5 Hello! Project sub-groups that shaped Hello! Project

Aside from Morning Musume, C-ute, Berryz Kobo. There are sub-groups who are from the main groups. Usually, sub-groups are mixed from different groups. To tell if a group is a sub-group. There should be at least one member in the group that is from the main group.

Sub-group aren’t ordinary group. Sometimes, at one point in their existence they get more or less higher sales than the main groups. Sometimes, the sub-groups are the reason why fans keep on following Hello! Project. Sub-groups sometimes shaped Hello! Project in times of troubles

Here are the 5 groups the shaped Hello! Project

5. Buono! –  2007 to present. Total sales: 356,022

Maybe some of you would not agree with me. But you can’t argue with the fact that Buono! is one of the top acts of Hello! Project today. Despite Hello! Project’s decline in Japan’s Music scene. Buono! still manages to sell and outsell their main groups (Berryz Kobo and C-ute). They have released 10 singles, 3 albums, and 1 collaboration album. Every year, their sales grow. Though Shugo Chara has ended. Believe me this group won’t because it’s Hello! Project’s last salvation.

4. W  – 2004-2005. Total Sales: 314,222

If you’re a fan, you know this won’t be a shock. W is one of those special groups that H!P has made. It’s almost perfect only if those 2 didn’t do something to void their contracts. I’m sure they could have gone bigger. 6 singles and 2 albums all in a span of 1 year and 4 months. They had 2 concerts together with Berryz Kobo. Not convinced? Well let’s put it all this way. Aibon and Nonon are the best girl duo the world has ever seen.

3. Tanpopo – 1998-2009. Total Sales:1,907,383

Tanpopo was the very first Hello! Project sub-group. Reaching up to 3 generations (4 if you count the recent revival). Though the group ceased releasing a single after 2002. They still continued to perform up until last year. From 1999-2002, they released  8 singles. All but 2 reaching a total sales of 6 figures. And all song reaching the top 10 of the Oricon charts. They also had 2 albums both reaching the top 10 of the Oricons as well.

2. Petitmoni 1999-2003. Total Sales: 2,446,520

You can’t go wrong with this one. Petitmoni only had 4 singles. But all of them reached number 1 in the oricon charts except Piitari Shitai X’mas which came in close at 2. Now with their 4 singles and 1 album, they rank in 3rd in total sales beating out other groups who lasted longer and had more singles (e.g. v-u-den). Their highest grossing single in Chokotto Love which had a total sales of 1,123,610. Though the rest of the singles didn’t matched fairly with the first one. They all still manage to have a total sales and first week sales in 6 figures.

1. Minimoni 2001-2004. Total Sales: 2,409,640

I know. Petitmoni did better than this group; at least in the sales. But this group was way better. Lasting for 3 years, 12 singles, 2 albums, and 1 movie. They’re the only Hello! Project group who had a movie about them! The group is headlined by 2 of Hello! Projects top stars. Aibon and Nono. Add in Coconuts Musume’s star Mika Todd, Natural Idol Mari Yaguchi, and soon to be Hello! Project’s leader Takahashi Ai. The group had 2,409,640. All of their singles ranked in the Top 10 of the Oricon except for Mirakururun Grand Purin. The group at first was made solely for the younger market. But somehow, it managed to attract the older market instead. Maybe you’ll argue with me putting Mini Moni on top. But all I got to say is that, Minimoni was the reason why fans sticked to Hello! Project. Without them Hello! Project won’t be the same as it is today.

JKMUSICPH Saturday Night Live

Yes a new segment on our blog. It’s JKMUSICPH Saturday Night Live Series! Every Saturday we will show you live performances of your favorite kpop and jpop artists! Cool isn’t it? Well here’s today performances!

It’s Suki Sugite Baka Mitai from the latest H!P 2010 Winter Shuffle Date. The song is originally by DEF.DIVA but in this one it was performed by Sayumi, Reina, Maasa and Maimi. Tsunku should thought of making a revival group of DEF.DIVA with these girls.

Next is one of Buono!’s first live performances! It’s Kokoro no Tamago. They sound so different now. I hope Buono! doesn’t end now that Shugo Chara has ended. I hope SC would have a 4th season! That would be awesome

Next is another live performance of your favorite Otakebi Boy Wao. The performance is from Melodix and I actually think this is better than the Music Fighter performance. I hope there’s a live performance of Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda next time.

Next is from a graduated froup. v-u-den’s Koisuru Angel Heart. I got addicted to this song recently mainly because of zoku v-u-den’s performance of it in the last H!P concert.

Zoku V-u-den

the only Kpop for tonight is SNSD with their hot hit single Run Devil Run from the 46th White Arts Award. If I’m not mistaken this is the last known live performance from any other KPOP group since the canceling of all programs since 2 weeks ago.

and the last performance for tonight is W with their song Ai no Imi wo Oshiete. Aww I miss these two girls. I hope they never left H!P (or at least did any scandal for Kago).

and a special encore performance from them. It’s Robokiss