Help S/mileage to debut!10,000 smile picture Campaign

Tsunku announced that S/mileage needs 10,ooo smile pictures from you for them to debut~

Announced during today’s 2010 Haropro Egg Norimen Live Ni-gatsu concert, and on S/mileage’s official site is the challenge that Tsunku has given to S/mileage. Since a part of the S/mileage name stands for “smile”, he is asking for 10,000 smile pictures from people around the world. Tsunku wants to see what the S/mileage girls can do to accomplish this. In return, he will let S/mileage major debut in May. This campaign begins now and will end on March 25th midnight, Japan time. All the pictures collected in this campaign will be made into a mosaic board of size 2 meter by 4 meter big.

Here’s the official Video:

The link of the form:

*1 picture per person only*



Please Help S/mileage to debut!

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