SCANDAL new single “Taiyou To Kimi Ga Egaku Story”

SCANDAL’s new single entitled Taiyou To Kimi Ga Egaku Story will be out on June 2 and we have the PV right here for you! Okay I’m not really sure if this is the first time I have talked about scandal in this site.

SCANDAL is so hot! Which makes me think that they should have their PB. I want to see Haruna in a swimsuit. Well anyways moving to the PV itself. I think the PV is actually fun. Especially that weird guy that pops out at the beginning and the end. The theme is summer which is coming in Japan (and ending here in the PH on the otherhand). Their outfits are totally kick-ass! You could see at some point in the video Haruna’s underwear.   Well overall I enjoyed this one especially the part with them in their casual clothings eating ice cream and lollipop.

This made me think that I haven’t had any review about the song

Well the song is lovely! I love how it matches the theme and season. The chorus is overly addicting especially when you listen to it a lot of times.

See the cute video for yourself