2NE1 confirms Debut on Music Core

Yes! YG’s hottest female group (no I don’t consider the Wonder Girls hotter than them) 2NE1 will have their debut on Music Core.

Debut? Yes Debut? The girls has been around and this is their first time performing on Music Core due to misunderstanding on both companies. But all is settled now, and you’ll finally see the 4 girls perform on the 3 major music shows during the weekend (maybe 4 once M!Net’s M! Countdown returns)

2NE1 will make it’s comeback (Debut) on Music Core on the 20th with their latest single “Try to Copy me”

Big Bang’s Family Tree

A fanmade Family Tree of Big Bang has caught the attention of many netizens.

Check out the translated family trees.

Really made me laugh. PUHAHAHAHAHAAAA!

Big Bang Always Live

I happen to past by a video uploaded by YGdt in youtube

It’s Big Bang performing Always Live

I think it’s from their 2010 Big Concert Big Show

OMG! How I wish I was there. I wish I was one of the screaming fans for Big Bang. You can feel their energy in this one. Hope to see more from Big Bang in the future

Kara’s Lupin MV Teaser, 2NE1’s Try to Follow me, And SNSD’s Oh’s Future

DSP’s Girl Group Kara has been on fire this past week. With album jackets and tracklist already been announced. Now we got their Teaser for their next single “Lupin”.

The video looks very cool. Sticking with the sexy concept but moving on to a much darker theme. I’ll expect more from them by next week

2NE1 however has also released their CF single a few days ago (posted a few posts ago) And right now they are already conquering the music charts. To top that YG has confirmed that they will release an MV for the song

President of YG Entertainment Yang Hyun Suk stated, “Initially, there wasn’t going to be a music video for this song, but because of the positive reaction from the public, we are taking it into consideration. The official decision will be made by YG Entertainment’s music video producers and directors.”

With these girls recent releases, SNSD might have a problem in conquering Music Bank for 8 straight weeks since 2ne1 and Kara can prove to be fierce competitions.

Let’s see in the coming weeks what will happen when this 2 girl groups debut their following singles

YG to reconcile with MBC?

It has been known that idol groups Big Bang and 2NE1 will be appearing on MBC ‘Music Core’ 200th episode special.

Coming 20th February, MBC will be doing its 200th episode special and the names of Big Bang DaeSung, SeungRi and 2NE1 have appeared on the guest appearance list. And this will also be 2NE1’s first appearance on the show 9 months since their official debut.

According to a YG representative over a phone interview on 11th February, “We are quite positive about 2NE1’s appearance on Music Core. Even though it is not confirmed yet, but we see that they will most probably be appearing for the show on that episode. Even though there need to be some coordination for the schedule of the other Big Bang members, SeungRi andDaeSung will be appearing since they are the formal MCs on the show.”

This has caused great interests amongst fans since YG and MBC are said to be in a discord for about 11 months after last March. And 2NE1’s appearance on MBC DanBi last December has give hints of reconciliation between the 2 parties.

Last year, 2NE1 did not appear on Music Core for even once to perform even though they debuted with ‘Fire’ and released subsequent hits like ‘I Don’t Care’, Big Bang members GDragon and TaeYang also did not appear on the show for their solo activities, which had all point to the discord between YG and MBC.