Kara is mine on Inkigayo!

Continuing their promotions this week. Kara is back on Inkigayo to continue stealing the hearts of people. Their “emergency exit dance” is just as hit as their “butt dance” on Mister.

Though they weren’t able to capture this week’s Mutizen. The girls still performed their hit single “Lupin”.

SNSD Releases Run Devil Run MV

FINALLY! After teasing us with the concept photos, MV teaser, and a track. The MV has been finally released! The girls are freaking HOT! I mean the outfits the concept! It’s perfect for them! If Oh! can’t reach 9 weeks in a row… I bet this can! I mean who doesn’t love this concept! It seems that the girls in the MV for Oh! in the dark concept are used as close ups in this one!

Well here goes the MV

Which do you think is better Kara’s “Emergency Exit Dance” or SNSD “Catch me If you can dance”?

Kara sings Lupin live at MNET Radio

Another promotion for the girls. This time it’s on MNET Radio. Yeah they sing it not perform it so that means it lacks the “Emergency Exit Dance” that I’m sure we all love. It also lacks the dark and sexy outfits they promoted along with their single. But seeing them perform the song without the dance sure shows their voice talents. One thing I’ve noticed is that Hara doesn’t have that plenty of lines. But overall the performance is awesome (well not as awesome as their performance last weekend).

Anyways, here it is, Kara with Lupin

Kara leaves another Jaw Dropping performance

Yes! The 5 girls from Kara left yet another jaw dropping performance. After performances at M!NET and Music Bank, the girls are back, this time on Music Core.

The girls performed their Hit song “Lupin” alongside the cute and bubbly song from their new album “Umbrella”