SNSD Encore Concert Preview PART 2

If you’ve been following this blog yesterday, I’m sure you couldn’t have missed SNSD Encore Concert Preview. Well there’s a part 2! Yes from the same show! Yes apparently in this one, you’ll see how awesome their concert is. With those ride things and fan interactions, I really feel envy of the fans.

And it seems Yuri is the favorite by the production team in this one.


Oh yeah! Amber of F(x) is in Yuri’s performance isn’t that cool!

SNSD Encore Concert Preview

As you may have known, SNSD held their Encore Concert 2 weeks ago on Seoul. And today on KBS 2TV’s Entertainment Relay episode; they showed previews on the concert itself. The girls performed old favorites like Tell me Your Wish and Gee. They also performed their new song Oh!. The girls each had a solo performance. I particularly LOVE Yuri’s solo performance! See it below! You’ll know What I’m saying

SNSD Performs Oh! Live

Fresh from their Encore concert last weekend, SNSD is now ready to promote their latest single “OH!” Once again. Though this time, 2 members are out.Sunny and Yuri are out for unknown reason (But I think it’s because of the filming for Invincible Youth).

Anyways 7 girls is better than none. So here it is, SNSD with Oh!

SNSD starts encore concert a little bit early

SNSD Surprised fans today at Music Core with a glimpse of their concert stage,

The girls are going to hold their encore concert this weekend which explains the performance of the girls in a rather big stage.

It’s a sure bet that this concert is going to be a success