unless my dad is out.


Today is 3-3-2010 (march 3, 2010). Meaning? It is Berryz 6th anniversary! 😀


And to celebrate Berryz 6th Anniversary, here is Berryz Otakebi Boy WAO! PV. 😀  Enjoy!

Greetings from Berryz Koubou:

Otakebi Boy WAO! PV:

I so love this PV. Captain really won me here. I don’t do rankings so sorry. I’m just bias. Lol. I’m Captain’s fan (it’s not obvious right?). But even though I am a Captain fan, I still love Berryz. *nods*

So anyway, here is what I said in H!O:

Happy 6th Anniversary Berryz!
Wishing all of the members good health and strength. biggrin.gif
Hope from now on, no one would graduate. (Please, no more..)

Congratulations Berryzc13.gif

btw.. how will you download the PV in Recochoku? (Yeah, I dunno how to download it from Recochoku.)

Here is the link to download the PV via CellPhone: Recochoku (Just don’t know how to.. I’m asking btw, so I’ll post later if someone answer.) 😀