Music Core is back!!

After the unfortunate naval ship tragedy that caused the cancellation of almost all the variety shows last week. Music Core returns this week (although it was pre-recorded last week).

With the return of Music Core marks the return of our favorite artists such as SNSD, Rain, T-ara, Kara, BEAST and a lot more!!

here are the live performances from this week’s Music Core

SNSD – Run Devil Run

OMG! I miss these 9 girls. After week’s of living a life without seeing them perform live. Finally, they’re back!

Rain – Love Song and Hip Song

Come on you can’t deny the fact that Rain is the King of K-Pop (MJ’s Korean counterpart)

After School – Bang! and Let’s Do it

After School only got to perform once for their comeback. But don’t worry. Their back to avenged their postponed comeback!

T-ara – I Go Crazy Because of You

I know. You might be looking for I’m Really Hurt. Well unfortunately the girls prefer this song over I’m Really Hurt. Don’t be sad, it’s better than nothing!

BEAST – Shock!

Every time I hear this, I get addicted to it. Come on it’s a great song actually. Maybe BEAST would be my 4th favorite KPOP boy band after Suju(which is in the PH by the way), Shinee, and 2PM

Kara – Lupin

OMG OMG OMG! I Freakin miss these girls. To be honest, I haven’t got over with the Lupin fever. It’s still my favorite KPOP song at the moment. Although everything in the performance is reused (the outfits, etc.). The girls are still shining as ever!

I just realized something. Aren’t those things in their hands the one that are used by pool players?

2AM – I Did Wrong

Come on you got to agree with me when I say that 2AM has the most awesome live performance by any group ever (2PM?BigBang?). Well anyways, they have the best live performance at the moment. And the song is very addicting

Secret – Magic

Other than After School. They are the only group hasn’t transformed to the dark and sexy concept.

One Way- Magic

It’s very confusing when you have like two groups with the same song title. But anyways, I like this better than the first Magic

ZE:A – All Day

I never really loved this group. They are like another version of Super Junior mixed with a bit of 2PM.



It’s been on air for some time now.
The new group from Star Empire Ent, called ZE:A (or abbrev. for Child of Empire)’s first/debut single ZE:A, MAZELTOV.
I think these guys have the potential, but they seemed to have used some foreign language of some sort.  Yeah, them saying “MAZELTOV” on their song is kind of catchy, but it made me think, “What in the world is that word?”

I thought at first that it was a made up word or probably a misused word (like in Shinee’s Ring Ding Dong, they used words like Rocka, Fantastic and Elastic in a kind of “cool” way).

Well it seems that it is a pretty legit word after all.  I searched wiki and got this.

MAZELTOV is in fact a yiddish word or Hebrew word that actually expresses “Congratulations” or お目出度い「おめでたい」 in Japanese (BTW: the meaning of MAZELTOV and OMEDETAI are almost the same in my opinion – both expressing good nature/luck that someone has achieved).

Well, that is a good trivia once in a while.  Here’s a video of one of their live perfs.