Saturday Night Live Special: Wonder Girls!!

After being gone for almost a month. SNL is back with a Wonder Girls special for all of you. We will take you back to the girls first single up to their latest one with a special live performances.

We’ll kick things of with their very first single “Irony”

Next is their second single “Ee Babo (This Fool)”

Going back to this times makes me miss the old WG. But they’re mainstream now and I’m just happy as then.

Next is their 3rd single “So Hot”

This was actually the very first song that I’ve listened to from the Wonder Girls. And this made me fell for So Hee instantly (that was before).

Next song is what made Wonder Girls famous. It’s “Nobody”

This is the main reason why the Wonder Girls got so famous. Yes I know Nobody can be very addicting but you can get tired of it eventually.

Yes and obviously next is their latest hit “2 Different Tears”

And to end things is a special live performance of “Saying I Love You”

New Wonder Girls MV Released!!!


The Wonder Girls are back!!! Now, their almost 2 year old song “Nobody” can retire (it has been lambasted long enough here in the Philippines hehe).

Here is the video straight from the Wonder Girls Youtube channel and was released May 15, 2010.
The reason why it took kinda long for this to get released is that WG has to record this in three languages, namely, Korean/Hangeul (of course), English/英語 (setting a trend since “Nobody”?) and Chinese/中国語.

This video or rather single is also the debut of their newly added member after Sun Mi’s announced hiatus from WG. The video has some kind of comic relief, brought by some one I think we all know 🙂

Anyway, here is the video (in Korean).
Enjoy! どうぞ。

JKPop Montage


JPOP? KPOP? How do they differ?  Both of these genres have their varying share of fan-bases around the world. In truth, I am a fan of both.

What we have here is a video I found around the net.  This aims to give us a comparison of how both genres entertain their fans.  It goes from the MV version to the live version.

I have been watching a few of these and have to say it really is fun and at the same time interesting to watch. Please note though that this is not meant to incite fan-bashing. You will find all the videos included in the run are all very good songs from different JPop and KPop girl groups. I hope you’ll like them too.

I will post some more in the future (especially for boy groups).

Credit goes to the original poster/uploader in Youtube.