Weekly Top 10 2/21-2/28

This week’s result of our Weekly Top 10 is here

kicking of this week’s countdown we have

5 songs tied for Rank 8-10

we have C-ute’s Shigatsu Sengen

Hey! Say! Jump’s newest single Hitomi no Screen


Arashi’s Troublemaker & Yurase Ima Wo

2AM’s I can’t let you go even if I Die

Occupying ranks 6 and 7 are

C-ute’s Shock

and debuting this week is SNSD – Show Show Show

at 5 we have the very addicting song from Berryz Kobo Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda

at 4 we have Buono! with Our Songs

at 3,2 and 1 we have

SNSD – Oh!

Morning Musume- Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai


Yes! Finally KARA gets to be one of the TOP 1 this Week! Hope they continue their reign next week.

Some few reminders:

All songs written on the OTHERS will be nominated for the following week. So last week we have Big Bang and a Buono! song nominated for this week along with S/mileage’s new song.

Monthly Chart will start tomorrow! It will be Morning Musume’s number 1 single from the 1st-41st single. Please vote!


One Response

  1. I see the monthly poll is now up. I have already cast my vote ^_^

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