New Super Junior MV RELEASED!!!


Almost 6 days after the MV teaser was released, the new MV is released.  Enjoy the freshly released MV straight from SM Ent’s Youtube Channel.

The single is titled BONAMANA, by the way 🙂

You could probably expect this to be performed on Music Bank this week (May 14, to be exact)


TV5 Likes Mocking KPOP!

Apparently that’s the case. I know that the guys from TV5 (AKA The Kapatid Network) are just having fun when they do things like this

But it’s no fun for me at all. I mean if you’re a Filipino you’ll find this amusing. But if you’re a Filipino and have been intact with the Korean (and Japanese in my case) Culture. You’ll find this offending.

There are tons more of same vids that they made like these ones

What they are doing is misunderstanding the lyrics of songs. It’s funny if you don’t know Hangul at all but if you do now it’s offending and it pisses me off.

They not only made fun of the video but also the song. I mean Hangul is the main language for Koreans. It’s part of their culture. But what TV5 is trying to do is like mocking them. It’s no fun at all. Maybe they are laughing but I’m not, I got offended with this. They should really stop making these kind of videos. It’s not really funny. It’s offending and it’s pointless.

They should really think of something else to make fun of. Just not this. It’s like giving a shout out to them that their music sucks. I don’t think TV5 has even the rights to the songs. But there they are making fun of them.

How about putting it like this. The Koreans make fun of our language? Will that be funny or offending?

TV5 is just a growing company right now. They still have a lot to go. And if they wanna go far, they have to stop doing this. If let’s say SM Entertainment or YG Entertainment learns about this. They could get a lawsuit for it. And that could cause the downfall of a new network.

So a shoutout to the guys on TV5. Don’t do to others what you don’t want others to do unto you.

Lee Teuk @ SBS E!TV ‘Jo HyungGi and Park JoonKyu’s Brother Restaurant’

Super Junior leader Lee Teuk talks about how he has cried looking at his juniors Dong Bang Shin Ki debut before himself few years back.

Lee Teuk will be featured on SBS E!TV ‘Jo HyungGi and Park JoonKyu’s Brother Restaurant’ to be aired on 17th February as the first customer to the restaurant.

Lee Teuk revealed on the show, “I was set to debut as part of a 5-member group in June 2002. But with Worldcup which shook the whole nation, the debut was pushed backwards, and I had to see junior trainees Dong Bang Shin Ki debut before myself.”

He added, “I congratulated coolly them on their debut, but I cried on my way home in the bus.”

Lee Teuk will also share the hard times he went through during his trainee days and also life now as leader Lee Teuk on the show.

The show is set to air at midnight on 18th February.


Invincible Youth loves SME artists.

On the latest episode of KBS Invincible Youth, G7’s first night together was revealed. During their first night, SNSD’s Sunny had to reveal her no makeup face because she had to wash her face before sleeping. Before washing her face, Sunny had something to say about Goo Hara of Kara’s fake eyelashes which she took out and left after washing her face. She said, “Who wears such long eyelashes!”

While Sunny was washing her face, Brown Eyed Girls‘ Narsha came up to her and said, “After this episode’s broadcast, the only results you’ll see from typing your name in the search tool will be ‘no makeup face.’” Sunny then whined replied, “I don’t want that. Please cut this part out of the episode.”

As soon as Kim Tae Woo saw Sunny’s face, he commented, “Who are you?” to which Sunny replied, “It’s Soon Gyu [Sunny’s name].” As Sunny’s face was revealed, they called her “baby Soon Gyu.”

After revealing her no makeup face, Sunny also helped Kim Tae Woo wash his hair. With soap bubbling on his hair, Kim Tae Woo asked everyone, “What hairstyle do you like?” Sunny replied back, “Beckham style,” then Kim Tae Woo shaped his hair like David Beckham.

Sunny’s face seems to be similar even without her makeup. What do you guys think?

cr: allkpop

Sunny still looks cute, IMO.

Well, Heechul of Super Junior will be a guest on the next episode. Looks like it’ll be one heck of an episode next time. Heechul can make any variety show real funny, I’m looking forward to the laughter he’ll be giving us.

Who wants some SM love?

This recent photo of KBS Super Junior Kiss The Radio show, caught so much attention. Not because of Eunhyuk and Yoona’s cute poses it’s also not because of Sooyoung and Hyoyeon’s choding poses, it’s all in the leadahs.

I find it really cute. Taeyeon and Leeteuk’s “intimate” pose for the picture made me spazzzz. I’m sure other fans out there are dying of jealousy, nah just kidding. But its their picture that garnered all the attention from fans, well just check out the rest of the photos below.